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World Trade Center Building 7 Explained Simply (Video)

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  1. I am not an engineer or a demolitions expert. I have watched the video a couple times and it does not convince me that it was a controlled explosion.
    First of all there is sound in the clips. No explosions are heard as in the controlled demolition of the other buildings.
    Second, in all controlled demolitions you can see dust and smoke coming from the building sides and windows when the charges are set off. In this video none of those tell-tale signs are visible.
    Third, it collapsed just as the twin towers: fire caused by the avgas melted the support beams and it gave way. Building 7 apparently suffered extensive support failure in a similar manner although it was not caused by the burning avgas (as far as I know).
    I know that many see some sort of conspiracy in the twin towers attack and their controlled demolition-like collapse. I think that is total baloney for tons of reasons. Here is one or two that I have not seen seriously considered or reputed by the conspiracy enthusiasts.
    First, I have 27 years experience in the military and CIA in planing and executing military and covert operations. To use controlled demolitions on one or three of the buildings would take an enormous effort by a large group of people over a long period. Let’s just say that you can’t keep that sort of operation secret considering all the logistics required to bring it off. Sooner or later someone will talk in a credible way that will lead to doscovery. That hasn’t happened and it won’t. Those who believe the secret can be maintained, just don’t understand the nature of planning and execution and human nature.
    Yes, I am a very conservative Christian and I have been deeply involved in the study of prophecy and am a raving fan of Doug Hamp—just in case you were wondering.

  2. Paul, I agree with your comments on the world trade center and the world and say amen. The problem is we older Americans were brought up thinking we could make a difference an some of us were even taught critical thought processes.
    Today we are more like that Egypt video only it is the left who has the voice. Behind the scenes in Egypt the christians must be pretty worried, because we humans still have to live here until Jesus takes us home.
    We really do have to realize we are just passing through and ignore as much of the rhetoric as possible because when the left is in power things seem to change for the worse and when the right is in power things really do not get any better, if any thing the progression of evil may slow down a bit. But it still progresses
    I do not get to this sight to much, but when I do it is always enlightening.
    Thanks Paul, for your clear thinking, heartfelt insight.

    • Thanks, Sawyer, for your encouragement!

      I’ve spent a great afternoon here in a village in East Germany (which as I mentioned in the post below is apparently the most atheistic place on the planet), speaking to a young German brother. He has been thinking pretty much the same way as you, Doug & I have — despite his being born in the Socialist DDR, and growing up out here. He can see serious trouble looming (owing to the banks, EU, etc.), and so he stays close to The Lord, does what he can for the church, and prepares for the worst. …And all this out here in the sticks, in the stony heart of spiritually-dead Europe! I was amazed! The Lord has His remnant in the most unlikely places!

      God bless,


  3. Douglas, thanks for putting this video up. We need to be continually reminded and question the events of 9/11. Ihave felt that if one of that day’s events are subject than they all are. As Christians we need to always be seeking truth and if a viewer has never considered the possibility that something other than the government “line” may have happened that day then this video is a good place for them to start. Move from here to “Loose Change” and “Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth” for more info.
    And again thanks for your work.

  4. Armageddon Thru To You

    I agree with Bob. I can’t believe Lynne actually sees something sinister in the use of a British narrator (unbelievable!) and I’m not British. Paul’s comment below was great (we’re sojourners passing through and we’re to hate this world regardless of who did it). Thank you Doug. REALLY enjoy your radio shows and web site.

  5. Same sort of thing as the other videos: and yes, the WTC7 collapse looks (to my untrained eye) the same as a controlled demolition. …Just as an orange looks like an orange. …But again, the video doesn’t provide an alternative, and hence really only demonstrates its own agenda.

    What is needed is a handful of high-rise collapses which were NOT controlled demolitions.

    …So rather than wait for another video, I’ve spent a very frustrating afternoon trying to find some online. Here they are…

    Number one — building weakened by earthquake.

    Number two — building leans and collapses.

    Number three — building leans and collapses.

    Number four — badly controlled demolition.

    As I understand, no-one was killed or hurt in any of the above collapses, just as no-one was killed when WTC7 came down. (Just in case anyone is nervous about watching them.)

