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  1. I recently came across your youtube Channel, in the past I have been looking at youtube videos on Nephilim and the great flood, but there had no background information to justify their theory. However, your videos have answered most of my question, and it always go back to the literal word in the bible. I have so many unanswered questions and I’m so glad you able are edify us about the truth. One topic I would like your knowledge on, is on the tower of Babylon and Nimrod, I believe that there is more to that story, especially after the flood and the fallen angels coming back, please enlighten me .
    I really appreciate you service…..

  2. Please understand that my intent is not harm any part of my Lords church I love His people and hope for unity as much as possible.

  3. Doug,
    I appreciate your time and effort you have put into your studying of the topics on various interests in the bible studies. I was raised Baptist and currently attending there as well, I have had trouble with various teachings as well as with the pre-trip position as well for the most part of my life and a few years ago I decided to start studying into the areas that didn’t line up with how I understood what I was reading because I wanted to the best of my knowledge to know the truth of the matter if I could. Matt. 24, 1st Thes 4 and 5 2 Thes 2 and so on concerning the 2nd coming of our Lord Jesus as you well know now yourself seemed to be incompatible with what I understood the bible to be stating and not lining up with what I had been taught.

    I was taught that 2 Thes.2 was written to the Jew, because to ask just about anyone with even a small amount of understanding of the rapture what verse 1 was referring to would say that this is exactly that the return of Jesus and our gathering together to was indeed the rapture event.

    So I set out to see if this was indeed written to the Jew alone or to the Jew and the Greek as well. I will include some of my finding and would like to see if you find them to be true or in error. The only concern to me is to know the truth.

    In 1st Thes 2:14-16 14 For you, brethren, became imitators of the churches of God in Christ Jesus that are in Judea, for you also endured the same sufferings at the hands of your own countrymen, even as they did from the Jews, 15 who both killed the Lord Jesus and the prophets, and [q]drove us out. [r]They are not pleasing to God, [s]but hostile to all men, 16 hindering us from speaking to the Gentiles so that they may be saved;

    Question; Does not Paul make a distinction between the Elect at Thessalonica and those in Judea, in that he states that they had become imitators and had suffered by the hands of their own countrymen the same a those in Judea had by their own countrymen the Jews. If so then that the church in Thessalonica was being written to the Jews, why then would Paul make this distinction? With that said the Second letter makes reference to the first letter, this then would mean that it was written to the same group of believers. Yes, No? And if yes then how can it be exclusively to the Jews, seems to be contrary.

    Thanks Dale,

    Your brother in Jesus The Christ

  4. Do you have the videos posted for your Revelation Bible study of chapters 2 and 3? I found the one that begins the church at Ephesus, but then the next video for Revelation is Chapter 4. Thanks!!

  5. I’m trying to unsubscribe, and i just keep getting emailed a link that just brings me back here. Please unsubscribe me Mr Hamp

  6. Hi, just watched your video “There will be signs”. great teaching. What do you think about Psalm 83 war? I just read Bill Salus’ book, it really seems to make a lot of sense- the inner ring of countries attacking Israel, and the outer ring being involved in the the Ezekiel 38-39 war.

  7. Hi Doug! I enjoyed your study on the nature of Armegeddon and wanted to know if you think there are two separate remnants and two separate “fleeings”. The first fleeing is after the abomination of desolation when Jesus implores those in Jerusalem to flee. This remnant will reside in Bozrah or some similar area. The second “fleeing” is at the very end of the tribulation when Jesus foot touches the Mount of Olives and those Jews hiding in Jerusalem will flee through the resulting valley as the Mount of Olives is split in two. They become the second “remnant”. Sincerely, Ed

  8. I can’t seem to get the link to subscribe for your newsletter to work.

  9. Thanks for accepting my subscription. Blessings.

  10. Hi, Doug. I just watched Age of Deceit and have two questions. First, regarding the clip on the Catholic priest conducting the exorcism; how can a demon be cast out of anyone by someone promoting a false religion (Catholicism) using a false implement (holy water) and praying to a false diety (Hail, Mary)?

    Second question is about the man toward the end of the video quoting Psalm 82 and interpreting the “elohim” to be fallen angels. What? I find nothing else in Scripture that supports that interpretation. According to 2 Peter 2:4 and Jude 1:6, rather than dying, fallen angels are being held for judgment. Chapter 10:15-17 of the Book of Enoch agrees with that. In Luke 20:35-36, Jesus said the resurrected would be like angels in that we will not be given in marriage or die. Angels do not rule over or judge us; we will judge them (1 Cor. 6:3). When Jesus quoted that Psalm, He said those rulers were called that because they knew the Word, not that they were angels. I think it’s a misinterpretation and don’t understand the point you are trying to make by including it in this video.
    Other than those two things, I was informed by the video. Thanks for your hard work and faithfulness to serve. Maranatha.

    • Maranatha, If you don’t mind I would like to chime in and comment on your first question. Satan and ALL his minions are all about deception. With that in mind, it could be that they obey the “exorcist” in order to appear to give validity to Catholicism. That’s the only thing that makes sense to me. God Bless, RollTide

    • Hi Lookingup, I am just now seeing this post…just to let you know, I didn’t produce the video but my friend did and I had the honor of being in it. The exorcism is a good question. I am not sure to tell you the truth. I suppose a lower level demon could be overcome by someone coming in Jesus’ name even if they have some glaring holes in their theology. The hail Mary thing is definitely questionable and pointless.

      Concerning Ps 82…the word there can actually refer to angels which are called “sons of elohim” in other places. As for them dying…I wonder if that would be a reference to the second death. What do you think?

  11. I love your teaching! God bless you!!

  12. Thank you ! received many blessings for our lord Jesus Christ

  13. Doug, Just wanted to say thanks again…just back from the Midwest Prophecy Conference….thanks for coming..learned so much!

  14. Tinkerbender2010

    Soon and very soon!!

  15. THANK YOU for all you research, hard work & dedication!  God Bless!!!

  16. Loved the show on C2C,  keep up the great work and GOD Bless you and your family!  LOL 😉

  17. I would like to know more about our new bodies….I am on the East coast and missed some of coast to coast

    I need a new body lol

  18. Geat show on Coast to coast…Please consider doing more shows..!

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