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  1. At 19:40 minutes in this video you spoke false information. https://youtu.be/p6j2K9tOBXQ
    The Holy Spirit of God has no DNA or 23 chromosomes; only the ones you assumed !

    https://youtu.be/t2sPKkhSWms Ron Wyatt Discovers ARK OF COVENANT and JESUS BLOOD SAMPLE Full Testimony – (2 OF 4) Proves by blood test that there were only 23 chromosomes not 46 in the blood of Christ that was on the Mercy Seat.

    • Correction 1 chromosome from Holy Spirit or God was supplied to Marys 23 for a total of 24. I was going from 2-3 year old memory, I just watched it again now.

  2. Hi Doug,

    I am so pleased to have this opportunity to share at this conference. It seems there are quite a few speakers who will be presenting some new and helpful information from our Hebraic studies, important matters that have not yet been looked into, even by our Messianic friends. Here is the subject matter for my two sessions.

    First session will cover the Fall Feasts of the LORD-Yehovah God. We shall discover that in some future seven year time period up ahead these next two yet to be fulfilled Appointed Times, the Feast of Trumpets and the Day of Atonement will initiate and terminate the 70th Week of Daniel and the final seven years of this age, and do so in a very precise manner. We shall lay out the chronology of upcoming candidates for the final seven years of this age. A timeline of 1260 + 1290 = 2550 days inclusive makes a perfect fit to bridge those yet to be fulfilled Fall Feasts. These upcoming two divine appointments most certainly fit perfectly as bookends to mark out the final seven years of this age, those ultimate days of awe.

    From the chronology of the next two Fall Feasts we shall look at the spirit, character, and purpose of Yom Teruah or the Feast of Trumpets. We shall also discuss the meaning of the word Teruah and its 30+ references in Holy Scripture, it’s character as an alarm and a call to assembly. This is heard in the musical character of the Teruah shofar blast and it’s use in military wake-up calls and calls to assembly and trumpet calls to remembrance.

    The 2550 day timeline in some future seven year span of years will end very precisely on an awesome future Holy Day, the most fearful and Holy Day on the Hebrew calendar. This is a day that is rehearsed by our Jewish friends as the the last day of this age. Zola Levitt referred to it as “the day Israel lives or dies”. Israel’s highest holy day is Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. It is also the Day of Accounting, Day of Reconciliation, Day of Sentencing, Day of Pardoning, Judgement Day, the last call. And the tekia Gedolah is that long unbroken exhaustive last trumpet blast. This is featured in the Neilah service as sunset approaches at that poignant moment when the doors of the ark are closed. The 10th day of Tishrei is also the Day in which the Trumpets of Jubilee are sounded.

    It seems that at sunset, on that blockbuster future Yom Kippur, after all the legal matters of Judgment Day are wrapped up Messiah will be coming to execute that Judgment. The angels of the Harvest will come as raptors to reap the harvest in the Day of the Lord and in a time unknown.

    Jesus states in Matthew 13 that the first to be plucked up will be the tares. The wicked will be gathered in wrath. Then the Holy angels will gather the Elect in the glorious Resurrection-rapture of all the saints.

    In the second session we shall look at the two sticks of Ezekiel 37 and their companions and other Biblical vignettes of the glorious end-time restoration of the two houses of Israel. Israel’s partial blindness will be healed at the same time as the ingathering of the fullness of the Gentiles. All Israel, a single Elect, will be gathered at the end of the age, and a remnant shall return as the greater Commonwealth of Israel.

    We shall discuss the Law-Grace fracture line in Israel, the Breach of Jeroboam, and the grievous 2900 year family feud between the two estranged houses of Israel, the true root cause of Antisemitism.
    We know for a certainty that the reunion of the two houses is prophesied, even as the two sticks become one. We shall discover that the restoration of all Israel comes in Messiah alone. He will regather and restore all 12 tribes of Israel along with their companions. These include the saved remnant from the royal House of Judah and the lost House of Israel along with the saints John saw in Revelation 7 from every nation, race, and tribe and yet numbered in the 12 tribes of Israel. All these make up the full ingathering, the Commonwealth of Israel spoken about in Ephesians 2:11-13. All who are in Christ, the Body of Christ, are caught up to Christ our Head. And so at the Harvest at the end of the age
    with the Resurrection Rapture of the Body of Messiah, the woman is delivered and the complete Man-Child is born into the glory.

  3. Hi Douglas,

    After 30 years of research, I have made some brand new finds.
    I researched the second coming of Christ in the Old Testament-all of the Old Testament, something very few, if any researcher has done.

