Friday , 6 March 2015

Please Recommend My Story on Before Its News and Other Updates

I have recently placed an article on Before Its News and I would like to ask everyone to go and recommend the story and recommend me that author. You can view the story here Thanks!

By the way, will be getting a face-lift over the next several days so please understand that there will be some downtime until it is completely switched over. I am excited about the change as the site will be easier to use and better looking too.

Please keep the praying for my new book, The Edge of Eternity. I am working as fast as I can which many days does not feel fast enough. The goal is to write a book that non-believers can pick up to understand not only the end times but many of the bigger ideas of the gospel etc. If you are interested in helping, please pray for strength to finish and for it to become a movie as well. If you would like to help financially as well, that is of course a blessing.

God bless,



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