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The Beast Befriends the Nephilim (Audio) Interview with Bill Salhus

Satan’s DNA may already be implanted in his seed the Antichrist. Some believe this coming charismatic world leader may be a human hybrid containing superhuman genetic codes. And, in a recent poll conducted by Dr. David Reagan of Lamb and Lion Ministries 91% of today’s top Bible Prophecy experts believe this beastly character could be alive today!i

In this edition of the Prophecy Update radio program Bill Salus sits down with author / researcher Doug Hamp, the author of the top – selling book called “Corrupting the Seed, Angels, aliens, and the Antichrist Revealed”. Together they explore the potential deeper meaning of the “Days of Noah,” prophecy issued by Jesus Christ in Matthew 24:37-38, and Luke 21:26-27.

Did Jesus superficially warn that the end times would be characterized by carefree living, or was the Messiah preparing the final generation for the return of the Nephilim of Noah’s time? Genesis 6:4 says, “There were GIANTS (Nephilim) on the earth in those days, (of Noah) and also afterward, when the sons of God (fallen angels) came in to the daughters of men and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown.

The ancient world was destroyed by a flood, was it because of carefree living or was it because Satan had corrupted the seed of the woman by instructing his fallen angelic cohorts to inseminate hybrid DNA code into the human race? Genesis 3:15 alerted Satan to the fact that the Messiah would come through the seed of the woman, and scholars like Doug Hamp believe that Satan promptly launched a devilish campaign of corrupting the seed of the woman to prevent the coming of Jesus Christ.

Are Satan and his bad bunch of angels up to their old antics? Are they implanting hybrid genetic code into humans under the disguise of alien abductions? Will the Antichrist be a counterfeit hypostatic union between a human and a Nephilim?

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  1. It’s like you said Doug, that satan has crossed a line that God has placed and therefore is punished and placed into the pit for a thousand years. Very good! I believe that Satan had picked or angels had volentered during the first round before the flood. Not taking part, but over seeing his plan, knowing that punishment would be handed out to those who disobeyed the living God. But Satan now knows that his time is short. When our backs are against a wall and you know time is short, there are no more holding back. He will cross the line God has placed and do what he wants to do, and to personally get involved in the battle, for everyone will be valuable in the fight. Satan will not be following the rules that were placed by God himself. Satan has to prepare an army, and control all the players here on this earth, well he is at that point, and I believe it’s at the door. I believe as Jesus Christ said, there was no time like it, or ever will be again, such a battle. The only way we are going to survive and thrive is to be in the Lord’s prescence and His will. Like in Psalm 91, He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shaddow of the Almighty. I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress; my God, in Him will I trust. Surely He shall deliver me from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence. He shall cover me with His feathers, and under His wings shalt I trust:… Keep up the great work, and may God bless in Jesus name. Your sister in Christ Jesus

  2. Doug,
    No where in the bible or extra biblical texts does it say that Lucifer or Satan had any part in the Genesis 6 passage. All say their motives were of sexual nature. You really can just stick to what the text says and not infuse your own thoughts and guesses as factual and we will still listen to your teaching.
    6 And the angels who did not stay within their own position of authority, but left their proper dwelling, he has kept in eternal chains under gloomy darkness until the judgment of the great day— 7 just as Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding cities, “which LIKEWISE INDULGED IN SEXUAL IMMORALITY and PERSUED UNNATURAL DESIRE”, serve as an example by undergoing a punishment of eternal fire.
    Do you have any evidence at all of any bible teachers in history teaching the return of the nephilim in the last days based from the Matthew 24 passage from Jesus before IDE Thomas? It’s obvious that it is out of context and refers to the coming judgement when Jesus returns compared to the two other renowned times of judgement in the bible with Noah’s flood and Sodom and Gomorrah and the current state of those people at the time of judgement. Which is why both examples are given as everyone caught up in the normal state of affairs as judgement suddenly comes upon them. But if Jesus’s disciples thought it so obvious that nephilim would return in the last days from Jesus’s words “In the days of Noah”, shouldn’t there be some evidence of that somewhere in early christian writings?
    Please refer to these ideas as theories not as factual bible teaching please. People with think this is based from actual scripture.

