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The Second Coming of Jesus and the Millennium: The Fall Feasts and the Budding of the Fig Tree

There are seven feasts of the Lord. On Passover Jesus died, during the feast of unleavened bread, He was in the tomb, on first fruits He rose and on Shavuot (Pentecost) the Holy Spirit came. Therefore, we anticipate something definite to happen on each of the three remaining feasts. This study will demonstrate the likely outcome of the remaining three. Could the feast of trumpets be when the Lord takes us in the rapture? Is the Day of Atonement representing the time of Jacob’s trouble? Is the Feast of Tabernacles representative of when the Lord dwells among us beginning in the Millennium?
Additionally, the parable of the fig tree in Matthew 24 demonstrates that we are living at the end of the generation that would see the budding of the fig tree. The Lord’s return appears closer than we could imagine!

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  1. Mr. Doug, is there a part 2 to the video? Great video! Really interested to hear what you had to say there towards the ending! Thank you for all you do!

  2. I am surprised you have not connected the ‘two witnesses’ needed for the new moon with the ‘two witnesses’ and ‘two olive trees’ of Rev 11. The only two lampstands (Churches) that are spared the LORD’s warning of being removed are those he finds no fault with, I believe they are those that are watching, that the anti-Christ “will overcome”. They will be slain in the streets (the souls of those under the altar beheaded for their testimony/witness) and then resurrected for all to see (along with any living believers ‘raptured’). I would like to know your thoughts on this.

  3. Until I read your comment I hadn’t thought about how the rapture being pictured as the Groom coming for His bride probably means that it is just whenever the Father says it’s time and not on the feast calendar at all.

  4. Brother Doug, another wonderful teaching. I can see and hear the humility and humbleness in you. You do not staunchly put forth your understanding as an absolute but rather encourage us to seek the LORD and to study His word. This I beleive is the right way to teach and exhort the flock. Any teacher, pastor ect. professing to fully understand the scriptures or who thinks they have all the answeres is in my opinion in err. This was such and uplifting and hopefull message of what is to come after we fulfill the LORDs purpose for us. May the LORD continue to bless you. In Him, felishafvb

  5. Hi Doug,

    First of all, thank you for teaching the Scriptures! I truly appreciate this! Second of all, I have a question — you mentioned that there was a divorce in the OT; that God was separated from humans (I’m paraphrasing) and that we will be reunited. I understand this and I see it even though the “language” is not there. However, the language God uses is that He officially divorced Israel in the OT. Is He reconciled to her in the NT? I guess symbolically this will happen in the Millennium – but nowhere are we told that God is remarried to Israel. So, I’m a little confused by this. Can you please explain this? I would appreciate it very much. The reason I ask this is because there are some leading Christians who are saying that Jesus is God who had to die in order to remarry Israel which is “the Church.” I disagree with this teaching, yet I cannot argue against it effectively either.



  6. I agree with Karole that the rapture is not likely to occur on the Feast of Trumpets, rather the Second Coming. In addition, that would define it as a fall event and, therefore, would not be considered imminent, at any day at any moment. I, personally, would be very disheartened if fall came and went and I remained earthbound and my only hope was to wait for another chance next year.
    Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

  7. Hi Karole,

    Thanks for your comments. I think that you make some good points. I just want to know the truth and it could be that the feast of Trumpets is more in line with the second coming than the rapture. I tried to not be dogmatic about it in the video. I wonder if it could be both. The judgment in Dan 7 and Rev 20 (at the end of the thousand years) are where the books are opened – a reference to Yom Kippur which would be the same as Matt 25. What are your thoughts about the rapture? When will it occur?

  8. Doug another great presentation. I believe you are single evenhandedly re-writing Eschatology. Every time I listen to you the Lord answers many questions that I’ve filed away because of years of listening to Calvary Chapel pastors and others I was never satisfied by their exposition of many passages of Scripture. Thanks for your diligence in searching out the truth. I would like to see an exhaustive book by you or compilation of your studies of the entire bible – but there may not be enough time left for that. Lord Bless You
    Manny Garcia

    • Manny – thanks for the kind words. Just keep praying for me that I would keep saying on the Words of God.

  9. Are the power point notes and charts available?

  10. By end-of-day on Pentecost, May 19th, 2013 (Jerusalem time), the dust will finally settle and we will have our new King and the 144,000 to help him. Until then, we’re in for an increasingly bumpy ride.

  11. Is there any way to purchase your Power Point of this?!

  12. Great video. Is there a part 2 coming? This one cut off in the middle of your explanation of a biblical generation.


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