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UFO Conspiracy

Here are some videos about the Nephilim. I thought the UFO conspiracy is very well done.

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  1. i notice that has technology has advance so has the ufo they are looking better than before

  2. We all need a need a Saviour, you need a shrink.

    • I don’t think so Frank.


      I would bet you, [if I weren’t a Baptist :)] that the FINAL great deception will involve “someone” coming out of the sky in a big “ship” and saying “I AM HIM, AND I’M BACK!”

      And how many folks would fall for that?   BILLIONS!  including many that call themselves Christians!

      And I think that is being set up now with all the turmoil in the world.  So WHEN you see that, you will know.  Right Frank?

  3. Thank you for your website. I look forward to all your articles. It is alarming that so many disregard the irrefutable text of scripture and have the audacity to believe they have no need for a Savior, the Christ. I have read just today that there are 150 animal-human hybids that are being concocted in laboratories throughout the globe. Our King’s return cannot be far off. Mayour spiritual eyes be watchful and open to the coming deception. God richly bless your invaluable work.


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