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Sorting through Comments and Questions

I have been amazed at all the response that I have gotten after being on Coast to Coast. Thank you to everyone who contacted me with a comment or a question. I am currently sifting through the dozens and dozens of emails that I have received. I will be posting my answers to the questions over the next week. If you happened to write to me, please be patient and check back for my response in the new category I am starting called Q&A .

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  1. When King Saul was ordered to kill everyone as well as the animals was this too because of their impure blood line or seed.  I never could understand why so many unlike Nineva were not given the chance to repent. Thanks, Debra

  2. I for one woud have love to have seen Noorys face whe you made your statement that we are the only intellegent mortall ife  in the whle universe. As a side note and part of my on studies do you agree or diagree with the existance of the Nosferatu and Lycanthropes ? You as a ancient Jewish manuscript expert areI am sure aware of the tale of Lilith and the Cainanites.

  3. excellent show Doug.  I haven’t listened to C2C in years … I praise God you were on the other night.  Excellent job at sharing the Good News of Jesus in a professional, educational and fun way!  Thanks for your work in God’s Kingdom!

  4. Doug,
    Congrats on the C2C show Doug. Well deserved.
    Wish you went into Jesus’ genetic implications on C2C, but it’s ok, I think you did a great job. It sounded like George was a bit confused or didn’t fully understand where you were coming from on a couple of topics, but no big deal.
    For other peeps…
    Here’s a link to my documentary AGE OF DECEIT: fallen angels and the New World Order that features Doug.

  5. Who’s the Anti-Christ, Douglas/? One word is all it takes,/ but you won’t say it either.

  6. Awesome show! 

    If anyone wants to listen, the direct youtube link is below:

    Doug’s interview starts at 1:18



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