    It may be argued that number one has damage to its foundations (the ground on which it was standing has probably shifted), which presumably wasn’t the case at WTC7, so perhaps number one is not a good comparison. Numbers two and three may also fall into this category (since it’s unclear what caused them to tilt), or alternatively they may simply have undergone some structural failure on the bottom floors (which would make them very good comparisons). Number four has serious damage to its lower floors: WTC7 had serious damage to its south corner, although surely nothing as bad as the building in the video. All these buildings collapse well outside their own footprint (number four even does a somersault). IF these are representative of an uncontrolled building collapse (a very big ‘if’), then it would suggest that WTC7 was highly unrepresentative of such a collapse, and therefore was likely brought down in a controlled manner. …Which would mean that yes, the Truthers would indeed be right about WTC7.

    Rather than just cruise the Truther sites for another cool “Why 911 Was An Inside Job” video, I went to the Anti-Truther/Debunker sites. What did I find? Well, I found this guy. I picked him because he was much praised by other debunkers. And I got two minutes into it and switched it off, since his “scientific” analysis of the free-fall claim was so laughably rigged — beginning his timing from the partial collapse in the south-west corner, rather than from the time the top of the building first began to sink. So I ignored the cretin and I did my own test. (Why does one have to do everything for oneself? It’s so tedious — especially when it’s something one’s pretty bored with already.)

    Googling up the Wikipedia entry for the original WTC7, I found its height was 190m. From the video (assuming the tape was running at normal speed, and neither fast nor slow), I counted a collapse time of about 7 seconds (although this is of course necessarily rough).

    So, then we just plug it into S = ut + ½at². Putting u = 0 and transposing for a gives a = 2S/t² = 2 × 190 / 7² = 380 / 49 or about 7.5 m/s².

    This is less than g (9.81 m/s²), of course, but then there would surely be resistance from the floors beneath, reducing its value somewhat. So the free-fall claim does appear reasonable. But again, where does this get us? Honestly I don’t know. …Because y’know what? I’m not a building demolition expert! And those who are are divided into Truthers and Debunkers.

    It seems to me that both the Truthers and the Debunkers will believe what they want to believe, regardless of what evidence is produced. And so I remain on the fence. It’s not worth my time or effort to follow these rabbit-trails. It’s just one endless cycle of claim and counter-claim, and really it has nothing at all to do with the furtherance of God’s Kingdom on earth. And as I explained before, it’s not even a proper discernment issue.

    Perhaps the building collapsed pretty much as the NIST report says. …Or perhaps it was blown up by the shadow government. I’ve reached the point where I don’t actually care. Just ask yourself: what difference does it make if the Illuminati/NWO/whatever run the world? To me, it’d make not one whit of difference: I hate my country, I hate my government, and I hate the world — exactly as I’m told to in Scripture. My country is not my god (though it is clearly an idol for some), but I’m a stranger here passing through, a mere sojourner, and I look for another country, a Kingdom ruled by God Himself. My country’s government belongs completely to Satan, as do all the kingdoms of the world. And as for the world itself, Jesus commanded us to hate it. Yes, indeed, if we don’t hate the world, we can’t call ourselves Christians.

    So, whether gravity or Illuminati, I don’t care. I’d far sooner talk about what Scripture actually says than about might have happened at the World Trade Center. The big picture, which is overlooked by those who spend their time worrying about the Illuminati/NWO/Freemasons, Islam or gay pride marches, is that our countries are under God’s Judgement because Western Christendom is a whore. Granted, neither Britain nor America was ever a pristine Christian Shangri-La, but they have nevertheless throughout their history at least acknowledged the moral authority of God’s Word (even if this has often only been lip-service). These days, however, God’s Word is in the trash and people are proudly working things out for themselves, as they’re so much cleverer and far more compassionate than God (or so they foolishly believe). What does God do? Romans 1 tells us. And if God didn’t spare Israel, who were His own chosen nation, do we think He’ll spare America or Britain, who have no such claim? Think of the prayers of intercession made in God’s Word by the likes of David and the prophets: they appeal to God to show mercy to Israel/Judah based not on the latter’s merits, but on the fact that God set His Holy name on them. Gentile nations are not in the position to pray such a prayer. God’s name ain’t on ’em! …And moreover, we’ve had an even fuller revelation of God’s Truth than even Israel had: both Testaments’ worth. …And for centuries. So does it really matter if it’s the Bilderbergers, Skull ‘n Bones, the Bohemian Grovers, the Illuminati, Islam, Socialism or the Smurfs who are God’s instrument of Judgement? I say no.

