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The Messianic Age: Millennium and Beyond

Calvary Chapel Bible College of Costa Mesa

Messianic Age

2 Credits

Fall 2011

Instructor: Douglas Hamp M.A. Hebrew University

Course Description

Much of our eschatology rightly deals with the events that lead up to the Second Coming of Jesus. However, little attention is given to looking at the events that happen thereafter. This class will explore from a very bible-centric perspective the Messianic Age/Millenium. We will begin by understanding the literal hermeneutic and how reading literally God’s Word reveals many exciting details of our glorious future. We will also look at the centrality of Israel, our future bodies, aspects of daily life, the decorations of the city, God’s dwelling with mankind, the role of the river of life and trees of life the length of the Millennium where will it be, who is there, what the Rabbis and Church Fathers thought, (Augustine, Justin Martyr), the size of the City, when the creation the of the New Heavens and New Earth occur (what about the first set), place of the H.S., the role of the Sun and the Moon, the role of the feast of tabernacles, and the judgments.


Course Objectives

A heavy emphasis will be placed on reading large portions of Scripture before each class. Upon completion of the course, the student will able to look at the Millennium from the entirety of Scripture. With that in mind, some of the portions of eschatology ought to come alive in a fresh way. Once we see all that God has in store for Israel and for those of us that have been grafted in, then we can live with the anticipation of what is coming.

Course Requirements

The student is required to read all of the assigned reading especially from the Bible! A list of what the student must do to pass the course.  Include required reading, any assignments, tests or papers with corresponding due dates.


There are three requirements:

  1. 1.       Textbook Reading: 20%

Every student is required to read the selected chapters from The First Six Days, Corrupting the Image, and the articles in their entirety. There will be a number of reading checks given over the course of the semester. A two paragraph summary is required for each chapter / article


  1. 2.       Weekly Bible Reading: 30%                A heavy emphasis is placed on a wide range of Scriptures dealing with the Millennium/Messianic Age. Students will give serious time to the study of the assigned verses/chapters. God’s Word alone is our guide – not the ideas of men.
  2. 3.       Research/TimeLine: 50% (Oct 12th)

Each student will prepare a timeline starting from the Second Coming to the Destruction of Satan and Beyond. The READER will serve as your proof texts for the project. The student must include all significant verse references on the timeline. Project may be done by hand on poster board, in an Office-type program (M.S. Word or Excel) or even with an online app. However, it must be very thorough.



CCBC requires 100% attendance for all classes and that you be at your seat at the hour it starts.. Attendance will be taken by your teacher at the beginning of each class. *EXCUSED ABSENCES can be made up by listening to the MP’3 audio recording of the class session missed and by turning in a typed or legibly hand written copy of your notes to the CCBC Registrar within one week of your absence. Recordings are available on MP3’(no longer on web-page) for $3.00 at the CCBC office 9am-4:00pm M-F. Credit Students can only miss and make up a total of three Excused Absences. PLEASE NOTE: If you are tardy, over 15 minutes late to your class, it will be considered an absence. All unexcused absences will lower and affect your final class letter grade by half a letter grade. (An earned letter grade of an A will become an A- etc. etc.)


Please remember, in order to change your unexcused absence into an excused absences you must contact the CCBC Registrar within one week. Excused absences include genuine emergencies such as but not limited to: death in the family, illness, traffic accident etc. etc. Unexcused absences: such as but not limited to: sleeping in, surfing, vacations etc. etc.


