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When Did Satan Fall? The Angelic Domain: Created Before Genesis 1:1 or After? (Video)

When Satan fell and where he was before the fall of man greatly enhances our understanding of Adam’s fall as well as how things are going to be restored in the age to come. Did God create Satan and the angels before the creation of the heavens and earth? Did He create them outside of time and space as many have suggested? The simple answer is no and here is why. Before anything was, before the blackness of space, before the void, there was the King, the Almighty, the Self-Existent, the One who was, and is and is to come. He existed in and of his own domain. God wasn’t “anywhere” because there was no “where”. There was only God. Nevertheless, He created from nothing a space, a domain outside of Himself that was not. This expanse, dimension, He called shamaim (or heavens). He filled this domain with substance, material called eretz (earth). We can think of the heavens like a water bottle filled with water (eretz). Imagine God by Himself, of Himself, bringing forth from Himself a dimension, a void, filled with only eretz also called ‘tehom’ the ‘depth’ which had not been before. However, on that first day, the earth was only in the process of being formed. This is why God paused and explained what He meant by ‘water’. He did not mean the ball of soil, dirt, land, that Adam stood on when his eyes opened and beheld God. Eretz — earth on the first day was in fact water. Read paper here.

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  1. this teaching was excellent. It got me to thinking about evil. Did god create evil?

    • No. Everything that God created was good, very good. His character is Holy and Righteous. He could not go against His nature and create something that was not good. Rebellion against the dictates of God is sin and the fruit or wages of sin is death. This act of rebellion separates us from the goodness of God and when the good is gone only evil remains. That was why we needed a mediator between us and God. Someone to pay the ransom for our deeds for us. Jesus, sinless and perfect, was the only sacrifice that would fulfill Gods requirements of atonement. And we can only access that atonement for our sins by faith in Him, Jesus the Christ of God.

  2. I would changed the title from “Fall of Satan” to “Rebellion of Satan.”


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