    And hey, before I sign off, today I discovered in my Googling that there is one thing which will unite 911 Debunkers and 911 Truthers alike. Can you see what it is?

    …And that IS a discernment issue: indeed, The Bible doesn’t stop talking about it. Battling away in the Truther/Debunker camp is a worldly waste of one’s time, and Satan is surely delighted for us to do that. So can we forget 911 speculations and stick to Scripture? …Pleeease?

    • My purpose in sharing is to help wake people up – the end times have begun. The events happening now (including 9/11) are paving the way for the New World Order / Antichrist. If we are going to be students of prophecy then we have to look at the evidence. Of course our foundation must be firmly grounded on the Word of God yet he tells us to beware of our adversary. When we understand what Satan has been up to, even here in America, then we can see future deceptions for what they really are and pray according. Think about the Reichstag during the rise of the Nazis – it was a false flag which Hitler used to bring about his plans and had we been alive back then we certainly would have wanted to pray against his machinations.

      • “If we are going to be students of prophecy then we have to look at the evidence.”

        I agree. But the WTC-stuff is such an awful mixed bag that it will only waste our time. …And it’s not as if armies of heathen haven’t already jumped on that bandwagon. …And they love it! It’s fun! D’you think folk like Alex Jones are genuinely scared for their lives? Or any of the Truther brigade? They seize upon any Truther’s death which looks even slightly suspicious as evidence of an assassination, but they don’t really believe it: no, you’ll find that people who genuinely think that their government is out to kill them tend to leave the country at the first opportunity, and go and do their thing elsewhere. (As countless Soviet dissidents did.) The whole “Truth Movement” has become little more than entertainment for a decadent nation. Please, let’s not join in…

        As to understanding what Satan has been up to over here (yes, even in America), that’s exactly my point. The church doesn’t get it. The church is too busy worrying about the economy or the bankers or the Muslims or Obama/Bush/whoever or some nefarious force hiding behind the scenes, when in truth the real problem is right out there in the open — the problem is with the people of the West and their hellish culture. The nation’s men and women are godless, selfish consumerists, raising drug-addled sons and promiscuous daughters on our filthy so-called “entertainment”. Socialism has fostered a sense of aggrieved entitlement and has made covetousness and theft acceptable (as is its goal of course): lawless New Orleans during Katrina is just a taste of where America is headed. The West loves to “celebrate diversity”, bending over backwards to show how kindly it is disposed to false religions, whilst showing its enlightenment by trashing Christianity. Homosexual men shove their perversions down people’s throats, with the explicit approval of our judges and intellectuals. Our vile women boast of their whoredoms, and then murder the inconvenient children they so carelessly conceive — then declare it their sacred right to do so! …And at the same time that we’re murdering babies, we’re babying murderers (in my own worthless country, Britain, murder is now utterly trivial in terms of the punishment a murderer can expect to receive — and the murder rate is, strangely enough, ten times what it was during the 1950s). And to cap it all, we laud people who build careers on reviling God openly (Maher, Hitchens, Dawkins, etc. etc.), buying books which are little more than one long languorous blasphemy and sending them to the top of the best-seller list.

