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   1.  If America Were Under God’s Judgment, What Would that Look Like?
   2.  Who is Left Behind? Understanding the Order of the Final Gathering (Rapture)
   3.  Yom Kippur – Reflections on our Relationship with Yesua
   4.  Debate: Is the New Covenant Jesus Instituted the Same as Jer 31:31? The Awakening Report
   5.  Thank You Gofundme Supporters – I Received My PhD in Biblical Studies!
   6.  Denver Prophecy Summit: Israel & the Apocalypse
   7.  Breaking: Immortality Rising: Has Man Found Fountain of Youth?
   8.  Should Christians Stand with Israel Conference
   9.  Messianic Age Millennium & Beyond Class Lectures
   10.  Did Aliens Seed Planet Earth? DNA Discoverer Thinks So!
   11.  Grace Before Judgment Daniel 5
   12.  Circumcision Was Never Necessary to be Saved – Acts 15 Jerusalem Council
   13.  Breaking: Proof People are Missing Their Brains!
   14.  Sabbath: Are You with the Heretic Marcion or Orthodoxy?
   15.  Is Rome Correct? Rome’s Challenge to Protestants: The True Meaning of Sabbatismos Hebrew 4:9
   16.  Corrupting the Image Audio Book Series
   17.  Is God Listening and Does He Care? Devotional Moment
   18.  613 Laws of Love Vs the Law of Christ?
   19.  Yehovah – the True Pronunciation of YHWH, God’s Name
   20.  Reclaiming the Rapture (There are Dozens of Verses for the Gathering of Israel)
   21.  Old Covenant, New Covenant Explained (Gods Divorce and Remarriage)
   22.  FREE* Prophecy DVD: Evidence that Can’t Be Ignored
   23.  Outline of God’s Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage to His Only Wife: Israel
   24.  Did God Get Divorced?
   25.  Two Houses Now United: The House of Israel and House of Judah Restored as One
   26.  Why Did Paul Call the Old Covenant a Ministration of Death?
   27.  Ministry Update – We Moved to CO!
   28.  The Emperor Has No Clothes & the Pretrib Rapture Doctrine Has No Verse!
   29.  Are we sinners because we sin OR do we sin because we are sinners?
   30.  Are You in Tune with with God? To Be One with God is to Align Yourself with His Instructions
   31.  Has God Shown Mercy Yet On the House of Israel, Whom He Divorced?
   32.  How Much Good Theology Do We Need?
   33.  Antichrist, a Pig, and the Feast of Hanukkah?
   34.  Donate to Young Mother w/ Metastatic Cancer
   35.  Who Are the House of Jacob?
   36.  The 9th New Moon Day
   37.  Hebrew: The Language of the Covenant
   38.  New Guest Blogger: Robert Burden – Hebraic Perspectives Expert
   39.  Do you get excited about heaven?
   40.  Is Your Toilet Brush Holy? Mine Is!
   41.  Blood Red Moons and the Second Coming: Are the Four Blood Red Moons Signs of the Rapture
   42.  Jesus Fulfilled the Law, So Can You!
   43.  God’s Divorce and Remarriage And The Restoration of Israel Through the New Covenant
   44.  Rapture: Pre, Mid, Post? How Do You Know?
   45.  Can We Shave and Keep Torah?
   46.  The Broken Hearted God? How Our Lawless Behaviour Breaks Our Father’s Heart
   47.  Did Yeshua Nullify or Uphold the Law with the Woman Caught in Adultery in John 8? (By Guest Blogger Sarah Rush)
   48.  Could America’s Embrace of Homosexual Marriage Be a Sign of the Days of Noah and the Return of the Nephilim?
   49.  Seek First the Kingdom…and All These Things Will Be Added (Part 3)
   50.  Seek First the Kingdom…and All These Things Will Be Added (Part 2)
   51.  Quantum Physics – The Observer Changes the Reality: The Double Slit Experiment
   52.  Seek First the Kingdom…and All These Things Will Be Added (Part 1)
   53.  Jesus, John, Philip, Polycarp, and others Celebrated Passover and the Feasts: Why Don’t We?
   54.  Do This In Remembrance of Me: Weekly Communion or Passover?
   55.  The Hebrew Yeshua vs. the Greek Jesus: Which is Correct?
   56.  Bible Study with Douglas Daniel 1 July 11 2013
   57.  Bible Study with Douglas Daniel 2 July 18
   58.  Bible Study with Douglas Daniel 2b Aug 1 2013
   59.  Bible Study with Douglas Daniel 3 & 4 August 8 2013
   60.  Bible Study with Douglas Daniel 5 Aug 15 2013
   61.  Bible Study with Douglas Daniel 6 and 7 Aug 22 2013
   62.  Bible Study with Douglas Daniel 7 August 29 2013
   63.  Bible Study with Douglas Daniel 7b Sept 5 2013
   64.  Bible Study with Douglas Daniel 8 Sept 12 2013
   65.  Bible Study with Douglas Daniel 9 Oct 3 2013
   66.  Bible Study with Douglas Daniel 10 October 10 2013
   67.  Bible Study with Douglas Daniel 11 October 17 2013
   68.  Bible Study with Douglas Daniel 12 October 24 2013
   69.  Bible Study with Douglas – Genesis 37-38 Joseph is Sold
   70.  Bible Study with Douglas Genesis 34 35 Dinah Incident
   71.  Bible Study with Douglas Gen 32 33 Jacob Wrestles with God March 4 2015
   72.  Law or Grace? Can you guess who is the N.T. author who explained the solution?
   73.  Bible Study with Douglas Genesis 28 29 Feb 26 2015 Jacob and Rachel
   74.  Bible Study with Douglas Genesis 27-28 Feb 19 2015
   75.  Bible Study with Douglas Genesis 25-26 Isaac Feb 12 2015
   76.  So, Why Did Jesus Have to Die? A Chiasm of the History of Redemption
   77.  Bible Study with Douglas Genesis 19-21 January 29 2015
   78.  Bible Study with Douglas What is the Torah Oct 2 2014
   79.  Bible Study with Douglas Genesis 22-24 Feb 5 2015
   80.  Bible Study with Douglas Genesis 5-7
   81.  Bible Study with Douglas Genesis 12-14
   82.  Bible Study with Douglas Genesis 19-21 January 29 2015
   83.  Bible Study with Douglas Genesis 5-7
   84.  Bible Study with Douglas Genesis 7-10
   85.  Bible Study with Douglas Genesis 15-17
   86.  Bible Study with Douglas Genesis 10-11
   87.  Bible Study with Douglas Genesis 18-19
   88.  Bible Study with Douglas Genesis 3-6
   89.  Bible Study with Douglas Genesis 1
   90.  Bible Study with Douglas Genesis 1, 2
   91.  Missions Trip to Ethiopia!
   92.  Millennium and Beyond Basic Outline
   93.  Quick Update: Conference, Missions, Thank You!
   94.  Bible Study with Douglas Mathew 13 Feb 27 2014
   95.  Bible Study with Douglas Matt 14 15 March 6 2014
   96.  Bible Study with Douglas Matthew 16 March 13 2014
   97.  Bible Study with Douglas Matthew 17 March 27 2014
   98.  Bible Study With Douglas Matthew 18 April 3 2014
   99.  Bible Study with Douglas Matthew 18 & 19 April 10 2014
   100.  Bible Study with Douglas Matthew 19 & 20 April 24 2014

