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The Petrodollar, Federal Reserve, Bohemian Grove, and Disciples of Yeshua

This post is to clarify the video Preserving the Petrodollar Is Leading to World War 3

First of all, I simply reposted the video. I didn’t make it myself. Secondly, this short video is not the final word on a complex issue. However, I posted it because we need to realize that the US is not this “we-are-God‘s-nation-that-can-do-no-wrong” – once we begin to see the Federal Reserve for what it is – a for-profit private company in charge of a massive Ponzi scheme – and once we can see that Bohemian Grove 40 foot stone owl molechmany of our leaders and world leaders get together every year for a “creamation of care” ceremony where they sacrifice (in effigy) to a 40 ft stone owl (representing perhaps Molech, but definitely satanic in nature) – and once we see that 9/11 was not what the official-governmental position is (what brought down tower 7? – watch the video I posted on Architects and Engineers 9/11 Truth) – once we see these things and many more, then we begin to realize that America is not some bastion of freedom keeping the world a safe place to play in, then many things begin to make sense.   
Some readers have suggested that we need to put away our tin foil hats. I am interested in truth, the truth. The Bible gives me the all important context and framework. However, there are things that may not be SPECIFICALLY predicted in the Bible yet clearly fall into the bigger picture. I invite you to read my article: Freemasons, the Third Temple, and Antichrist. We can’t pretend that a secret society has not been working on the reconstruction of the Temple in Jerusalem. Well, we could, but we shouldn’t. When you see how they are ready, anticipating and preparing for the coming of the Anti-Christ then I would argue we ought to take notice. When you notice that our children’s cartoons are infested with NWO imagery http://www.douglashamp.com/the-new-world-order-message-hidden-in-childrens-cartoons/  then you begin to see that Satan, our sworn enemy has been very busy and he just might have pulled the wool over our eyes. However, once we begin to see his devices, we can start making better decisions about what we watch, what we buy…and HOW WE PRAY. When we see just how nefarious he really is and how the culture of our every day lives is inundated with his lies, then we can be-ware of our adversary who goes about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour (1 Pet 5:8).
Understanding America’s role with the Petrodollar, Federal Reserve, Bohemian Grove, etc, should help us to better understand the gravity of the situation that we are in and the lateness of the hour. We need to wake up and take notice of what is happening and then seek the Lord as to what we should do about it.

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  1. Hello. I think some people aren’t quite seeing the bigger picture yet. All the secret societies, including the Islamic ones are controlled by The Jesuits. The leaders of the countries in the world are all high ranking members of these societies, they are working together. I highly recommend you watch the Walter Veith lecture ‘The Secret behind Secret Societies’ for proof of this – he uses the writings of HP Blavatsky and Albert Pike amongst many others to make his points.

    • Chris Pinto has the same view.

      I don’t really buy it, though. Believing that there are conspirators behind world powers is not unreasonable, but the idea that one human secret society controls every country on earth is one that doesn’t really fly. With European-born outfits like the Jesuits (or the Illuminati, for that matter), one can argue for their influence in our societies, but the further one strays from the West, the less plausible is the idea that these are in control. Is Vladimir Putin a mere puppet of the Bilderbergers/CFR/whatever? Is Wen Jiabao Jesuit-controlled? What about Kim Jong Un? I’ve no problem with the idea that conspiracies abound, but I don’t think they’re all carefully coordinated by some other master-conspiracy — at least not by a human master-conspiracy (Satan is obviously the master conspirator who holds sway over all human conspirators).

      But hey, I could be wrong… 🙂


      • Yes, it doesn’t seem possible to us everyday people does it? But the Jesuits are highly skilled in what they do – and that is counter-reformation. I did read that, for example, Lenin and Stalin were members of the Grand Orient Lodge but there is no way of proving that (so far that I’ve found), however, I think there may be pictures of them with their hand inside their jacket – the hidden hand signal, which is masonic in origin. Another thing to keep in mind is that the motto of the secret societies such as Freemasonry is Order Ab Chao – or order out of chaos, otherwise known as the Hegelian Dialectic – basically create conflict/chaos to achieve the desired outcome. The Jesuits desire to eliminate those who are not under control of the Papacy/Rome. Just my thoughts 🙂

        • Hi Judi.