Course Schedule

In Class Discussion Presentation Assignments Due
1 August22nd    Literal Interpretation of Scripture Triangulation of Scripture

  1. Details matter!
    1. No more, no less
    2. It means what it says

Examine commentaries on the size of the city and Isaiah 65:17

Last Years of Time

Centrality of the Elect (Jews)

forever, even forever and ever! (Dan 7:18)

Last years of TimeWhy God Did Not Elect
2 August  29th  The Fall Feasts Prophetically Fulfilled/ Tabernacles Hamp, Last Years of TimeHamp, First Six Days, 4Hamp, Why God Did Not Elect Calvinists
3 Sept 12th  The Image of God and Need for a New Environment Understanding the Creation literally:

  • No evolution, no Gap, no entropy
  • Original Creation conditions, fall, planned restoration
  • Rocks
  • DNA

(Consider for later Discussion where was Satan c.f. Isa 14:12, Ezek 28:12,14,16)

The Language of Creation Image of God, Biophotons, Radiohalos, Corrupting: 24-91, 65-91, Hamp: The First Six Days, All
4 Sept 19th The Shaking of the Heavens and Earth, Day of the LordIn class discussion of Isaiah 24:20 fall and not get up, All seas turned to blood Rev16 READER 1, 2a-d, Corrupting 321-324
Cont. 4 Sept. 19th When God Returns 2nd Coming (The Parousia of Jesus)

  • Matthew 24
  • Hab 3
  • Isaiah 19
  • Isaiah 63
READER 3, Corrupting 255-259
5 Sept. 26th The New Heavens and Earth created at the beginning of the Millennium, New Jerusalem Discuss the normal order of events. Consider Gen 1 & 2, Rev 16:19 & 17/18, (Rev 20, 21, 22) Jerusalem as a Bride READER 4-6
6 October 3rd God Dwells forever in Mt Zion, The Mountain of the Lord, READER 7, 7a 8
7 Oct.  10th God Himself Will Be In the City, God’s Throne Will Be There, No More Tears, No More Hunger or Thirst, God Makes All Things New, Highway to the City READER 9-14
8 Oct.  17th River of Life, Trees of Life, Restoration of Bodies READER 15, 16
9 Oct.  24th Twelve Gates, Angel Measures (Size of City), Precious Stones, The Temple, READER 17-21
10 Oct.  31st God Will Illuminate the City, Gentiles Bring Gifts Into the City, Gates Always Open, Nothing Unclean Can Enter, Sin Is Present OUTSIDE the City, Nations Shall Serve God/the King READER 22-26
11 Nov. 7th Marriage Supper of the Lamb, Kingdom of Heaven

  • Place of God’s Throne
  • Garments of Salvation
READER, 27, 28
12 Nov. 14th The Judgments

  • Dan 7 Judgment
  • Joel 3:2
  • Matthew 25:41
  • Mat 16:27
  • Rom 14:10
  • I Cor 3:12, 2 Cor 5:10, Eph 6:8
  • Rev 2:23, 20:11
    • Isaiah 30:33

Isaiah 66:24

READER 29, 30, Corrupting 261-280
13 Nov.  28th Satan’s Origin, Fall, Imprisonment, and Destruction Satan’s Origin and Fall (douglashamp.com)





About Douglas


  1. ….sharing a few thoughts now. It’s SO nice
    to settle in to the reasonable day of Rosh 2012 as a rapture date presumed by so
    many others, a date I couldn’t settle for until all other possibilities were

    I always check to see if all the points fit, which
    do if charted simply:

    Rosh 5772/2011 to Rosh 5779/2018 is
    still the Pyramid timeline (because the Return is still in yr Rosh 2018).

    Start of the Fall Feasts, Rosh
    Hashana/Feast of Trumpets is the 5th FEAST and the NEXT one to be

    Rosh 2011 was likely the beginning
    of the 1-yr warning (Jerem 51:46) ending at Rosh 2012.

    Return in the mth of AV, 2019 is
    STILL in Rosh 2018, 5779 (end of the Pyramid timeline).

    2520 days after the possible
    Rapture on Rosh 2012 (with the 3-day mid-trib uncounted overlap/thus 2517 days)
    is the RETURN at AV 8-9, 2019 (Aug 9-10). 2517 is fine because the three
    1260 spans are perfect/’cut short.’