    I found that Isaiah and almost every Old Testament prophetic book is almost entirely about the Great Tribulation and the return of Jesus! They have secret messages that most miss. How did I find them?

    I would love to take 5 minutes and discuss with you. My number is 805 501 63 82

    Alan Brooks

    After many years of research, the Lord showed me a new find. I can send you an outline almost every chapter in the book of Isaiah. Almost all of them, (60 out of 66 books) tell the same end time story using the same words and phrases as Jesus used! While all commentaries say most of Isaiah already happened in the past, I found that most of Isaiah is for the future and I absolutely prove that! Please call me for a few moments and /or give me an email so I can send you this fresh of the press information!

    This is new discovery and to my knowledge, has never been seen before: How there are secret messages and code words between the chapters of Isaiah that are linked to form one over arching story!

    Here are three examples from isaiah that repeat the end time message:

    Israel will not understand God’s ways until her cities are DESOLATE. She will be judged until only a small remnant remains. (A consistent theme of Isaiah is that at the end of time, Israel will become a desolate nation, and there will be a small remnant of Jews left in Israel during the 1000-years/)


    A virgin shall have a child: Immanuel, (JESUS) who is “God with us.” But at the end of time, in “that day” (the day of the Lord) God will send the Assyrian antichrist against Israel. (To start the last 3½ years: or the “Time of Jacobs Trouble.”)


    The king of Assyria (the antichrist from chapter 7) comes and invades Syria and then Israel. (To start the last 3½ years.) As Jesus starts to come back, darkness reigns. Why? Because in all stories about Jesus coming back, the sun, moon and stars are darkened as he shows up.

    The people in that darkness will look at the land and see only darkness, hunger, and gloom. (This matches the end of Isaiah 5.) They shall look up and see Jesus returning in the sky and curse at him. Why will there be a darkness? At the end of time, the sun, moon and stars will be darkened as Jesus appears in the sky. Why will they curse? Muslims hate the real Jesus. They would curse at him.


    At the start of the last 3½ years of time, Israel will be “devoured by her enemies.” Then, as the earth is in darkness, (from the last few verses of Isaiah 8) Jesus comes back as a great light to be a light in that darkness. Isaiah 9 then repeats Isaiah 7: Unto us a Son is given. Unto us a child is born. After Jesus comes back, the nation of Israel will be multiplied and expanded.

    Then the yoke of the oppressor, (the Assyrian antichrist) will be broken off of Israel. How and why will this happen? The child savior Jesus, (unto us is born savior) will return in the sky. His name is Jesus, the Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9 then predicts that Armageddon will take place. (Where weapons are burned: which matches Ezekiel 39) Jesus shall rule “from that time forward.” Then the government will be on his shoulders. Israel will rebuild. The end time story is here:

    Israel will be attacked and devoured by an enemy.
    Then after the antichrist has ruled,
    The land will be in darkness.
    The Lord will come back as a light.
    Armageddon takes place.
    Jesus will rule the world.
    The government will be on his shoulders.


    At the end of time, God will be upset with his people. And so, like Isaiah 7,8 and 9, God brings the king of Assyria to invade and desolate Israel. (To start the last 3½ years)

    The world will think that this king wants to plunder for money, but he really wants to destroy nations in the name of Islam. He especially wants to invade Israel. (This makes sense as Islam does not want money, but does instead want to destroy nation of Israel.)

    Then at the end of the Great Tribulation, the antichrist and his armies will curse at God and shake their fists at “Nob” (the Mt of Olives), where Jesus will set his feet as he returns. (Matches Isaiah 5 and 8-where people looked up at the end and cursed at Jesus.) Jesus then comes back “as a flame” and as “a light” (like Isaiah 9) and punishes the king of Assyria. Only a remnant of Jews will be left. Once again, the end time sequence of events is repeated:

    Israel will be invaded by the Assyrian antichrist.
    His motive is not money, but instead to destroy.
    Jesus comes back in fire.
    The Muslims will shake their fists at Jesus on the Mount of Olives. (Isaiah calls this mountain, “Nob”)
    A remnant of Jews will be left in Israel.

    Please call I have made many more all new finds about the Old testament and even the book of
    Revelation! I have completely figured out the book of revelation by the OLD TEST!

    ALan Brooks
    805 501 6382


    As he comes back in the sky, Jesus will stand as a “BANNER” to the nations. And of course, after Jesus comes back: he will assemble the remnant of his people: the outcasts of Israel. The Millennium begins, where Jesus, from the root of Jessie, shall reign in wisdom. The wolf will lie with the lamb.


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