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So, Why Did Jesus Have to Die? A Chiasm of the History of Redemption

The question invariably comes up – just why did Jesus have to die?” While we can be quick to give a pat answer of “He died for our sins”, there is actually more to the story. Look at the chiasm below to get an idea of the big events of the cross – talk about killing lots of birds with ... Read More »

The Death of the Promised One, Lessons from New Book, “the Edge of Eternity”

[vc_column_text width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”] My new book, Edge of Eternity is centered on the time of the millennium and to fully explain the details of the millennium many foundational issues must be considered. The following snippet details Jesus (Aryeh) descending to the grave (Sheol). Suddenly the earth began to quake (Mat 27:54) and Aryeh, son of Elyón, the King, the Promised ... Read More »


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