    The earth will likely take 2 days
    to straighten (Hos 6:2-3/”raised up on the third day”), settling to straight
    position on SUNDAY, Av 10, Aug 11, 2019 which is exactly 2300 days past
    Apr 24, Iyyar 14, 2013, the SECOND PASSOVER/Num 9:9). Av 10 minus the
    projected 23-day tilt loss is also TAMMUZ 17, a FAST DAY to be turned to
    JOY (Zech 8).

    The next projected earthquake in that strange
    188-day quake cycle is Yom Kippur/Sept 26, 2012; and that day is
    the beginning of 7 exact months (burying bodies/bldg 3rd Temple)
    following a possible Yom Kippur supernatural event in the mts of Israel. After
    all, Ezek 38-39 speaks of earthquake and hail in reference to that
    huge Victory. If Yom Kippur 2012 is to be the day of such a Divine Victory in
    Israel (following the 9 days world chaos/Awe & N. Invasion after the
    Rapture), then that would certainly turn the solemn day of Yom Kippur into

    The Trumpet Blasts of
    Rosh Hashana supposedly ‘confuse Satan’ with spiritual confusion reigning in
    desperation for those 10 days of AWE; and the Rapture will certainly cause world
    chaos & confusion.

    The Return at Av 8-9 minus the 23-day tilt loss
    (“days cut short”) is Tammuz 14, then 30 days mourning later is AV 15 (tu
    b’Av) when Jesus ENTERS the TEMPE (Isa 63) w/ the Remnant who will have called
    Him back. Av 15 would then start the 45-day judg of Nations. Av 9 is, of
    course, the major FAST DAY on the Jewish Calendar; and the Second Coming on that
    day certainly would turn that Fast Day into JOY as well.

    The Return plus 75 days is the end of the trib;
    but with the minus 23 days, the total days are 52; and there are 52
    days from the Return to Rosh Hashana, 2019 (so the trib is
    virtualy Tishrei 1, 2012 to Tishrei 1, 2019). Tishrei 1 and
    Tishrei 10 that year will precede the 1st great Millennial Tishrei 15
    TABERNACLES/SUCCOTH (Zech 14) celebration that year; and it stands to reason
    that Rosh Hashana would open that season (since God’s 7 Feasts are eternal &
    not to be ignored).

    The trib timeline (2011-2018) is still seen as
    such because the Av 8-9 Return is still in the Rosh year 2018/5779. Thus 7 yrs
    are 2011 – 2018, or 5772 – 5779 when seen in full view.

    As reviewed previously,
    the Millennial TISHREI 1 (Rosh Hashana, 2019) will be OCT 1 and SCOR 1 (both
    calendars & Mazzarot in sync/360-days each); and that is the case with the
    end of the trib……Scorpio 1, Tishrei 1, Oct 1. Thus all will be on the
    perfect, synchronized schedule by the end of the trib (w/ the -23 day tilt
    loss/earth straightening figured in).

    (…the next paragraph may be very confusing; so
    read at your own risk).

    I CANNOT explain why the trib ends at ROSH HASHANA
    2019; because now the presumed 17 ‘uncounted yrs’ takes the year back to
    Rosh Hashana 2002 as Millennium’s start. But since the Millennial NEW
    YEAR’S DAY will be on Nisan 1 (Ezek 45:18), then the Nisan 1 of 2018 is still
    the starting point keeping the year in 2018 since all counts will begin
    on NISAN 1, the Millennial start point (with no problem for the applied
    -17 uncounted yrs…………..if applicable). When the entire picture
    is viewed with this in mind, NISAN 1, 2011 to NISAN 1, 2018 is 8 yrs;
    i.e. the 1-yr warning extends the year to NISAN 1, 2019 = 8 yrs. Since a
    1-yr warning was not counted in the AGE of one’s birthday and onward (as Abr,
    Hana, Eliz, etc), then that ONE extra YEAR possibly won’t be figured in at all.
    Only God knows how the count is to be handled; but somehow I am still convined
    that the Millennium has to start on a ONE year, beginning of the 7th Millennium
    and the beginning of the 121st Jubilee (new 50-yr span that must always start on
    a ONE); and when one subtracts the 17 uncounted years (as reviewed before), then
    that is the case. Then again it may be possible that 18 yrs are somehow not
    counted (not difficult to figure in); but at this point, it’s beyond a human’s
    ability to figure (a well as a but futile to study). As stated before, the 120
    Jubilees (if to be pondered) are the 6,000 full yrs that God promised fallen man
    in Gen 6:3…………meaning that on the 1st day of the 7 thousandth yr, the
    Millennium should begin, then the 8 thousandth yr will be the beginning of the
    New Heaven and the New Earth. If the start point of the 7th Millennium is to
    appear Biblically reasonable….fitting God’s promise of Gen 6:3…….then
    somehow certain years are not counted, only known to God; because everything
    else from Genesis 1:1 and onward has been virtually figurable due to perfect
    Jewish History spans in the last 6,000 full yrs.

