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Should Christians Stand with Israel Conference

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  1. Edward Douglas Carlton

    I finally got the courage to listen to some stuff on youtube but only after asking the Holy spirit to protect me from false teaching. Im a new christian and have lots of questions. I sometimes attend Calvary Chapel SouthBay. I havent heard any weird stuff there so i call that home for now. I heard you on a couple programs on you tube. I researched you on line and it seems that you are pretty true to the word of God. I mostlly like the way you are LITTERAL. Thats what feels right to me also.
    I’ve been really curious about Genisis 6. God seems to through it out there and then elludes to it in other places just enough to make me crazy with curiosity.
    The only place that i can find information is extra bibical sources that really scares me. I notice that you dont seem to be scared of apocrapha or other sources. So if you dont mind ill pray on it and tag along. Maybe you could pray for me ocassionally
    that God protect me and give me understanding.


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