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Trans-humanism Watch: Synthesizing DNA As Easy As ‘Drag and Drop’ (Video)

The technological advances today are moving the human race toward  a trans-humanist future. While those advances are exciting and are a testament to the genius of man, they are leading us over a genetic cliff. God said everything is to reproduce according to its own kind. Splicing different kinds of biological code will most certainly end poorly. I like technology and sci-fi, however, what is happening in our today, in my estimation, are giant steps towards the mark of the beast.

Life may be the software that makes its own hardware, but where is the compiler? If we plan to start programming life itself, we are going to need a radically different and better tool kit than the one available to geneticists today. Omri lays out a concrete vision for how such a tool would work and for how it would be used to create the bio-products our future needs so badly.

In an analogous way, Amirav-Drory wants to create a graphic user interface that would empower people to manipulate the arcane logic of DNA. His new software, Genome Compiler (free and available for download at www.genomecompiler.com), converts the various parts of a DNA sequence into easy-to-understand, and easily manipulable, icons. The software turns the complex task of DNA design into an easy drag-and-drop exercise. Read more…

Omri is the founder & CEO of Genome Compiler Corp, a Synthetic Biology venture. His background is in biochemical and structural studies of membrane protein complexes involved in bio-energetics.

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  1. The two things which disturbed me the most…

    1) The deletion/mutation of amino acids he referred to at 7:30. He says “and if I know what I’m doing… I can select amino acids, delete them, mutate them…” — the point is that a protein’s sequence determines its structure, and its structure determines its function. The problem of determining a protein’s final folded 3-D structure from its amino-acid sequence is still one of the biggest unsolved problems in biochemistry/molecular biology. So when he says, “if I know what I’m doing”, it’s highly unlikely that he does…

    2) What he said at 9:35 – 9:45. Positively chilling…

  2. wow…. I just don’t trust homo sapiens (and other created beings) with this kind of power…

  3. This is truly scary. Those strange creatures in Revelation may have their beginnings here.

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