    If worthy of attention, the mid trib in 2016, with
    all the above considered, is SHEVAT 16 to SHEVAT 19 (Feb 26-Mar 1, 2016) and is
    interestingly PISCES 8 to PISCES 11…..if applicable…..the flight of the
    believing Jews to Petra/’multiplication of the fish’/sudden belief in the truth
    by the Jews who will flee to Petra at the prodding/preaching/begging of the 2
    witnesses. These fleeing Jews who finally believe the message of the 2
    witnesses are the Remnant, the procurement of whom is the primary purpose of the
    trib (Jerem 30:7) in addition to the multiplication of the precious tribulation
    saints who will endure persecution like that of no other people in

    Another VERY interesting
    point is that any TISHREI 1 plus 280 days is TAMMUZ 14, the likely ‘spiritual
    gestation’ span of the Remnant, complete by Tammuz 14, 2019 (when earth is
    straight). The spiritual gestation of the Church is likely the 280 days from
    Rosh Hashana 2011 plus 280 plus the 75 days (in Grace on THIS side of the
    trib). The 75 days on the post Return side are in Judgment. They will, in a
    sense, cancel each other out……..spec.

    So, those who have surmised the Rapture to be Rosh
    Hashana this year have been admirably patient as they have wisely realized the
    fact that Rosh Hashana involves TRUMPETS, the NEXT & 5th FEAST to be
    fulfilled, JUDGMENT DAY…etc. All the above info simply offers is a bit more
    insight as to the possible & speculative connecting points within the next 7
    years because I’m of the belief that everything has to fit before, during and
    after: the three 1260’s, the 1290, the 1335, the 7
    mths burying, the 2300 days Temple Desecration, the 75 post
    trib days (-23=52), etc. etc.

    Disregard the 6 mths
    addition to Rosh, the 5-mths delay as per the Noah story……etc as per my last
    letter. Apparently it meant nothing, even though at the time it made sense.

    Thus we can look with anticipation to Rosh

    Below is 2nd letter:

    CLARIFICATION is EVERYTHING to me, so read on:

    Are you ‘up’ to some more insight? Points must be made concerning the last
    letter (for what it’s worth).

    Remember how I said that ROSH HASHANA plus the 6 mths reaches the
    official, Millennial New Years Day/NiSAN 1 (Grant Jeffrey’s book, pg
    61/’Armageddon, App’t w/ Destiny’/Ezek 45:18); well, that IS the case (Rosh 2011
    plus the 6 mths is NISAN 1, 2012/Mar 24). Then there are 5 MORE MONTHS,
    matching Noah’s 150-day delay in the ark til his exit…… (March 24, Nisan 1
    to August 24, Elul 6 = 5 mths). Of course the 150 is 5 perfect mths and our
    present 5 solar months are 152 days.

    Now add the earth tilt number of 23.5 days to Aug 24, 2012 and one reaches
    Sep 16-17 Rosh Hashana 2012 (23.5 days that will MINUS at the Return) and you
    still have the END of the 5 months delay at Aug 24. So in retrospect when the
    earth is straight, the Rapture will be ‘AS HAVING OCCURRED’ on AUG 24,
    five months past Nisan 1, 2012.

