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Upcoming Christianity vs Atheism Debate Is There a More Rational Set of Beliefs than What is Found in the Bible

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Debate topic:

Is there a more rational set of beliefs than what is found in the Bible?

(Call: 562-305-5003 for more information)

Sponsored by:

Christian Century Toastmasters Club

Huntington Beach, CA & Backyard Skeptics, Villa Park, CA                             

Tuesday, January 14, 2013 – 7:00 p.m. 

(Call: 562-305-5003 for more information.)

Sponsored by:

Christian Century Toastmasters Club, Huntington Beach, CA

& Backyard Skeptics, Villa Park, CA 

Tuesday, January 14, 2013 – 7:00 p.m. 

Debaters: Atheists:

Kent Martin is a computer systems engineer by day; a dreamer, writer, and musician by night. His great passions are the pursuit of knowledge and personal growth under the aegis of the scientific method. He values logic, critical thought, and creativity. His liberal humanism, perennial optimism, and continual rigorous skepticism fuel his desires to learn, serve, love, help, adapt, and grow.
Chris Clarke is a skeptic and an atheist who enjoys studying the sciences and debating different ideas.   He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from the University of California at Los Angeles in 2003, and a Master of Science degree in electrical engineering from the University of Southern California in 2010.
Dr. Lehman has a B.ME. from the University of Minnesota, a M.Div. from Grace Seminary, a D.Phil. from Oxford Graduate School, and a Ph.D. from LBU.  He lectures on university campuses, churches, and conferences on creation, cults and Christian evidences.
Douglas Hamp Author of “Discovering the Language of Jesus”, “The First Six Days,”  “Corrupting the Image”, and “The Millennium Chronicles” earned his MA in Hebrew Bible and Its World from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.    Download Christiany Atheism flyer here

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  1. Of course God exists. DNA is not matter properly arranged by random chance. Only a broken hearted person would think that.

  2. Is there a recording or transcript of this debate?

  3. Apokalupto Aletheia

    This is easy:
    There are 3 stances one may take regarding the existence of God:
    1- The absolute positive (God does exist)
    2- the Agnostic (Doesn’t know if God exists)
    3- The absolute negative (God does not exist)
    A law of logic is that you cannot prove a negative. Therefore to absolutely claim that there is no god is illogical. To claim there is no god demands absolute knowledge about absolutely everything, in other words omniscient. To claim omniscient knowledge is to claim to be a god; thereby nullifying the claim that there is no god.
    The agnostic may logically claim he doesn’t know, but he is only left with one direction, towards the existence of god. Therefore, he either remain ignorant or accept that there is a god. If he decides there is no god, he falls into the trap of the atheist.
    By the elimination of the other two stances as valid, the believer is true.

    Now I used the term god (little g) for a reason. Logic can only take you to the realization that a god exists. Not which god. For that you must search the attributes of those that claim to be a true god. In my opinion, only the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob meets the criteria of the one and true GOD.
    Now I astound many a church goer with this claim. All gods exist. What do I mean? There is the one true God as revealed in the Bible, then you have Satan and his minions playing gods. This fact that they are imitating GOD does not undermine the fact that to the populations they deceived Satan, fallen angels and demons were really gods to them.
    Does the spaghetti monster god exist? If someone is willing to believe it and worship it, then Satan will assign a fallen spirit to portray it to receive that worship. Thus even the strawman atheists attempt to bring up with this argument is nullified.


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