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Freemasons, the Third Temple, and the Antichrist

  Why will Satan give the Beast (Antichrist) all of his power and authority and why will the world follow this person as their savior, worship him, and take his mark? While we cannot know him by name, we can draw a composite with the biblical elements of what this person will be like just like the witness to a ... Read More »

Part Eleven: Mingling with the Seed of Men

Daniel 2:43 predicts that demonic entities will crossbreed with humans in order to destroy the Image of God in the last days. One of the keys to understanding how the image of God will be corrupted in the last days is found in Daniel 2 where we read of the kingdoms that ruled over Israel beginning with the kingdom of ... Read More »

Nile Mosaic of Palenstrina

The following page is taken in whole from s8int.org Please visit their site for more amazing out of place artifacts that challenge the evolutionary/old earth paradigm. I was in the library this week poring over literally thousands of pages of early Roman art, including the art of 1st century Pompeii. I spent this time in the library after spending weeks ... Read More »


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