    So the Rapture at Sept 16-17, 2012, MINUS the 23.5 days tilt loss brings
    the date back to Aug 24, 2012, end of the 5 mths past NISAN 1 (the “beginning of

    Thus, when I said in the previous letter that the 6 mths past Rosh plus the
    5 months past Nisan 1 “meant nothing,” YES they DID mean something when included
    in the whole picture. To me it’s disastrous to conclude that something meant
    ‘nothing’ when it seems to have held such significance……and for sure, IT
    HOLDS. FEW things can be cancelled out as nonsense and ALL things have to be
    studied and compared intently; and if I shared something that seemed innaccurate
    (like the Temple Mt UFO) it consumes my thinking until I clarify the fact. Of
    course scofferism demands disinterest in the whole matter………tragic at this
    point since we’re obviously approaching Rosh Hashana in just a few days.

    Thus: Rosh 2011 + 6 mths = Nis 1, 2012 + 5 mths = Elul 6, 2012 + 23.5 days
    = ROSH (presumed RAPTURE).

    Remember that the “beginning of days” which is NISAN 1 was commanded to
    Noah at the end of the flood (which ended Nisan 17…..to be the “beginning of
    days”)……i.e. Nisan 1 and Nisan 17 are the ‘same day’ in that respect. When
    one thinks about Nisan 1 to Nisan 17 in the year of the crucifixion, those 16
    days (w/ reference to God’s command to Noah) seem to be ‘cancelled’ in a sense
    because the purpose of Nisan 1 was to reach the Victory of Nisan 17 (Jesus’
    Resurrection); but all actions that
    preceded His Resurrection are never needed again because the LAMB is alive
    forevermore. At least that is how I resign the fact that Nisan 1 and Nisan 17
    could be the ‘same’ day

    Rosh 2011 (Sep 29) plus 355 days (1 Jewish yr/’shana’/yr = 355 in Hebrew
    #’s) is Rosh 2012, Sep 16-17. So the one-yr warning is the exact 355 days with
    the number value of the Hebrew word ‘YEAR.’

    Rabbi Kaduri (if his words are worth considering) said that Messiah would
    come in the mth of AV, 5772. Well, since the 7-yr trib WON’T be counted
    (Satan’s yrs), then the Return at AV 8-9 in the 5779 will be ‘AS’ the year
    5772 after all…….just a thought.

    The info in my letters is NOT needed at present
    for ANYONE who just BARELY studies prophecy to realize that the Rapture is very
    likely Rosh 2012 because there is now SO much evidence via many sites giving
    credence to a Rosh Hashana 2012 Rapture. But since I’ve written so many letters
    to you in the past (entertaining your interest or NOT), I feel I must continue
    to set you at peace with clarification……..so SILLY, I know!……since I
    don’t even KNOW you!!! I said before that I only write to the BEST sites in
    hopes that someone, somewhere, somehow will have the nerve to step up, step out
    and announce the Rapture via the media (if SURETY backs up such an action via
    God’s leading) thus saving many souls who will simply be scared to death and
    accept Christ as did the thief on the Cross. At this late date, a person of
    authority who really sees the whole picture is going to leave in the Rapture
    anyway and his business/T.V. show/position……will no longer be threatened
    with failure.

    Rosh is the only Feast the beginning DAY of which
    is not known. Also, one specific day is not known to anyone because of the 72
    hours from the beginning of a day to the end (Japan to Hawaii). Thus “No man
    knows the day or the hour.”

    …….sort of amazing:

    355 days is one Jewish year and the Hebrew word ‘shana’ (year) equals 355
    when the letter values are added. (sheen=300, nun=50, heh=5). Look how the 1-yr
    warning of 355 days is combined.

    280 + 52 + 23 = 355

    180 + 152 + 23 = 355

    280 + 75 = 355

    You know, of course, what each addend is: 280 is the ‘spiritual gestation’
    of the Church, 52 is the 75 post-Return days minus the 23-day loss of days and
    23 is the earth tilt days that will minus.

