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Who are the Elect? Douglas Hamp on Prophecy in the News

Gary and Doug Hamp discuss who is the elect and what is the difference between election and salvation.

“Election, elect, chosen” (and the derivatives) are terms that have nothing to do with one’s eternal destiny. Scripture speaks at length of “the elect” and “the chosen” but these terms are devoid of the Calvinistic sense of someone who has been chosen to receive eternal life. The term elect and its derivatives therefore are not salvificin meaning but simply refer to persons or things that are chosen for a particular purpose and the purpose has nothing to do with eternal life. Once the definition of the word is established biblically, the foundation of Calvinism will be undermined and will collapse and arguing the tenants of TULIP will become inapplicable. The word elect (Greek verb:eklegomai ἐκλέγομαι; Hebrew verb: bakharבָּחַר) means to choose, select. The elect or chosen (as nouns or adjectives) are those people or things that have been elected, selected, or chosen for a particular purpose by someone. Scripture bears witness that elect and its derivatives have nothing to do with someone being chosen specifically to eternal life.

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Why God Did Not Elect Calvinists (DVD)

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  1. I think they have it all backwards (or sideways, depending on your point of view). Words mean what they mean, not what they would mean if prefixes and/or suffixes were added. Contrary to what I call the “torchured Logic” preachers who regularly redifine words to other altered forms in order to fit the meaning they are preaching, I like to define the words with the intended simplicity that they were given by my Father.
    Example: Elect is not the same as “elected”, which is the way it is being used here. Go look it up andyou will see. Paul weighs in heavily on this by explaining it as articulately as any preacher I have heard. Read Romans ans see if your understanding of the “elect” does not differ greatly from what these men suppose it to mean (elected).
    First however, look up and read all of the definitions of “elect”. Remember, it is being used as a noun to describe the action of those it references. It is also in the present tense in the same way God describes himself presently in perpetuity as “I am that I am.”
    “Elected” is past-tense and the action is performed by another or others.
    My reading is simple, if you want to be an “elect” then “elect” to be one and “be” one.
    Love never confuses meaning.


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