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Preserving the Petrodollar Is Leading to World War 3

I think this video will help put into perspective the questions some of you have had regarding the power of the Petrodollar. America’s privilege of having the world’s reserve currency has allowed the Ponzi scheme to go on a long time. However, once the Petrodollar is removed, so too will our hegemony on the world’s financial stage – the days are coming very quickly. The Petrodollar is also a driving force behind many of the wars that the US has started recently (Libya, Iraq, etc).


petrodollar world war three ww3

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  • Jack in Phoenix

    Can’t view it…I got a message that “due to multiple notices of third party copyright infringements the youtube account has been terminated”. What’s up?

  • Randy Stucky

    Keep seeking the Truth Doug, and report what you find! “And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.” Gal 6:9.

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  • Paul

    From the video:

    “…And why is the United States government so intent on taking down Iran? …Despite the fact that Iran hasn’t attacked any country since 1798!”

    Oh, absolutely! Peace-loving, flower-power, jus’-mindin’-mah-own-bizniss Iran.

    Equating today’s Iran with pre-1935 Persia (or even pre-1979 Iran) is laughable: today Iran is led by an apocalyptic fanatic who peers down the shaft of a well to speak to his otherworldly messiah — a messiah who promises to return when the world is plunged into chaos, and to subdue the whole world for Islam. Absolutely no mention of this in the video, though. Nor any acknowledgement of Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Nor one word about Iran’s hatred of Israel. But hey, they’re only trifling details, aren’t they?

    “…Eventually, US military expenditure surpassed that of all the other nations of the world combined. The Soviet Union never had a chance… The collapse of the Communist Bloc in 1991 removed the last counterbalance to American military might.”

    The tone of the narrator’s voice makes it clear that he thinks this a tragedy. Does he know anything about the Soviet Union other than that it was a “counterbalance to American military might”? That’s all he sees fit to say about the USSR! Skipping over the entire Cold War in this manner is akin to summarising World War II by saying, “The collapse of The Third Reich in 1945 removed the last counterbalance to American military might”. Why have people so soon forgotten the USSR? Modern Leftist hypocrites make a big song & dance about never forgetting Hitler’s victims (often while happily abandoning Israeli Jews to Ahmadinejad’s forthcoming Holocaust), yet conveniently forget the Soviets’ victims. The Soviet Union, and International Socialism in general, proved itself even more murderous and monstrous than National Socialism. …And yet within two decades of the Evil Empire’s collapse, Americans are wetting themselves with delight in electing a radical Socialist as their president.

    And all the stuff about America’s measures against Iraq makes absolutely no mention about the Saddam and the Ba’ath regime: listening to the video, one would think that Iraq was “just another state” — something akin to, say, Sweden or Australia.

    “…The US government, with the assistance of the mainstream media, began to build up a massive propaganda campaign, claiming that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and was planning to use them.

    But Iraq DID have weapons of mass destruction — and was not only planning to use them, but had already done so. Ask our brother in Christ, former Iraqi Air Vice Marshall Georges Sada, who risked his own life to save the lives of allied pilots. The video’s narrator complains about the “mainstream media” but swallows the media’s “no WMD” lie hook, line and sinker.

    “…The US government, with mainstream media assistance, has been attempting to build international support for military strikes, on the pretext of preventing Iran from building a nuclear weapon.”

    Uh? The Obama administration have been doing everything possible to avoid attacking Iran — and leaning heavily on beleaguered Israel to do the same. And the mainstream media have been backing Obama (as always) to the hilt. Yet Ahmadinejad has made it plain that he doesn’t give a tinker’s cuss about talks or agreements. Israel know that when Iran gets a nuke, it will soon be winging its way towards Tel Aviv. …But hey, why bother complicating the picture with such trifles, when they interfere with your own narrative?

    “…They [China and Russia] understand that if Iran falls, then they will have no way to escape the dollar without going to war.”