    180 is the 6 mths added to Rosh Hashana 2011 to reach Nisan 1, 2012, 152 is
    the 5 solar mths delay (as Noah’s 150 days in ark til his exit onto dry land)
    and the 75 in GRACE (as in ‘Grace Period’) is the post-Return 30+45 (mourning
    & judg of Nations). (Note that Nisan 1 is the Millennial New Year’s
    Day/”beginning of days?, Grant Jeff’s bk, pg 61).

    Thus the 1-yr warning isn’t just a year that exists with no rhyme or
    reason; but instead the numbers WITHIN that 1-yr all fit/reach a point that
    needs to be completed anyway.

    Rosh 2011 to Rosh 2019 is 8 years (1-yr warning + 7-yr trib). When the
    Bible characters received their 1-yr promise/warning (Abr, Hana,Eliz, Nebuchad,
    Esther…..births, judg’s, 1-yr purification…whatever), that 1 year was NOT
    COUNTED in the AGE of the baby that was born or the event that occurred. Age
    count began at birth. Also the warning/promise itself ‘WAS’ the event and one’s
    confidence in God’s actions would start at the PROMISE/WARNING, not the event.
    Thus you can see why the 1-yr warning is one of the years that are NOT COUNTED.

    When Esther’s 1-yr purification procedure began (perfumes/oils, etc), it
    was already determined that she was to be presented to the King; and when
    Nebuchad received the 1-yr warning of his 7 yrs of ‘beastiness,’ it was already
    determined that the 7-yr condition would take hold of him. Also each baby
    promised (to Abr, Hana, Eliz) had a 280-day gestation plus 75 more to equal one
    full year of 355 days.

    The 7th Millen MUST begin on Rosh/Yom of year 2001 (a ONE yr)
    according to God’s Gen 6:3 promise of the 120 Jubilees (6,000 full yrs).

    We already know that the 1-yr warning is NOT

    The 7-yr trib is NOT COUNTED (Satan’s
    yrs/Divinely-permitted mega-occultism permitted on earth)

    1-yr Jesus’ age 0 (Birth) to age 1 NOT COUNTED
    (only whole #’s counted in one’s age)

    1-yr (280 + 75 needed = 355) ‘spiritual
    gestation’ of the Church + the 75 days in GRACE

    1-yr (280 + 75 needed = 355) ‘spiritual
    gestation’ of the Remnant + 52 (75-23 tilt loss) in JUDG

    1-yr Jesus’ gestation (280 +75 needed to = 1
    (Note that all 3 gestations are the BODY of CHRIST).

    2-yrs Creation to a ONE year when the 120
    Jubilees could start (because at Creation there was no TIME set for man to live
    on earth; but after man’s fall, God set the 6,000 full yrs during which His
    Spirit would STRIVE with man. The first yr of Creation was a 0 year, then the
    fall, then time (the 6,000 full yrs) BEGAN at a ZERO; but the first Jubilee (1st
    50-yr span) had to begin on a ONE yr……thus 2 yrs NOT COUNTED in the 6,000
    full yrs. Research starts Creation at year 0, not realizing that those first 2
    ‘yrs’ were considered as such: 1st yr man perfect/eternal, 2nd yr a ZERO yr.

    4 yrs Jesus’ Ministry (3.5 yrs in actuality, but half years
    were never counted). During those years the earth rested (‘Millennially’) with
    infinite possibilities salvation, resurrection and healings because the TRINITY
    walked the earth. Also during those years God’s Spirit (Jesus) did not STRIVE
    with fallen man (Gen 6:3) but instead Jesus “counted it all joy to go to the
    Cross;” thus those years are NOT part
    of the 6,000 full yrs of God STRIVING w/ man.

    Total: 18 yrs NOT COUNTED

    Thus Rosh/Yom 2019 (end of trib) minus 18 uncounted yrs reverts back to
    Rosh/Yom 2001 and the Millennium starts on time. This gives comfort in
    the fact that all the delays seem to be explainable.



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