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Prophecy Update L.A. Marzulli and Douglas Hamp

In this Prophecy Update L.A. Marzulli and Douglas Hamp discuss whether the reported groanings around the world might be a fulfillment

Russian Troops in Syria

Russian Troops in Syria

of Romans 8 and consider the meaning of the Russian troops in Syria and more!

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  1. This is a great compilation I found regarding the sounds heard worldwide and other things that unfolded this year. It’s worth checking out:


  2. In Sweden in that large sink hole, they said there is a lot of mining in that area.
    Mankind can not keep on destorying the earth and think all will be ok.

  3. Just thinking about the comments regarding the strange noises – if you read revelation there are dimensions for the kingdon of heaven that comes down out of the sky, these seem to be in the format of a cube if you note the dimensions it might appear that the kingdom is to big to be on earth, in respect of height. however we are told there will be a new heaven and a new earth maybe what is happening is the birth pangs of earth expanding to accomodate the coming kingdom of God? rev 21;16 1,400 miles high! much higher than what current satalites orbit at? food for thought I would be interested in your reply.


  4. I was wondering how often the two of you have these prophecy updates and when can I listen? Carol

    • Hi Carol, We do them every so often – L.A. and I are trying to do them more often but we are both so busy with writing and speaking. However, the plan is to do them more on a regular basis. Blessings, Doug

  5. Great insight and perspective on the upcoming events. Only God knows how much longer this sabre rattling can go on. You are both correct in that once the first salvo is fired it will release a cavalcade of prophetic events.


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