Friday , 6 March 2015

Tomorrow on According to the Scriptures: Mr. “K” – NWO and the Coming Dollar Collapse

Tomorrow on According to the Scriptures: Mr. “K” will share with Doug his insights about the coming economic collapse of Secrets of the Coming Dollar Collapsethe US dollar and how it relates to Bible prophecy. His role in personal security for the leaders of industry in the computer industry, the financial world, and military contractors afforded him the inside scoop to many of the plans of the global elite. He has been able link these ties together in what he soon found to be a web of misinformation provided to the world through the media.

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  • Kem Kilhoffer

    This is the program your looking for:

    081513 According to the Scriptures Radio
    Have a blessed day

  • api spreaker.

    tomorrow was like last week. sure would like to hear this show. did it happen? hope you are ok doug. God bless you.


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