        In the Law which God gave Moses, these things were viewed as being the most serious of crimes and are indicative of abominably hard hearts — indeed in God’s view, they are right up there with cold-blooded murder, for they carried exactly the same penalty. …Namely a swift, violent death. So did God change? Is He cool with all that stuff now? Did Jesus come to tell us to forget all that dusty ‘ole Law-stuff and do what we want? Or is it the case that we can no longer bear His standards, and think it’s better to go along with the world, and join them in shaking our fists at the power elite? No-one will persecute us for attacking the Illuminati (they’ll just think we’re tin-foil types, laugh and move on). …But tell people instead that say, divorce and remarriage is adultery, and you’ll get persecution even from professing Christians. As I said before, if there is a shadow government, then so what? That’s only important if you believe the illusion that your visible government is on your side, anyway! I don’t. Satan rules this world and has all its governments and kingdoms safely in his back pocket. Please, let’s stop guessing what might possibly be, and face facts about what we can actually see. It’s not wrong to believe that there is a shadow government (I myself am inclined to believe similarly), but to spend large amounts of one’s time trying to second-guess what it’s up to is not a good way to spend our time here, and indeed is something that the world is busy doing anyway.

        Finally, as for the analogy with the Reichstag fire, the problem was not that people didn’t delve deeply enough into the murky background of the fire itself — the problem was that they did not react to what was open, brazen and as plain as the nose on their faces. …The Reichstag fire took place in early 1933: by that time, the NSDAP had been going for over a decade already, with the SA’s boot-boys showing the world exactly what National Socialism was about. Your example merely proves my point. Let’s not waste time prodding about in the shadows and speculating: instead, let’s go back to the Torah and see what God hates most, and compare it with what we’re doing. Contrast God’s Way with the way of our own vile nations, and see whether we’ve really got our priorities right.

        And lastly, lest anyone misinterpret what I’m saying — yes I know the Western nations are not Israel under Moses. Of course I’m not saying we should get out there and get stoning. …But God’s moral standards are inviolable and unchanging. The comfortable, worldly Western church doesn’t like to think too much about that, much less preach on it. Let’s not go along with them: let’s stick with God.

        Thus endeth today’s plea for discernment. You’ll be glad to know that I probably won’t be posting for a while, as I’ve got to leave my lodgings for a week or two and I doubt I’ll have Internet access. Enjoy the silence…

        May God guide us all,


        • We’ll miss you. Hurry back and be safe! You’re a Kingdom brother and you’re loved.

          • Cheers, Fred! I’ve managed to get a connection (at least for a short while), and was hence able to comment on one of Doug’s newer threads (the Egypt video, which I thought was excellent). And thanks, brother, for the encouragement!

            …God has been so gracious to me today: Google “the most godless place on Earth” to find out where I am (or just read this and skip forward to the tables from page 7 onwards). Yet in the midst of this, The Lord has brought me to a solid, Bible-believing church, which despite being small has missionaries around the world and is engaged in evangelism even in this spiritual desert. I drove home on cloud nine this evening. …Just wanted to share that with my brethren out there. The Lord is good!

            God bless,


          • Paul,

            Wow, that’s some somber data. I guess the physical wall came down but the spiritual wall still needs some work. Hang in there brother. I’ll be praying for you. If times get tough jump into the Psalms and spend some time with ole David. Before you know it you’ll be dancing :).


          • Paul,

            And thanks for your testimony about God providing a refuge in the darkness. It’s definitely uplifting!


    • Hi Paul
      I agree with your overall point but I must say that I believe Doug is one of the most scripturally grounded teachers around, he’ll eventually come around on election :), and He presents a vast amount of scriptural studies via this website and other means. I don’t think there’s anything wrong at all with a few videos pointing out some of the deceptions of the enemy. A good Shepard points out the dangers to the sheep. For all we know God may use the truth of 9/11 to bring many to Christ.

      I believe you’re right though that in order to truly love Christ we must hate the world and it’s ways. And whoever was behind 9/11 doesn’t change the reality of our inheritance in Christ and our place in His Kingdom.


  6. Excellent Doug. And there was hardly any music and some of can’t help but have a British accent! Strange how people can’t look at the presentation and weigh the facts without complaining about a little music and an accent!

  7. I wish these video presentations wouldn’t try to be so dramatic (British accent, emotional music). For me it only serves to obfuscate the issue more, not less! Everybody’s got an agenda and I’m suspicious right out of the gate, especially now with a “simple” presentation like this.
    I remember the day it happened, watching a similar implosion on the “main” building after a long while. I guess that’s why I’ve never thought this other building was any different.


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