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Quest 4 Truth Episode 8

In this episode of Quest 4 Truth, Doug Hamp and Rob Skiba continue their study of Revelation chapter 1. Where is Hades? Who has the keys to death and the grave? We know that the Holy Spirit inspired the writing of Scripture, but was it the Holy Spirit or the Council of Nicea that inspired/authorized the “canon” and the creation of a “Bible?” Should the canon be open or closed and who is to decide that? Without a doubt, this episode is perhaps going to be the most controversial. Just remember, questions are good and both Doug and Rob are only asking them because they are on a Quest 4 Truth.

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  1. I thought you guys were talking about the book of revelation?

  2. Let`s get past the 66 book dilemma Rob. It`s so tiring to listen to. I could argue whatever I wanted about the canon. If your quest for truth is extra-biblical then good luck. Maybe the Koran is truth as well, since it is extra biblical in theory. Focus your efforts on the canon and quit getting so hung up on irrelevant polemics. Don`t let your youthful zeal become a stumbling block because you want to build a foundation for one of your up and coming books. Theories are fine but when we manipulate the authenticity of the Bible canon in order to make a theory plausible it becomes nonsense. If you cant` prove your thesis from the 66 books we have been given, then reconsider your motives and your faith. If it has been said before, don`t reinvent theology, we have enough to wrestle with as it is.

    God Bless



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