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When Did Satan Fall? The Angelic Domain: Created Before Genesis 1:1 or After? (Video)

When Satan fell and where he was before the fall of man greatly enhances our understanding of Adam’s fall as well as how things are going to be restored in the age to come. Did God create Satan and the angels before the creation of the heavens and earth? Did He create them outside of time and space as many ... Read More »

The Angelic Domain and Fall of Satan DVD Now Shipping

The Angelic Domain and the Fall of Satan DVD is now shipping. This presentation has been covered in several articles here and here (audio) and will also serve as part of my new book coming out in 2013. During the month of November 2012 when you order this DVD you can get The First Six Days (Book) and Corrupting the ... Read More »

The Angelic Domain and the Fall of Satan (Audio)

In this episode of According to the Scriptures, Douglas discusses the angelic domain and the fall of Satan. He also looks at the following questions. •Before Time? •Were the angels created before or after Genesis 1:1? (Is there a gap?) •When did Satan fall? •Why did Satan Fall? •Why is there a veil between heaven and earth? •How did Satan ... Read More »


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