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Verichip Corp. RFID Microchip – Move Towards Mark of the Beast?

Verichip Corp. RFID Microchip – First Official TV Commercial from Now The End Begins on Vimeo.

I don’t believe that the mark of the beast be merely a computer chip like the Verichip. However, I do see the implantable chip as part of the chain of dominoes that gets people ready. This commercial is espousing all of the good reasons to be chipped. I believe the day is coming when there will be propaganda to convince people why they need to upgrade their DNA by mixing it with the “aliens“. Once people have mixed their DNA with whom they believe to be aliens, yet who are truly demons, then they have received the mark of the beast as I describe in my book, Corrupting the Image.


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  1. Hi Douglas, I don’t understand the whole DNA fallen angel mixed with human idea for the end time mark of the beast ?
    If the antchrist’s mark is infact the mixing of DNA, then what is the mark/tattoo on the right hand or forehead, the very act of mixing DNA is more than a mark, it encompases the whole being. Why shouldnt the mark on the forehead or right hand just simply be some form of wafer thin technology to enable electronic transactions and data recording for buying and selling, as the scriptures say,  ” no man will be able to buy or sell ” without it ?, are we all looking too much into it ?,Regard’s Fleur

  2. Hello, I have a complex (in my opinion) question:

    If we are just housed in earthly bodies that will rot away, and we are to be given new celestial bodies after our Savior returns (which I believe to be true), how does the corrupting of this physical body impact our soul? Our soul is eternal, and our bodies are carnal….if it (our soul) is entirely a separate entity, existing on its own, outside this physical existence, how (OR WHY) is it linked to a dying, physical body? This has been a piece of the logic I just can not clarify or surmise. It leads to deeper questions about what is our soul really, and is it inexplicably connected to this physical body, ergo this physical reality. How are these 2 concepts connected? If you have insights into this, I would really like to read them.

    Thanks for your time Doug, I am blessed in many ways by how God has chosen to use you.

    • If I may… 

      Your question is a very good one.  For some time it bothered me. 

      My problem turned out to be that my thinking was the product of the Western academy; the philosophical roots of which lie in the Classical world.  My training is in physics, and when I rejected ‘scientific’ materialism (whose origins can be traced back to Greek Atomists such as Democritus), wherein the physical world is seen as the ultimate reality, I embraced instead the opposing view (which would be prefigured in Classical antiquity by something like Plato’s Theory of Forms), all but disregarding the physical/corporeal and focusing entirely on the spiritual.  One could write a book on how the latter Classical view has affected the church throughout the ages… 

      But Scripture is not Classical. 

      When I was unsaved, I thought like a Greek.  I had all sorts of problems with The Bible.  Trying to understand something which presupposes a Hebrew worldview, when one has been brought up with a Greek worldview, is all but impossible.  Accordingly, I couldn’t believe many things I found in Scripture — most notably bodily resurrection and a literal future Kingdom on Earth.  Everything had to be spiritualised beforehand for my consumption: ‘resurrection’ was merely the receiving of a new spirit-body, and the next life was spent floating around happily in the spirit-world. 

      After I got saved, by God’s Grace I was able to accept and believe His Word: God slowly began helping me to think like a Hebrew.  Hebrew ontology knits body, soul and spirit together intimately: the Greeks and their intellectual heirs never managed to properly reconcile the physical and non-physical components of our being.  And so, in the Hebrew view, the physical directly affects the spiritual — not simply in the Old Testament, but also in the new, so, for example, something physical (like water baptism or sharing bread and wine) has spiritual consequences.  It’s still sometimes difficult for me, not to think like a Greek, but the more I read Scripture, the more comfortable I am with the Hebrew way of seeing things. 

      So, while I can’t give you a specific answer of the ins and outs of how splicing one’s DNA with ‘angel DNA’ would consign one to perdition, I think there’s enough evidence in Scripture to suggest that this is indeed the case.  Whenever I hear well-meaning Christians saying that the cardinal sin of Sodom was homosexuality, I can’t help think that they’re wrong — an outbreak of homosexuality suggests that God has given a society over to sin, but I don’t think that in itself fills up the cup of His wrath.  …The men of Sodom’s first choices for sex were *not* human at all: they wanted sex with angels (perhaps having already tasted it with fallen angels), and it was only when Lot refused them that they said they’d rape him instead.  Angel sex seems to be something that God always judges swiftly. 

      Anyway, I’d better get some sleep: hope that this helped a bit! 


      • Hello Paul, and thank you for your reply. Doug, good morning.