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  1. HOLA.

    MI CORREO ES arq_pablocespedes@hotmail.com 

  2. Hi Doug.  I have for years had belief that what your corrupting the image book cleared up for me.  I tried to buy the dvd’s but apparently failed.  I do have a question. I don’t believe or I am not certain how it affects your treatment of teaching or belief. The question has to do with: Scripture that states only God has the keys to eternal life. Am I misunderstanding your view of the scripture in revelations about “they will look for death and be unable to find it.”  I have wondered about this scripture for close to 30 yrs. I still am not sure? 

  3. question for doug or any gifted brother…i firmly believe los angelas is doomed but im confused if it will be by nuke exchange or by massive tidal waves caused by pole shift or the great moutain thrown into the sea or by every island and moutain being moved out of there place. i have had 2 dreams of sea water up to roof tops and 1 of a massive tidal wave coming towards socal..my mom had a dream in the1950s when she was a teenager of a massive tidal wave coming towards huntington beach..buddy at work last yr had a dream of tidal wave hitting socalfornia…google u s navy map most of california under water large parts of oregon washinton. the story on this future map is that it was shone to high ranking us navy personal and they were told to avoid living in those blue areas…i suspect this map may have had somkind of alien origen..i do not hold to dougs view that aliens are all demonic…the universe is teeming with life that god has made, one of the great pleasures i suspect will be visiting these alien worlds and seeing there civilisations/cultures..i also suspect that the saints will be able to traverse time and see the dinosours..all by thought think weare there and were there…los angelas water or fire maybe both as the future is not set and is in a state temporal flux.???timelines and a multidimensional universe.many possible outcomes??

  4. listening to douglas tonight on george noory program on coast to coast i was happy with his timline concerning the tribulation beginning and the second coming …i have always believed the trib was after 2020 the start about 2022 was my estimation…i held this view since late 80s never believed yr 2000 or there abouts like hal lindsey and chuck smith and other heavy weights believed.the bible paints a picture of the last days that is somewhat alien to 90s early 2000s,2012 to 2020…mass executions and father against son,its atime where people are at each others throats…i suspect that the usa wilbe securely under the control of the godless left before and during the trib…i also believe america will also be on the verge of a civil war near the start of the trib …this war willbe basically left versus right…i also suspect that this future godless president will be in league with the antichrist…america has a huge underclass that is growing and we will continue to import poverty withillegal immigration be sanctioned by the establishment, economic collapse is inevitable…hard to imagine u s troops aiding in mass round ups and executions.this future godless leftist president will probably ask for foreign troops to aide in the eradication of the right once and for all…the microchipping of people possibly may have more than one reason to be instituted..to track christian and right wing rebels who will not comply nwo directives.. as far as the rapture goes i lean towards marvin rosenthals pre wrath rapture view. 


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