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Satan’s DNA and the Antichrist

Several people have asked me where will the Antichrist get Satan‘s DNA. I discuss this in my book, Corrupting the Image – where I demonstrate how the antichrist will genetically become the beast by implanting Satan’s genetic material or code into himself and then will replicate that and give it to the world.  Still how could the antichrist obtain or how could Satan give it? There are some important points in considering this point. Here is what we know:

  1. God demonstrated that Satan had in Genesis 3:15 when He contrasted it with “her seed”
  2. The sons of God (fallen angels) were able to pass on their seed in Genesis 6
  3. Dan 2:43 predicts that the toes / horns / kings will mingle themselves with the genetic information (seed) of men.
  4. At the heart of DNA is information, which according to Dr Verner Gitt, is a non-material entity.

Let’s put the pieces together. Mary mingled her seed with the Holy Spirit when He overshadowed her. Remember, the information is what is important. Just like a CDROM holds information, it is the information itself, not the CDROM that we really care about. The Holy Spirit implanted information (that did need a medium, e.g. nucleic acids/double helix) but it was the genetic information that of great importance. Did the Holy Spirit implant organic tissue or just information? In other words, did the Holy Spirit create organic tissue out of nothing and put the information (seed) in that or did he perhaps “borrow” some of Mary’s tissue and then just rearrange the information – just like rewriting a CDROM? I don’t know the answer to that – though I think the latter is more likely.

With that as our paradigm, we can see that Satan will need to give his information to someone. There are various ways that he could materialize through occult rituals and such. However, it seems that if Satan knew his own code, he could make that code available and that in turn could be placed in a computer, similar to what Craig Venter and his team did when they created synthetic biology. Once it was in a computer then it could be manipulated and such. One way or another, the information will be passed on to the person of Satan’s choosing.

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  1. I have a question with regards to Genesis 3:15 – I was told that “Since women cannot have seed, it’s a reasonable conclusion that God’s remark is not literal” how would you respond to this claim?

  2. Idiot. Satan nor God has DNA. This was the dumbest theory I’ve ever read. Might make for a mediocre to well.. mediocre sic-fi movie. The Antichrist ARE modern day Christians, btw. None of you even see this do you?

    • Satan nor God has DNA…. And what made you think to make such claims? Just because they don’t have physical attributes it doesn’t mean they don’t have DNA. They’re supernatural beings. Both have the ability to be natural and they both have the ability to enter the physical realm and able to have physical attributes at will. You small minded guy. You can’t underestimate them to the way you think!

  3. The angel of light

    precisely but this is also a new day an age ! where order must be restord and all of mankind must endure the pain and suffering of the wicked not for thy had comited thy sins but for ther to be peace first thy blood of the wicked shall be spilt not thy friendly but by thy hand that bears both the mark of the beast and the initials LCF!!!

  4. The angel of light

    Or prehaps the antichrist is already here still a young man in transition into a hybrid form of Lucifer himself and Bering not only the mark of the beast but also the initials LCF

  5. I wonder if the reason USA and Britain went into Iraq was to retrieve Cain’s DNA. “As in the beginning so shall it be in the end”, Satan’s son Cain would be “resurrected” through cloning and voila, the anti-christ is created. Satan is the great imitator of God. He would want his resurrected son to rule. Just a thought.

  6. What Bible are people referring to?The antichrist spirit has been there since apostle Paul day. The mark of the beast is here since then.


  8. BlackShadowSnoopy

     What about the possibility that the antichrist takes our Lords DNA ? Wouldn’t that be the ultimate blasphemy satan could do against God ?  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWMw6eNmsh8

  9. Trumbullsoftball

    Satan is not flesh and has no DNA.  There is only one begotten son of God, and that is Jesus.  By saying that Satan can choose who he puts his DNA into, you make him equal to God, which is exactly what he wants people to think, that is Satan’s goal, to be equal to God.  Satan will never be equal to God; Satan does not have that kind of power, not does he have the power to create a human life or to put DNA into any living creature. 
    The anti-Christ will not be anyone of human form – it Satan himself, who is everything Jesus is not.  This is the contrast between Eve’s seed and the seed of Satan.  Eve’s seed is in the singular and points to Jesus.  The sons of God don’t mean fallen angels; in fact it points to the true believers.  For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God. (Romans 8:14)  

    • Hi 
      I wrote over 350 pages detailing how Scripture demonstrates that he does have DNA. Genesis 3:15 says that the serpent (Satan) would have seed. Seed has DNA in it and that has information. As for the Sons of Seth theory, I wrote a whole chapter detailing why that is a theory that is not supported by anything – nothing linguistically, nothing biblically, nothing historically. It was an idea invented by Augustine – an assertion really. I invite you to read the relevant chapters of my book which are available on my site. 

      • Doug,
        Your biblical analysis on this subject is spot-on. Thank you for teaching the Bible from a literal perspective. I am 33 and have cystic fibrosis. Twice daily I take the brand-new gene therapy drug called Kalydeco. It’s amazing what humans are doing with DNA. I’m living proof of today’s progress in the field of genetic engineering. There’s no question that the devil will take advantage of this to try to accomplish his diabolical mission of bringing his anti-messiah into the world. And by the way, I agree that the ‘Lines of Seth’ assertion is grossly unbiblical. People who take that position don’t want to admit how unpalatable unbridled sin actually is.

    • >>The sons of God don’t mean fallen angels; in fact it points to the true believers.<< 

       So the "true believers" fathered horrific creatures like the nephilim? (Gen.6).  Why in the world were the spies so frightened as they saw "her brothers" ? (4 Mose 13:31-33)


  10. God doesn’t call him ‘The Beast’ for nothing. Gives that term a whole other meaning.
    I’ve always wondered what it all truly meant… the seed, the mingling, the fall, all those geneologies, the line of Christ, resurrection, eternal life… this brings it all into perspective. I totally get it. DNA. God’s Word became flesh=Messiah. The only mediator possible between the Father and man. 

    I have a question, Doug. If some of the males in your family were born with 6 fingers and 6 toes (they had no bones and were removed at birth) does that mean there is some residual nephalim DNA in there? Have you ever heard of anything like that. It has me a little nervous after reading that 2 Samuel passage.

    • I wouldn’t conclude that six fingers necessarily means nephilim. It could just be a defect. However, six fingers is ONE of the signs but not the only indication of a hybrid.



      •  What would other indicators be?  I have a sister who was born with 6 fingers and some other odd anomalies including odd pinky toe nails that remind me of dog claws, extra large teeth for her mouth size, needed a clipped tongue at birth and some other odd things.  Sounds funny, but true.  She is not saved.  Appreciate feed back.

  11. Just as it says in Hebrews 11, the things that we see were made of things
    that are unseen. Spirit manifested by the will of God.

  12. In terms of what the Holy Spirit did when the DNA of Yeshua was created and conceived in Mary, my thinking is that at least a part of David’s DNA, specifically his Y-chromosome was included in this information transfer.

  13. It doesn’t seem that it would be very difficult for Satan to impart his seed, since the Watchers obviously figured how to pull it off back in Genesis 6. I mean, it’s not like Satan has to re-invent the wheel here, right?

    • I dont think so yet consider that satan masquerades around as an angel of light so he has the ability to bend light i’m sure. This bending has to do with DNA information and how our organic tissues can be manipulated by that particular information! Freaky stuff man! In essence our physical bodies are really made up of nothing, there’s just so much of this nothingness that we see and feel the material aspect of it. But when it is broken down to its sub-atomic size its made up if immaterial space! Yea I know wrap your head around that one, blessings,


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