        First, I understand these 2 different mindsets. I am coming from the P.O.V. (for the discussion) that they are just that: Mindsets. Meaning, we can not prove one to be correct, besides through Faith. OR can we? IF so, please share.

        The Bible is littered with references to correlate the body and soul….it does not mask the importance of the Hebrew mindset in its writing….but it is a big jump to connect DNA/Mark of the Beast (or any body/soul connection, thereof) to a mans soul not being redeemable. 

        Truly, what is the connection between the two (physical/spiritual) that connects them, that has basis in the modern scientific community…what can we prove? Which I think is a fair question since Doug is so well researched and heavily science-based…I am just looking for a direction to explore and would love to see what Doug has to say on this subject…for me, something is missing “in between” all of the research and facts to connect the logic behind all of this. This is not a slight, or to assume that you (Doug) believe your work to be encompassing…I know you don’t but you are very gifted in this.

        Saying that, maybe it is as simple as once we receive the manipulation to our DNA (MARK), we do not have the expertise to undo it…but, that it can be undone…IF we are to prove the MARK to be scientific in nature (DNA), then where in the BIBLE does it speak of it being impossible to undo? Is there evidence of this? In some ways, there is evidence of this in the Bible…because of this I must loop back to the missing link (that I am arguing) can not be passed off as “unknowable” or ‘Faith” since you are pursuing this subject scientifically…This gets VERY complicated as a series of questions that will naturally meet any and all Biblical references or ideas.

        I guess I move to pose questions of this nature because IF it is meant to be understood, and through scientific hypothesis, then we can not pass off difficult “links” or “passage ways” to more complex questions as ‘Faith”…we kind of move to strike that as a legitimate solution…obviously, God keeps (and will keep) certain facts hidden from us….but if this is true (or held as a personal Truth) then why even pursue any truth outside of Faith as being scientific or understandable (is this humanistic in nature then?)…who chooses what is science and what is Faith? This is a slippery slope of what can be proven and not proven ‘at this time…” which in retrospect, is normally viewed as ignorance. But there HAS to be a line in the sand, in order to remain loyal to Christ and his teaching (that don’t follow the hyperbolic nature of technology and this worlds systems). And if this is to be true, it is not up to an individual to drawn this line, it is drawn by Christ…it is up to us to remain open to the Spirits prodding when we cross it, or pursue paths of knowledge that would lead to such a place. 

        Obviously, this IS a subject of Faith in many ways and easily convoluted…which, I do not intend to spark. These are honest questions that don’t have to be answered to walk with The Lord, but are interesting structural components of a complicated subject you have made a point to try and understand and relay to the world.

        This post is complicated in nature, BUT can’t be passed off as such…you have chosen to pursue a complicated subject…I believe God has imparted small pieces of Wisdom on this subject, and I am sure you will mature within it, and add to it…the questions I wrote about above and many others have to be discussed and answers must be found in order for your research to make sense…and not be a dichotomy of science and faith…

        Any insight would be terrific.

        • Mr Smith, you ask a fair question. Obviously, I spent a few pages answering that question. The big aha moment for me was when I read Werner Gitts book “In the Beginning was Information.” The important concept is that information is a non material entity which requires a storage medium. DNA is the medium – the question, then is what is the information? I would argue (and I can’t prove this) that the information is our soul. I offer an appendix where I talk about that the nature of the soul (a bit too much to explain here). 

          God bless you!

          • Doug, Thanks!

            Let me explore that book/line of thought, and your appendix on the nature of the soul.

            I am thankful God imparts His Wisdom to those who seek Him.

          •  Hello Mr. Smith,

            One thing you might want to consider is what happened in the Garden of Eden in Genesis. The physical act of eating of a piece of fruit had literally grave spiritual consequences. The effect was so devastating that it took the death of God’s Son to correct the damage that was done. Taking the mark of the beast is equivalent to biting into the forbidden fruit AGAIN. Having been given the knowledge of this error on the part of mankind I tend to think that it would be unreasonably trying of God’s patience to expect His Son to execute a repeat performance. In fact, I would equate taking the mark of the beast with spitting in God’s face. I don’t find it at all unreasonable that accepting the mark is an irreversible process.

          • Hello,

            Thanks for your insight. I do understand the connection. My inquiry is one of science and of valid string of logic.

            Your notation is one of hypothesis, or even opinion.

            My question does not revolve around belief. I believe the mark is an irreversible action, because the Word of God says it is…science or no science…in fact, I do not even have to understand it. I am posing these questions because Doug is attempting to unravel this mystery through study and communion with Christ.

