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The Day God Created Dinosaurs

According to evolutionary time scales, the dinosaurs lived hundreds of millions of years ago and died out about 65 million years ago.  Holding to a literal interpretation of Genesis and accepting the record of the dinosaurs, however, would seem to be diametrically opposed. Therefore what are we to do with the dinosaurs if we also hold to a literal, six-day ... Read More »

Nile Mosaic of Palestrina

Evidence of Men and Dinosaurs Living Together The following page is taken in whole from s8int.org Please visit their site for more amazing out of place artifacts that challenge the evolutionary/old earth paradigm. Palestrina Mosaic. CLICK HERE FOR HIGH RESOLUTION NILE MOSAIC IMAGE In this article s8int.com will once again, (as we’ve tried to do on more than 50 pages ... Read More »

The First Six Days

The First Six Days – Related Articles Chapter 1 – The Importance of Genesis Chapter 2 – Evolution Plus God Chapter 3 – The “Fact” of Evolution Chapter 4 – Interpreting Genesis (How Then Should We Read?) Chapter 5 – The Question of Days Chapter 6 – Days According to the Ancient Jewish Commentators Chapter 7 – Days According to ... Read More »


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