    Oh boy. This is just dross. Does no-one fact-check these things? Does anyone seriously think that there’s no oil in Asia or that a country the size of Russia depends on Iran for its oil needs?! A ten-second Google of “Russian oil reserves” will give you the facts. Russia is the largest producer and exporter of oil on the planet.

    (And what’s with this “…if Iran falls”? What does this vague phrase mean exactly? That Uncle Sam muscles in and replaces the Ayatollahs by a regime run by, say, Jeb Bush, Dick Cheney and Halliburton?)

    “…Remember that when your son or your neighbour’s son comes home in a flag-draped coffin.”

    …Real nice. “Yeah, remember that! How the poor naïve sucker went and got himself blown to pieces in some godforsaken foreign hell-hole just so the banksters could get richer. Just remember — he died for nothing!” I just hope that those who have lost loved ones in Iraq don’t hear this rubbish. Thankfully, the truth isn’t quite as grim and simplistic as this dodo makes it out to be…

    Yes, there are secret societies. Yes, they do have their fingers in all sorts of places. Yes, undoubtedly banking is a colossal global scam and bankers wield great power. And yes, these sorts do seem to have very few scruples. But it’s pure tinfoil territory to believe that these rogues control the world. They might think they do — or at least that they should do, but there are all sorts of other players besides the elites in the West. (Unless you’re going to argue that Vladimir Putin’s actually an old Bonesman and that Wen Jiabao has a controlling interest in JP Morgan Chase.)

    Conspiracy theories have been exploding passim in the years since 9/11. And to a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Similarly, conspiracy theorists see everything as a confirmation of their conspiracy. I’m not saying that there are not conspiracies out there — indeed I know there are many conspiracies and conspirators — but the “truth movement” is a new religion, and conspiracies are its creeds. Therefore Christians should be extremely wary of buying into these things. Scripture tells us about the conspiracy to end all conspiracies — a cosmic conspiracy which plays out through the whole of history. Truthers are largely unsaved and hence they (along with all unbelievers) deny the plain Truth of Scripture and go elsewhere to seek explanations for why things just don’t add up — and their being ungrounded in God’s Truth means that they are easily turned aside to fables. <We don't need to follow them into error!

    Please, Doug, everybody — let’s exercise some discernment with this stuff…

    • Paul

      Uh oh… Had an HTML seizure there at the end.

      …All I wanted to say was that we don’t need to follow the “truth movement” into error.

      And to make a plea for us to take our tinfoil hats off and to put our Biblical glasses and our thinking caps on instead.

    • douglashamp
      • Paul

        Hi Doug.

        Thanks for taking the time to reply to me: I seem to be hogging some of these posts, for which I apologise — I find it hard not to comment on some of these threads, though. If you’d rather we correspond directly, then you have my e-mail address (I presume that as moderator, you can see the e-mail addresses with which posters log in — if not, let me know and I’ll send it to you).

    • Mo

      Hi Paul,
      I like your response to Doug’s video on the petrodollar. I agree strongly with what you wrote. It is sad to me because I Highly valueded Doug’s teachings and he comes out with this video. I served in combat in Operation Desert Storm and also have lost a stepson (who I raised) in Afghanistan and I know his death and all our sevicemembers sacrifise to country are not in vain. Although it is time to get out of Afghanistan now. Thankyou for pointing out all the stuff Doug leaves out of the onesided video which I don’t doubt has truth to it but is not a total picture to make good judgement on. Please keep posting as you did here when you see onesided stuff like this, it does help the rest of us discern as well.


      • Paul

        Hi Mo.

        Thanks for the encouragement: it was sobering to hear of the death of your stepson — I offer my condolences, and can only imagine what a terrible loss it must have been for you and your family. The accounts I’ve read (via the Internet) from troops on the ground depict the campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq as being very hard, frustrating, and often thankless, yet show also that the lives of many very poor people have been affected positively (in marked contrast to the relentlessly grim portrayals by the mainstream media and conspiracy TV). And I tend to believe the ordinary infantryman rather than the politician or the talking head on the “news”.