          Yeah, I’m aware of the Jesuits’ goal (bringing the world under the yoke of Rome), and that they have a fairly long track-record of nefarious activities — which is why the word “Jesuit” came to be used to describe anyone who was crafty. There is a theory that Stalin was himself a Jesuit (when he was young he did train for the priesthood — albeit Orthodox, not Jesuit). I haven’t heard that either Lenin or Stalin were Freemasons: the Grand Orient Lodge (I assume you mean the French Lodge, Le Grand Orient de France) did have a role in the French Revolution (which was in nature proto-Socialist), admits atheists, and has a lodge in Moscow, but I know of no solid connection with the Russian Revolution.

          And as I was saying to Doug, I think it’s a mistake to try to connect everything to a single source, whether it be The Freemasons, the Vatican or whatever. There are many competing conspiratorial players, and given their nature, it strikes me that it’s far likelier that they vie for control and even come into conflict. Satan is the only ultimate puppet-master in the world of conspiracy. That’s not to say that there aren’t some common ideas within separate entities. So for example, I personally believe the conventional line that Lenin & Stalin were simply Marxists rather than Freemasons, and were following the ideas of Marx rather than some Masonic Hegelian plan. …Yet it’s undisputed that Marx was himself influenced by the ideas of Georg Hegel and was involved in reworking them into Dialectical Materialism. So although Freemasonry and Marxism are quite different, they do perhaps share one common influence. …But I don’t think they were both cooked up by the Jesuits. 🙂

          By the way, I think I have seen pictures of both Lenin and Stalin with one hand inside their jacket. …But I can put my hand inside my jacket (and even have my photo taken): it doesn’t make me a freemason — at least I do hope not! (Stalin actually had a damaged arm, so it probably wouldn’t be too unusual if he stuck it in his coat now and then.)

          Anyway, thanks for replying, Judi. I’d better get some sleep…

          • Hi Paul, sorry for the delay in response.

            I remember now where I saw it – it was Know Your Enemy part 52(great series to watch) that demonstrates the hidden hand signal quite well. It’s a specific pose – the right hand over the left breast hidden under the jacket/sash. In it he shows pictures of Karl Marx, George Washington and Marquis De Lafayette all in the same pose.
            If you watch the Walter Veith lecture he quotes from Blavatsky’s ISIS Unveiled where she states that the secret societies are all the offspring of Ignatius Loyola (founder of the Jesuits). Also if you go to the Masonic Dictionary you will find this quote:
            “Strange as it may appear, amongst many Masonic Knights Templar and Orange Black Knights, there is a growing conviction that their origiin was a bid of the Roman Catholic Church to use these orders for the purpose of overthrowing Protestantism in Great Britain. Had the Church not fallen down on its propaganda results would have been very different in the attitude of the Papacy to Freemasonry today. Fortunately things turned out for the best. Papish in origin the evolution of both these institutions has been helpful to the Reformed Faith, so we as Masonic Knights Templar or Orange Black Knights have cause to rejoice.”
            This is why I am now thinking all roads seem to lead to Rome !
            Also Ignatius Loyola practiced his “Spiritual Exercises” and we know the Bible warns not to interract in anyway with the spiritual realms but it’s Ephesians 6:12 that sums it up best I think.

            All the best to you.

          • Thanks for the information, Judi. I have no trouble accepting Washington, LaFayette & Napoleon as being entangled with Freemasonry, but Stalin still seems something of an odd man out. I know that some say Marx was a Mason (and the idea strikes me as more plausible than the notion that Stalin was one), but again I’m not certain. It’s worth noting that many people put their right hand on their left breast for non-esoteric purposes (for example, as a sort-of patriotic pose — commonly seen in many countries when the national anthem is sung). I’d need more than that alone to be convinced that Stalin was a Mason.