            We all spit in Gods face every time we sin…in fact, Jesus is our mediator, our advocate, continually between us and the Father…its an ongoing thing. This is an mind-blowing gift.

            As an aside, if everything we have been discussing is TRUE, then The Mark is an act that REVERSES the Salvation process in believers (if they fall prey to the ultimate deception). I might add, this seems highly unfair for the Christians who are alive during this time, where in previous generations, there Salvation was never tested in this way, nor placed up against an event that had the ability to DESTROY it…in essence we have to assume this…which is a very big logical conclusion not written about. SO, is the process of Salvation a “physical one”, DNA related…? Any insight into this Doug?

          • Hi there. 

            The argument you raise in your last paragraph could be made for the concept of “the mark” in general, and is more a problem you have with the book of Revelation itself than with any particular interpretation of what exactly “the mark” might be.  There is forgiveness for sin if we take it to God and repent, but the text seems to make clear that this is something different, something final. 

            Whatever it is, I have no doubt that The Lord will look after those who are truly His own at this time, and ensure that they don’t end up being “accidentally” lost…  🙂 

          • Thanks Paul for your reply.

          • Thanks Paul for your reply.

    • Great question..

  3. I believe you are way off track. The beast is Islam and the mark of the beast is the name of allah written on their armbands and bandana’s.

    • Hmm, I don’t know… 

      Shoebat & Richardson’s ideas of an Islamic Apocalypse are very persuasive.  …But there seems to be a finality about taking the mark — as though those who do so are totally irredeemable.  In the past, people who have converted to Islam have come out of it, repented, and become Christians, haven’t they?  Why couldn’t they do this in the future? 

      My understanding of Doug Hamp’s position is that the mark is not simply an implant, but a Genesis-6-type genetic modification.  …That some ‘upgrade’ procedure, performed on the forehead/right arm, will so alter the recipient’s genetic make-up as to render him/her non-human, and thus no longer redeemable by Christ’s sacrifice — just as the antediluvian race of hybrids were.  And so, just as in the days of Noah, only those who are ‘perfect in their generations’ will be eligible for redemption.  All the rest will be destroyed. 

      There are some difficulties with both Shoebat’s and Hamp’s positions, of course — but I find their ideas very compelling.  Indeed, I think the final deception may be a synthesis of *both*: Heaven knows how ET and Islamism might fuse together, but were I Satan, I’d want to have as many irons in the fire as possible. 

      I think the End Times are going to be far, far weirder than we imagine… 

      Let’s pray for discernment. 

      …And thanks, Doug, for a great site, and so much food for thought! 

        • Antonio,

          Two of the three sites to which you link are run by Muslim apologists — they would attack anyone who dared to say that Islam is a false religion.  …Which would mean that they’d attack you too, if you believe the Bible and regard Islam as a deadly deception. 

          The other site you link is *bound* to be hostile, since Walid Shoebat dared to criticise Mosab Hassan Yousef, whose book, ‘Son of Hamas’ was received so uncritically by most of the Christian/conservative media.  Shoebat has actually put up his correspondence with Yousef on his website for all to see. 

          Shoebat has had an endless battle with non-Christians (usually Left-wingers and Islamists) who claim he is a fraud.  That’s to be expected: they hate the Gospel and so they attack the messengers.  …But when Shoebat — who is a staunch defender of Christianity against its enemies — is denounced by those who profess Christ, then something is seriously amiss. 

          He may not be everyone’s cup of tea (and I’ve had my differences with him on times), but he’s still a brother. 

    • I am familiar with that perspective – and Paul (who just wrote below) summarized it well. There have been many Muslims who have taken off the bandanas and repented and accepted Isa (Jesus) as their King. The force of the mark is that it is something that can not be altered once taken. Satan is very likely to use the deception of Islam to get the Muslims to “put on” whatever is necessary. I won’t be surprised to see Satan use the guise of Islam to get millions of Muslims to change themselves genetically in the name of Allah. The sky is the limit, really.

  4. You truly know your stuff…i suspected rfid chips for years now, however I must get a copy of your book here soon as the dna seems like a more concrete way for satan to implement his final plans to deceive mankind.  Cheers and keep up the impeccable research.

  5. Yea I agree Doug– but I believe the deception for this will not have to be that great. If you cannot buy sell or trade without the Mark of the beast then people will fly to it on their own accord. Mess with their supposed right to buy and sell they won’t want to give that up and will take the mark easily.

    • very good aspect, Danny. I see it likewise. There is nothing like promising a “miraculous DNA” needed to get people marked. Simply the difficult daily living conditions will get the people marked.


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