        I’m a Brit and so I’ve never pledged my allegiance to Old Glory and never will: I see America from the standpoint of a foreigner, an outsider, a critic even. …And yet it’s as plain as the nose on my face that — although contemporary American pop culture is absolute poison (Tinseltown, the music industry, “comedy”, the MSM, video games, etc.) — when it comes to wielding military might, the United States is probably the most benign superpower the world has ever seen and has been a great force for good over the years. I’m living at the moment in East Germany on what was the fringe of the Iron Curtain, and it’s amazing how quickly people have forgotten the Soviet threat. America protected Western Europe for decades and ultimately crushed the USSR (as the video rightly says) by facing it down with military muscle. Thank God. …Yet still there’s the endless whining about “American Imperialism” (usually from lying Leftists or deluded conspiracy-types). Just put America’s military capabilities in the hands of other world powers (or countries throughout history) and you’d soon see what true Imperialism looks like.

        The perverse thing is that although there is no army, air force or navy on the planet that can withstand raw U.S. military power, the decadent American media accomplishes the very thing which standing armies cannot do. From Ho Chi Minh to Saddam Hussein, there’s not an enemy or a tyrant for whom they won’t happily carry water. I’m all for exposing atrocities and military blunders, but the media have a clear and treacherous agenda and go far further than this, painting not simply a “warts and all” portrait, but rather a “warts only” one.

        And let’s not forget the politicians. The trimmers in Congress and the Whitehouse are vastly more concerned with their own public image and poll-rating than with military matters. When I’ve read of some of the insane rules of engagement handed down by opinion-conscious politicians to soldiers in Afghanistan, it’s a wonder the U.S. infantry hasn’t simply mutinied and returned home: the Leftist media and their political lackeys think it’s far more sporting if American troops have to fight with one arm tied behind their backs. The serviceman on the ground is hence not only fighting the guerilla with the Kalashnikov, but also his own media and even his own government.

        Anyway, thanks again Mo for the shot in the arm: sometimes I do wonder whether I’m talking to myself when I launch off on one like this, so it was heartening to read your comment!

        And although Doug and I might not quite see eye-to-eye on everything, he’s a good brother and I love his teaching…

        God bless,


  • Christian Optimist

    Doug, great video, couldn’t disagree with Hamburglar more. It’s captivating, lays out the points for further research well, and allows the viewer to make the correlation with current events themselves. Although I don’t know enough at this point to draw a conclusion, you have intrigued me enough to seek out the Truth further… Thank you for sharing!

  • Hamburglar

    First the background noise (or music if you like) has got to go. Second, this video plays fast and loose with the facts, (you know truth mixed with error). I appreciate all of Doug’s videos but this one is a few french fries short of a Happy Meal.

    • douglashamp

      Could you let me know exactly? I am very curious what is fast and loose. Thanks!

      • Hamburglar

        Well for starters, WMD. As I recall the video says the US gov’t invented this trumped up charge to justify war. The fact is Saddam Hussein had WMD, he used them on his own people. So the next question is what did he do with them? The UN and whatever watchdog group never got an accurate accounting of WMD’s and after the invasion of Iraq there is all of sudden no WMD’s?

      • Hamburglar

        Oh yeah, and another thing that I remember about the video without watching it again was that we are inventing reasons to go to war with peaceful Iran “a country that hasn’t invaded any other country since 17xx”. I mean that is just dumb. Ahmadenejad and the Supreme Ayatollah are just begging for war with Israel and the US. I don’t see how the Federal Reserve is influencing them?

  • Armageddon Thru To You

    Linda, I don’t think it’s Doug Hamp narrating but yes the video is eye-opening and thanks to Doug for bringing it to everyone’s attention.

  • Linda Cleary

    All I can say is Wow! Doug this is very eye-opening. I can’t believe the powers that be allow you to even have this discussion. Of course, that just proves God is greater than the powers that be!


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