            As for everything being rooted in Rome, Chris Pinto would agree with you, so you’re in good company. I’m not quite there yet, myself. …But give me time, and who knows?! 😉

            God bless,


          • Hi
            Here is the Know Your Enemy part 52


          • Thanks, Judi. When he’s stuck in there with the others, it does make one think that Stalin was one of them (i.e. a Mason), but with the others (e.g. Washington, LaFayette, Mozart, etc.) there is plenty of additional evidence of their being Masons, which (as far as I know) isn’t there with Stalin. He just doesn’t fit properly. …But it’s nonetheless disturbing enough as it is to think that so many of the world’s movers & shakers are in The Craft.

  2. Doug,

    You’re absolutely right and I praise God for you Doug. Anyone who doesn’t believe in a world wide conspiracy against God either does not know or does not believe the scriptures. Scripture says God will allow a strong delusion to come upon the world and we are seeing that now. The only way for someone to see the truth is to view everything through Christ and His word. We have been conditioned with a Babylonian mindset since Kindergarten. Praise God for his grace and deliverance! Praise God for his blessed Holy Spirit! Praise God for the revelation of truth through his blessed and holy son Jesus Christ! Praise God for Y’shua! Praise God for giving sight! Praise God for justification, sanctification and glorification in Christ!

    Every knee shall bow, every tongue confess that Hamashiach Y’shua al Elohim!

    Even if I wore a tinfoil hat and a clown suit it would not weaken one iota of the Word of God or his testimony. The power is not in us or what others think of us, the power is in Christ and his word. Dunamis Dynamite.

  3. Pay attention and pray. Amen Doug.

  4. Doug, the link to the Freemasons, The Third Temple And Antichrist article is broken.

    I haven’t read it (yet), but I do agree that the Freemasons are an unchristian bunch and (if one believes folks like Ed Decker — and I do) that they are in fact followers of Lucifer and have a rather sinister covert agenda. I also believe that the WTC7 thing is suspicious (as are many facets of 911), but it’s a big leap to go from a set of suspicious events to conclude that 911 was an elaborate false-flag operation, planned by a high cabal of Illuminati within the U.S. Government, etc.. And the Truthers just have no clue at all about Islam: they are so spectacularly uninterested in Islam that they can’t seem to recognise it as a threat at all — simply because it’s a “spare piece”, and doesn’t fit in with the NWO stuff. It’s like I said, to a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail: and so to Truthers, everything looks like a false flag. Moreover, Jonathan Kahn’s findings about the 2008 Shmita seem to put God’s own
    hand of judgement upon both the financial crash and the timing and events of 911 itself. That said, I’m not dogmatic and acknowledge that my caution may prove misguided, and that the Truthers may turn out to have been right about 911 — which is why I sit firmly on the fence. …Yet whenever I’ve watched Truther TV, it’s just such a mixed bag of fact and nonsense that I’m sure Satan’s very happy about it.

    As for the NWO propaganda in kids’ cartoons, I watched the videos, and I just can’t see how putting eye-in-the-triangle symbols in Rugrats conditions kids into accepting anything much. Some of the cartoons featured in those videos actually portrayed the NWO guys as the baddies — hard to see how that’s going to prepare kids to embrace them. That said, I myself wouldn’t let kids watch cartoons on principle: not out of fear of the Illuminati, but rather because TV is such mind-numbing cr@p. God didn’t intend children’s minds to be filled with worldly trash. …Nor adults’ minds, for that matter.

    Perhaps I’ve already been brainwashed by the Illuminati, but my fear is that we’re following the world in its delusion. Christ warns us that in the last days (and I believe that we’re living in them), deception will be so great that even God’s children will run the risk of swallowing it. If that’s the case, then I doubt strongly that the armies who follow men like Alex Jones will be the ones to see through Satan’s web of lies.

    Lastly, we should be concerned about our witness. If we’re Bible-believing Christians, then we believe God created the Earth in six days and on the seventh He rested (Genesis 1:1-2:3), that God wiped out the entire population of the Earth bar eight people (Genesis 7:23), that pre-marital sex is evil (Mark 7:21-23), divorce and remarriage is adultery (Mark 10:11-12) and that homosexuality is a judgement from God (Romans 1:22-27). Just this handful of beliefs puts us at odds with the rest of society (including the greater part of the “truth movement”). …All of which means that it’s difficult enough to get the world to take us seriously as it is.

    It’ll be even worse if we sit there witnessing to them in tinfoil. 🙂

    And even if you think I’m a dupe, I still love you, brother!