    • John i do agree with you in the point that satan had nothing to do with the angels who came down to earth to be with women. it was pure sexual lust of a kind. and the devil has hated mankind since our creation, an absolute angelic scumbag. The female was totally new in the creation. all angels mentioned in the bible have male names. The bible says they are neither male nor female however they are called “the sons of god” and with male type names they are clearly masculine. maybe them not being male and female means no sexual organs. But the female human was so amazing, one of gods most amazing creations other than the human man ide wager to bet. Just think for example how our male human minds work. we constantly think about women constantly day dreaming about them imagining being with them. Now the angels no doubt know this and so they even noticed the human female. They coming down to earth and fashioning fleshly bodies for themselves to take wives. The bible didnt say angels saw the sons of men and came down in female bodies to be with men…..no they noticed our women. they clearly are masculine. thats why i scoff at carvings of female angels….they dont exist in reality. They probably all look male with beards and everything. after all “Man” was made in their image….only later did got put adam to sleep and made the human female. But yeah i dont think satan had any input on the angels coming down to take wives because satan clearly hates humans he has no interest in being with one. he probably made fun of those angels actually saying “why would you wanna be with that” just my guess. it would be like a human wanting to leave his human form to go be with an ant colony to get a piece of the queen lol.

      I do disagree with you on the nephilim returning

      it is true the book of enoch was in the bible for a long time. only taken out by the very people who edited gods name out of the bible replacing every mention of jehovah or yahweh with just capital “GOD” it especially angers me when i read the bible and it says in there “Know that my name is “THE LORD” clearly gods name edited out because thats not his name…..Jesus prayed to god “i have made your name known” so gods name was not off limits to use they clearly used it all the time, only the jews who fell out of favor pushed this lie that you cant use gods name. So to make my point if they will edit out gods name they will surely edit out and remove the book of enoch and so i do believe the nephilim will come back in some form or fashion. With the cloning and stuff they do all they really have to do is clone a nephilim from their bones and bam you got a demonic giant back…..and who knows if they are already breeding a giant army underground.

      • Where is the verse that says angels are neither male nor female? I never said the nephilim were not returning. All I said was that you can’t get that from THAT portion of scripture (Matt 24) without your own imagination. Give me the verses from Enoch that says they are coming back also.

  3. That’s just another role satan is playing, Satan will show up himself – defacto after he’s kicked out of heaven. Stop believing fantasy about someone being possessed. No-one but satan is going to play that role as anti-christ (instead of). This is his last and greatest role of this age, acting as messiah. His little band of angels will be with him at that time, so there will be women being seduced once again. But since the time is (shortened) the women won’t be delivering this spawn. As for the (mark), that would be worship and deeds. Satan wants to be worshipped as God, thats why he goes into the temple and tells all he is God. Of course the elect no better. He’s not tempting, he’s an abomination!

  4. The ac will be just a man that not until satan is cast onto earth, will be empowered by him, then rise up for 42 months. Until the time he emerges as the ac he will only e a man….. Doesnt say he wont be infused with something in some scientific mumbo jumbo, like lets say the assasination attempt he is to survive, some miracle science cure implant could be why he lives…l.thus the infusion of the devils spirit

    • I don’t see much difference between “infused with something in some scientific mumbo jumbo”, and “some miracle science cure implant”. You aren’t ok with the first one, yet you are ok with the second one, despite sounding very similar.

  5. Hi Doug,

    The problem I have with this train of thought is that it implies that God is not omniscient since He did not see or stop Satan’s genetic tampering before it even got started. His (apparent) lack of foresight forced Him to respond reactively (ie flooding the Earth after the genetic tampering had already occurred). I’m not necessarily saying your theory is incorrect but it does seem inconsistent with our understanding of God’s nature.


    • The fact that God did not stop Satan’s genetic tampering before it even got started does not mean that He did not foresee it or that He is not omniscient. Implicit in your statement is the presupposition that God would prevent it as soon as He knew about it. Why? He gives His creatures freewill, which means He gives them the choice of doing good or evil. He does not prevent evil at every turn, but He generally permits it and waits for the perpetrators to acknowledge it and repent of it. If they do not, then He will judge them eventually. Otherwise, using your line of reasoning, one could argue that Genesis 19 implies that God is not omniscient since He did not see or stop what was going on in Sodom before it even got started, His (apparent) lack of foresight forcing Him to respond reactively (i.e. raining down fire and brimstone after the abominations in Sodom & Gomorrah had already taken place).

