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Prophecy Forum Conference a Success!

Doug teaching at the Prophecy Forum Hosanna Chapel

The Prophecy Forum Conference went great. The approximately 120 people in attendance came mostly from southern California, however, some traveled from as far away as Washington state and Arizona. It was clear that everyone was very engaged and understood the importance of the topic of “aliens or Angels”. At one point, we took a survey of who had seen a UFO and about 25% of the people raised there hands – evidence of why we in the church need to be addressing this issue. Gonz Shimura finished out the conference with his debut presentation on the image of the Beast which I found to be amazing. Much of his research will be in the Age of Deceit II. We finished the conference with a time of questions and answers – something that all three of us speakers enjoy because it is an opportunity to clarify some of our points or address points that were missed. Thanks every one for praying! We would like to do another conference in the near future – if anyone has an idea for a venue please let us know.

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Here is some feedback we have received:

Doug Rob Gonny at Prophecy Forum Conference Hosanna Chapel 2013

Hello gentlemen

 I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for a great conference…As an ex New-Ager, the material you cover makes so much sense to me and I can’t get enough. Your radio shows, books and film have been a significant part of my understanding and an in turn, salvation.  And as LA mentioned Saturday, some of us come to Christ in an unconventional way  and I am definitely in that category. There are many of us and your work is so important and is reaching more hearts than anyone will ever know.
During the conference, I realized what a blessing exposure to the material you cover BEFORE studying the Bible (from a non-New Age perspective that is).   Last year God told me to study the Book of Acts which finally put me on the right path. Currently I am taking a in depth 32 week study of the book of Genesis.  We are now in week 24 and while the class only touches on the topics we are discussing, prior study truly makes things click into place.  The book of Genesis so “alive” and all I can say is Wow!   I am a living testament that your teachings when overlaid on scripture allows for great understanding and reveals truth.   – C.W. Southern California

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  2. I was there! My father and I attended together. It was amazing. I am still tripping out about what you said about the color amber also meaning “electricity”–God blows my mind. Thank you for being such a good teacher of the word.

  3. Was this taped and will it be uploaded to your YouTube?

  4. I learned a little more and I have been a Christian for 6 years now. I discovered the works of L.A. Marzulli at that same time and noticed right off the bat there there was something missing in the church…I.E. the U.F.O. / Nephilam connection to the the whole bible and it bothered me from the very beginning that the church would never talk about. A few years after I gave my life to Jesus I was not able to identify the problem totally. I mean come on! The phenomenon is in your face and yet it rarely if ever is addressed by most churches. I had so many questions. I was always afraid to ask the Pastor about it. I remember one time I did ask one of the pastors why he never spoke of this subject and he told me something to the effect that it would cause division. Translation…”it’s to weird”. Doug I thank you for this conference and your teachings. You bring the theological point of view. L.A. brings the new age background into play and I would describe Gony as bringing the technological point of view into the discussion. All three equal but uniquely different points of view. And then to tie it all together with scripture, this was the real deal. I invited a bunch of people from where I work to this. One was interested but still was not able to make it. They all give me a marked degree of respect professionally but as for my beliefs I’m guessing they think I’m out of the norm, “Praise Jesus!!” He is the Son of the living God and He is coming back to this world very soon. Doug I have met you twice now, once at a family retreat in the mountains and now at this and I consider you a true brother in Christ. Thanks again.

    • I know about the reluctance of teaching Genesis “Sons of God” and “Daughters of Men.” I`m in Bible college and the teachers won`t talk about it for their own reasons. Theology will always be controversial, so the challenge is maintaining a spirit of love as we are all part of the body of Christ. We need to make sure that we respond to the ministry that God has called us, and not get bent out of shape over theological differences. It bugs me that they ignore it and look at you funny whenever its brought up, but that does not mean it`s not a valid theory.

      • Warren, I agree that we have to be gentle in our teaching and not get bent out of shape. We don’t want to be guilty of pointing the finger when there is a plank in our own eye. I suppose the issue that L.A. and I and many others stress over is the weird theology that emerges when we leave out the Sons of God, fallen angels component. Thanks for sharing.

        • Doug, Not all is lost with me concerning your corrupted DNA concept. I have purchased your book and have been quietly following your thesis. I can still weave my way through other theology without losing my own convictions. However, we do need to be careful that through our “zeal” of wanting to believe something, that the Bible itself does not become pseudo extra-biblical when we over emphasize other extra-biblical sources to validate our theories. e.g. Book of Enoch, Epic of Gilgamesh, etc.

          In the end, the canon as we know it is our sole authority whenever we are in doubt. L.A. and “others” are fervent in their theories, but at the cost of political correctness when they present the gospel. We don`t need to be culturally relevant at the expense of watering down the Gospel by using terms like “guide book” and Yeshua just because we feel we might offend someone. Let`s not remove the “stumbling block” of Christ, lest we create false converts at the expense of rejected DNA and UFO theories. Preach the Gospel not theory!


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