    • Paul – greetings. I appreciate you putting on your thinking cap – we all need to be cautious of the claims being made – and the Truthers are no exception. Only the Bible has all the truth all the time. The question that I see is before us, is if 9/11 is not according to the official story, which it cannot be once you see the evidence of tower 7, then what else have we been lied to about? I have read G. Edward Griffin’s book “The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve” – in there he brings a ton a evidence about the workings of the banksters. I recommend the book. At the very least, watch the video from the Architects and Engineers.

      • Ah, now on The Creature… I agree with you completely: in fact I linked to Griffin’s famous talk on the Fed in another post. When one understands how the fractional reserve system works, one can see that it is effectively government-sanctioned fraud. If you’re interested in other things the banking elite have been up to, I can recommend the work of my countryman, the late Professor Antony Sutton. As far as I know, his extremely eye-opening work was never refuted. (Indeed, a couple of months ago I corresponded with a prominent Soviet dissident, who astonished me by stating that he and his fellow Russians believed that Sutton’s thesis about the banking fraternity was correct.)

        But to acknowledge the power and unscrupulousness of international bankers, secret societies and globalists is one thing. It’s quite another to believe — as those in the “truth movement” do — that these people are effectively controlling the entire planet. That is a simplistic delusion, and something with which we as Christians should have no truck. So for example, even if Sutton’s ideas about Russia and Germany are correct (and it’s my understanding that they are), then regardless of the bankers’ activities, it is nonetheless true that other forces — which were more ideological than venal — began to take control and eventually dominated events. And it’s also true that a man who is right in one particular is not necessarily right in all: so although I might agree with Sutton, Griffin, etc. on certain things, I’m sure I’d believe them wrong on others (chief of which would be the Gospel, if they turned out to be unbelievers).

        As regards WTC7, I’ve seen the video you posted (and have seen others, too): to my untrained eye, its collapse certainly does look like a controlled demolition (I understand that there were thankfully no casualties in WTC7, as it was presumably evacuated when the twin towers were hit). The footage from the BBC is also rather suspicious, though it could be attributed to incompetence rather than conspiracy (by the way, I could write twice the total content of your site describing the ways in which I hate the BBC — if indeed the NWO did blow up WTC7, then my prayer is that Broadcasting House is their next demolition project). My only question is what does the uncontrolled collapse of something as big as a skyscraper actually look like? Would it look that different? I’m not a structural engineer, and so I really don’t know. (And structural engineers themselves seem to be sharply divided over this: some say that WTC7 was a demolition and others say that it was not.)

        I believe the video you showed said that if WTC7 had been brought down simply by an uncontrolled fire, then it would be the first skyscraper in history to have been destroyed in such a manner. This is striking, and yet, if it is actually possible for an uncontrolled fire to bring down a building (and I have no idea whether it is or not), then logic demands there must be a first time for such an event. …And again, there is division amongst the experts on this. I can’t say what’s right.

        And that’s the problem, really. We’re Christians, not explosives experts or skyscraper designers. All we know is that if something doesn’t line up with Scripture, we can reject it. …And so, the “Alien Gospel”, for example, goes in the bin. So does Mormonism, Socialism, feminism, Islam, “gay rights”, Freemasonry, and so on. In these things, God’s Word exposes the lie. But when it comes to technical questions about the mechanics of building collapse, we really have no more idea than Joe Schmo. And Scripture itself counsels prudence in such circumstances. Which is why I’m sitting on the fence on this one.

        The weird thing is that many Christians have woven “911 Truth” so tightly into their beliefs about Scripture itself, that to disagree with them is effectively to be condemned by them (it’s an even more unnecessary cause of division than wars over the timing of The rapture or the nationality of The Antichrist) — see the fellow who posted today stating that anyone who doesn’t believe in a worldwide conspiracy against God either doesn’t know the Scriptures or doesn’t believe them, which I guess was aimed at me. Well, hey, I can take it! 🙂 …But my concern is how Christians are clinging to their conspiracies about 911 and the Illuminati as though these things were tenets of the faith, and regarding more cautious Christians as in some way lacking. That’s just the sort of thing that really bothers me about this stuff.

