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The Millennium Chronicles Video Promo

www.douglashamp.com The Millennium Chronicles, a new book by Douglas Hamp: When Lucifer and his minions have regained their freedom after Yeshua’s thousand-year reign and are enticing the Adamites to rebel, Ben and Kristiana are forced to decide—will they remain loyal to Yeshua and His kingdom or will they believe Lucifer and side with him? Too young to remember the horrific ... Read More »

[repost] Bible Study With Douglas 01/24/2013 Revelation 9b

Revelation 9b – They had the angel of the bottomless pit ruling over them as king. In Hebrew he is called Abaddon, and in Greek he is called Apollyon. (Rev 9:11) I have reposted because the video did not show up last time. Read More »


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