      Doug’s theory is only inconsistent with our understanding of God’s nature if our understanding is that God prevents evil by restricting freewill. …And that’s not my understanding of God’s nature!

  6. hey Doug i have a theory on the antichrist. Number one we know his number 666 which means a mans number, it stands for imperfection. So i do think he will pose as an entity from far off who of course later proclaims himself as god but actually hes just a man here from earth who the devil has chosen. We all know or many of us know that there is predictive programming, conditioning. And watching the superman movies and seeing all these superhero movies coming out theres alot of conditioning they are doing to us, with the alien movies and super hero movies i think im really putting it together how the antichrist is going to show up and capture the hearts and minds of the people. The main superhero we (this generation) has grown up with is superman. Superman comes from far off he comes to earth he has amazing powers he is the good guy he is a savior. What if this conditioning is for the antichrist to be accepted?

    From the bible it says he arrives with false signs and wonders. What if the antichrist can actually fly? of course in reality its satans wicked angels invisible to the human eye who will carry this guy around and he will appear to be flying like superman. We all know theres a big red S on the chest of superman…perhaps it really means “Satan” and this is a clue to the devils main apprentice. Now of course this antichrist wont be calling himself clark kent and he wont be calling himself superman but in the conditioned minds of the masses they will relate this guy to superman and will fall head over heels for him and anyone who says anything bad about this “superman” must be crazy because hes the good guy the superhero who claims hes not from this planet. this is a wild theory i know but a big clue from the bible is that he does all kinds of false signs and wonders. This could mean hes doing cures, healing the sick but is that really a false wonder? or is the antichrist doing glitzy dsiplays of powerful energy illusions up his sleeve. Anyways we should consider every possibility for how this dude will show up on the scene. the general public and especially christians would not believe “the superman” was the antichrist.

    Its important too theres a new “man of steel” superman movie coming this year or next. the trailer gives me the creeps cuz i know somehow its conditioning in a major way.

    Just some tidbits, the guy who plays the new superman is henry cavill and he was in the movie “the immortals” where he plays guess who….son of a god or something and he has to fight the titans who are being released (the nephilim) perhaps more clues from hollywood.

  7. Thank you Doug!

    When one combines your research with that of Tom Horn, Steve Quyale, and the Hebrew knowledge & Biblical teachings of Dr. Heiser, (“The Devine Council”, Papers), Chuck Missler, Gary Sterman, & Bill Salhus, there can be little room for doubt that we are entering the last phase of “The Great Plan” of Hellel ben Shakar {aka: Lucifer, & Satan, the devil, and that old dragon}.

    Then, when you add in the Occutic teachings (given the “adepts” of Occultic Beliefs), then there is VERY LITTLE reason to doubt that “the man of sin”…”…that evil one…”, is alive and well, (if such perversion CAN be “well” in the common sense).

    AND there can be VERY LITTLE REASON for doubting that “corruption of the dna strands of humankind” is ULTIMATELY the goal of such a vainglorious plan…in order to ‘create’ [spell that MIMIC], soulless creatures, that resemble humankind, but, most assuredly are NOT.

    But, (as of this post), I’ve only seen Tom Horn grasp the significance of Matt.16:19 “I give unto you the “Keys of the Kingdom, that, whatsoever you bind on Earth, shall be bound in Heaven, and, whatsoever you loose on Earth, shall be loosed in Heaven”. (Dr. Heiser DOES allude to this gift’s significance in his book).

    Nor has ANYONE, (that I know of), related the other 6 “KEYS”, referred to in the Scripture, to their value in the “Last Days”:
    #1″Key of the House of David” [Isa.22:22];
    #2 Matt.16:19;
    #3 “Key of knowledge” [Lk. 11:52;
    #4 “Key of death”; &
    #5 “key of hell [both Rev.1:18];
    #6 “key of david” [Rev.3:7]; and
    #7 “key of the bottomless pit” [Rev.9:2].

    There are, obviously, (unless you’d like to visit “hell 7 death” or the “bottomless pit”), only 3 “keys” that each of us SHOULD learn to utilize:

    The key of knowledge {how to enter in, and help others enter in to the Kingdom];

    The keys of the kingdom — binding & loosing]; and

    The key of David, [opening & closing doors — ‘portals’].

    I would like VERY MUCH to have your take on this matter of “KEY POWERS for the last days”


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