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The Millennium: Heaven on Earth? (Video 1 of 2)

If the earth is destroyed and the heavens pass away at the second coming of Jesus, then what will there be during the Millennium? What is the beloved city that Satan will attack after the thousand years? Why is the New Jerusalem called the bride of Christ? When do the new heavens and earth come to be? The biblical evidence ... Read More »

The Edge of Eternity – An Alternative View of the Millennium (audio)

From Prophecy Depot (February 10, 2013 by Bill Salus) Listen to PART ONE, PART TWO “You are invited to listen to a fascinating Prophecy Update radio interview about the 1000-year millennium. Bill’s guest is Douglas Hamp, the author of a brand new book due out in the summer of 2013, called The Edge of Eternity. Doug’s upcoming book addresses an alternative view about the ... Read More »

The Millennium Overview (Fall Feasts Prophetically Fulfilled)

(the google presentation below did not capture all of the formatting and pictures from MS PP) Order of Events from the beginning of the Tribulation to the beginning of the Millenium and beyond. Jesus takes his bride (Rapture/Trumpets) Yom Kippur (last chance to repent before judgment) We come back with him (on horses) clothed in light (Rev 19:8) He (with ... Read More »


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