        We’re told to be discerning. …But what exactly is discernment? Arguing about how a building collapses is not discernment. Discernment is about checking things against God’s Word: things which actually can be checked against God’s Word. So for instance, the theological revelations of entities which call themselves extraterrestrials can be checked out against Scripture. That falls squarely into the province of discernment. Likewise, we can stick banking on the black list, because inflating the money
        supply is like clipping coins and is using unjust weights and measures to defraud people. Again, that’s a discernment issue. But a boxful of suspicious-looking events and a set of theories about them is not in the same category. We can speculate, but can never have the certainty we have with the other examples. Which is why I urge caution.

        So, in summary (and I’ve written too much again)… They may be right. They may be wrong. But it’s not a hill to die upon.

        Ha, I rhyme! (Even if you don’t think I reason!) 🙂

        • Hi Paul, I think this exchange is good because it is iron sharpening iron. I am convinced that there are many conspiracies happening – however, to say that one who doesn’t believe in conspiracies against God doesn’t know prophecy…that is rather strong. Roughly five years ago I too would have balked at the idea that 9/11 was anything other than what I had officially been told. It was a very traumatic day for everyone of us and to say that there was more than 19 terrorists causes even more pain. I can’t comment for person on this thread, however, I would suggest that there are many believers (I don’t know if it includes you) who have their theology/eschatology in a neat little box and don’t care to see how it might relate to the world around them. What is even harder is to think that the good-ole United States (via the CFR, Trialateral, etc) might have a very sinister role to play in end times events.

          God bless you!


          • Rather strong? Yes, you’re right. Though I do believe that scripture clearly says that man will conspire against God and that the leader of that conspiracy is satan who is the father of all lies. I do take it to heart that my words were rather harsh and I do apologize. Keep doing what you’re doing brother, you’re a blessing to many.

            I would love to sit down with you one day to discuss election and volition. 🙂

          • Hi Doug.

            I agree with you that it’s iron sharpening iron — as far as my half of the discussion goes, you’ve helped me to clarify my thoughts. Of course, there are no doubt those who think we’re both so far out there that it’s just tin on tin… 😉

            “I am convinced that there are many conspiracies happening…”

            Well, I agree with you there. If one accepts that Man is a fallen creature (as any genuine Christian must), then intrigue, subterfuge and conspiracy will be part and parcel of life. Indeed, history is full of conspiracies: it’s nonsensical to believe that conspiracies ceased when we came along. However, there is what one might call the “conspiratorial world view” which regards any world event of note (and even rather minor daily events) as being part of a conspiracy by the powers that be. And this outlook is something I’ve been seeing more and more — even amongst Christians.

            “there are many believers (I don’t know if it
            includes you) who have their theology/eschatology in a neat little box
            and don’t care to see how it might relate to the world around them…”

            My theology and eschatology are (to borrow your metaphor) strewn around the room and draped over the furniture. I used to have a bit of a fixed view of things, but pretty much everything’s up for grabs, now, apart from the fundamentals. As for seeing how theology and eschatology relate to the world around me, I find myself thinking about little else (no exaggeration — I reckon I must’ve lost a small fortune by now because I’ve spent time doing that instead of paid work). I think we are extremely close to massive pre-End-Time upheavals and yet most of the church (at least on this side of the pond) seems to think that it’s still going to be business as usual.

            I feel very isolated from the other believers I know, since I’m the only one who’s actually trying to anticipate how things are going to play out and attempting to prepare in whatever way I can (I’ll drop you an e-mail, if you’d like, and let you know more — I don’t want to broadcast it on a blog posting, though). My impression is that things are better in America, but when I start speaking to people in Britain about what’s coming — even believers — I can see them picturing the tinfoil slowly enveloping my head as I talk.

            …And I guess I’m also a bit wary of my own instincts. Part of me has a yen for the tinfoil and I have to keep it in check. 😉

            Did you listen to the Antony Sutton link, by the way? What did you think? And I stumbled across quite a nice summary of the main Western players by Berit Kjos today, too…

            Anyway, I’d better get some sleep. If the German belching-contest next door ever ends…

            Shabbat shalom, brother.



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