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The Nature of the Spiritual Dimension

Man reading the bible intently

According to the Bible, there is another realm, another dimension that is parallel to our earth-based dimension; it is a dimension filled with beings. Though we can’t know all there is to know about that realm, Scripture still gives us many clues to be able to stitch together a descent mosaic of what it looks like. First of all, we ... Read More »

Part Six: The Sons of God According to Ancient Sources

Ancient extra-biblical sources are important because they act as a type of commentary on the Scripture. Again, this is important because when Jesus spoke of the days of Noah, all the listeners would have believed that fallen angels and demonic-human hybrids were rampant on the earth at that time. The ancient Christian and Jewish interpreters confirm that Satan has been ... Read More »

Part Five: The Coming of the Watchers in the Days of Noah

Man reading the bible intently

We have explored half of the promise given so many years ago – that “he” that is the Messiah-Jesus, would bruise the serpent’s head. Jesus came in the flesh from Heaven by way of the Holy Spirit who mixed with the seed of woman. If this was true of “her seed,” then according the hermeneutical consistency, the seed of the serpent ... Read More »


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