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New Video: Corrupting the Image on Prophecy in the News with Gary Stearman

“The shocking story of Genesis 6 has escaped the notice of most Christians. It’s just not a good Sunday morning message. God had a good reason for Noah’s flood. fallen angels corrupted the human race by procreating with human women. Will this hybrid race of giants make another appearance? Corrupting the Image, Doug Hamp’s new book and DVD, is explosive!” Read More »

AGE OF DECEIT Fallen Angels and the New World Order

 This film will take a look at the New World Order and it’s many strands including secret societies, ancient mystery religion, theosophy, the new age movement, trans-humanism, UFO phenomenon, the alien gospel, and other facets of this ancient plan unfolding before our eyes. It will take a look at these things through the lens of biblical scripture and show that ... Read More »

Part Thirteen: Witnessing the Return of the Fallen Angels

“We all know that UFOs are real. All we need to ask is where do they come from.” Captain Edgar D. Mitchell, Apollo 14 Astronaut Over the past sixty years numerous people all over the world have testified to seeing some type of unknown objects in the sky. The deception of the coming “aliens” to save the planet in one ... Read More »

Are demons the same as fallen angels?

I have received a number of comments from readers pointing out to me that demons and fallen angels are not one and the same. I am open to the discussion but in general I feel that the supposed distinction that many are trying to make is not based on any careful exegesis of the Bible. Below is the series of ... Read More »

Part Eleven: Mingling with the Seed of Men

Daniel 2:43 predicts that demonic entities will crossbreed with humans in order to destroy the Image of God in the last days. One of the keys to understanding how the image of God will be corrupted in the last days is found in Daniel 2 where we read of the kingdoms that ruled over Israel beginning with the kingdom of ... Read More »


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