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The Angelic Domain and the Fall of Satan (Audio)

In this episode of According to the Scriptures, Douglas discusses the angelic domain and the fall of Satan. He also looks at the following questions.

•Before Time?
•Were the angels created before or after Genesis 1:1? (Is there a gap?)
•When did Satan fall?
•Why did Satan Fall?
•Why is there a veil between heaven and earth?
•How did Satan portray himself in the ancient world?

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  1. Doug,
    What does this verse mean regarding Lucifer?
    Genesis 3:14
    The LORD God said to the serpent, “Because you have done this, cursed are you above all livestock and above all beasts of the field; on your belly you shall go, and dust you shall eat all the days of your life.

  2. Excellent presentation Doug! As someone who tended towards the gap theory of the first days, your books and presentations are starting to show me that a 6 literal day creation period is indeed plausible and likely.

    There was only one part of the podcast that made me puzzle a bit. It was the interpretation of the word ‘snake’. I am familiar with Mike Heiser’s work and know about this possible translation. My only question would be: “Why would the Shining One be compared with lowly animals in the field…with respect to being cunning”. The direct comparison with animals would make one assume the object in question was also an animal i.e. snake. If the object was indeed an angelic entity why not be compared as the most cunning of all the other [rebellious] angels? Were animals the only creations at the time that had an aptitude for cunningness…except Satan himself? Maybe the statement was written deliberately in a derogatory sense, further highlighting Satan’s fall from grace? Unfortunately I don’t have any skills in interpreting the Hebrew myself so I would be interested to hear your thoughts on this.

    • The devil used a snake to talk not to say “hey im an angel i know god go ahead and eat the fruit” but he used a snake like a ventriloquist. later in the bible an angel does the same thing using a donkey to say “why are you hitting me” But a snake was used as a neutral type of messenger to act as tho lower than an angel lower than a man to basicly say god doesnt want you to eat that fruit cuz you will be like him. the devil could have materialized into his humanoid form but this was a test really from god. it was the devils challenge that man would only worship god for what god can do for him, and the devil issued this challenge in front of every angel in heaven. We as humans like to think we are the center of all things but actually angels arent just guys on harps floating on clouds they have an entire kingdom in the heavenly realm with an entire “world” of their own. So this challenge of gods right to rule was of course taken up by god because if god ignored it then it would give satans challenge an unaswered question in the minds of every angel. So god must have said “ok i will put them to the test but dont use your form find a creature on earth to talk thru” and so the devil chose a serpent.

      if you think about it, a day for god is 1000 of our years so the devil has been trying to prove his point for 6 days so far. God has given this evil usurper 6 days so far to prove his point and ide say the devils challenge has been answered and he has been proven a liar. because during this 6 days countless millions…billions? have worshipped god of their own free will.

      • Hi Brian, It is perhaps wise to note for the unwary that “a day for god is 1000 of our days” is not quite what the Bible says. The scripture in question actually says “is AS a 1000 days” which is a different thing altogether. However, I understand ‘day’ is used to denote 1 day=1 prophetic year or 1 day=1000 prophetic years, but it is also true to say that a day for God is also portrayed as a 24 hour period the same as for us.

    • My thought is that the comparison was made for us, as in, it was recorded for our information in the Bible, therefore it had to be something we could understand and relate to.

  3. Think about the veils in the tabernacle/temple and what they could very possibly represent..dimensional barriers…the tabernacle was a pattern of the Heavenlies.And when Yeshua died and one of those veils was torn…


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