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Synthetic Biology (Video): Another Step Toward the Mark of the Beast

In my book, Corrupting the Image, I suggest that recombinant DNA (RDNA) will very likely be used by the Antichrist to become the beast. That is, he will obtain Satan‘s DNA and then splice it into his own. I am now wondering if that isn’t “old school” thinking. With synthetic biology, it is now possible to take a DNA code (stored on a computer) and then to print it into a DNA strand (as shown on the video). The truth is, that Satan does not have to give anything physical to the Antichrist, he simply needs to supply him with his code. If we humans are able to sequence our source code, it seems like the one whom God declared to be the sum of wisdom (Ezek 28:12) would be able to sequence his own seed-DNA (remember Gen 3:15). Once he has his code, he would simply need to pass on the data, and then the DNA synthesizer (like a printer) would produce it. Once that is finished then the beast could sequence his own DNA and send, perhaps by email (see the video), to those ready to take the mark.  The mark may be a chip of some sort, but it is not simply to be able to buy bread – it is to change the person completely – to destroy the image of God.

Let me mention this…we believers are not against science and we acknowledge that we enjoy many of the products that come from the research that scientists are doing. The trouble is that anything that can be used for good can also and will also, as history has taught us, be used for bad.


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  1. I need to talk to my oldest sister about this. She works in the labs of Mayo clinic, Rochester, MN. Her degrees in microbiology & biochemistry could really lead to some interesting knowledge of the “latest & greatest” happenings in the labs. She is a born again Christian…so I wonder how much of these bizarre entries into this dark technology she been exposed to?

  2. You ain’t kidding!  This is some scary stuff!  Just finished reading the author’s book…
    The Technocrat society is allready in function WORLDWIDE.  Soon, we’ll see more and more (in our face) synthetic living.  I believe actually we’re seeing it now … with the availability of nanotech foods, or genetically-modified foods! 
    It’s mindblowing and cooky sciences all around us.  Not just here in USA, England, but Turkey, Iran, Portugal and more…

    Search for this story… Sheep with a human face formed in laborator in Turkey.  Astonishing.

  3. Dude soooooo scary!!!!!!!!!!


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