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Zohar Three In One – Evidence of the Trinity from a Jewish Writing


The Ancient Holy One is revealed (found) with three Heads, which are united in One,and that Head is threefold exalted. The Ancient Holy One is described as being Three; it is because the other Lights (i.e.,two Lights) emanating from Him are included in the Three. Yet the Ancient One is described as being two (Daniel 7:13).The Ancient One includes these two (i.e.the two are found in Him). He is the Crown of all that is exalted; the Chief of the chief, so exalted, that He cannot be known to perfection. Thus the other Lights (Shining Ones) are two complete ones, yet is the Ancient Holy One described and complete as One, and He is One, positively One; thus are the other Lights united and glorified in One; because they are One.

האי עתיקא סבא דסבין . כתרא עלאה לעילאדמתעטרין ביה כל עטרין וכתרין . מתנהרין כלבוצינין מניה ומתלהטין  ומתנהרן) והוא הואבוצינא עלאה טמירא דלא אתידע . ( וכל שארבוצינין מניה מתלהטן ומתנהרן) . האי עתיקאאשתכח בתלת רישין וכלילן בחד רישא . והוא (נ” א והוא) רישא עלאה לעילא לעילא . ובגיןדעתיקא קדישא אתרשים בתלת אוף הכי כלשאר בוצינין דנהרין מיניה כלילן בתלת . עודעתיקא אתרשים בתרין . כללא דעתיקא בתריןהוא. כתרא עלאה דכל עלאין רישא דכל רישי .וההוא דהוי לעילא מן דא דלא אתידע . כך כלשאר בוצינין סתימין בתרין . עוד עתיקא קדישאאתרשים ואסתים בחד והוא חד וכלא הוא חדכך כל שאר בוצינין מתקדשין מתקשריןומתהדרין בחד ואינון חד


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  1. Maybe you can point out the page and verse cause this is not in my Zohar

  2. ExposingTheEnemy

    Brother in Mankind,

    I’m blunt right out the gateDo yourself a favour, get rid of your witchcraft books, stick to the Word of God aka The Bible, preferably a AKJV which is most reliable to the Koine Greek since I am of greek heritage and I would know, and stick to His Word which is from Jesus, God in the flesh, Lord and Saviour and God and He will actually show you how betrayed you are.

    I obey what Jesus and His Apostles declared, not rabbinic sophistry.  The Lord Jesus Christ never mentioned a Zohar or any of the other craft you mention.  I don’t need the zohar and neither does anyone who truly wants to be reconciled unto Christ Jesus and saved through His FINAL sacrifice, ANYONE can be saved once they read God’s Word, or hear God’s Word, and believe on HIS NAME (Character).  They do NOT need to learn gematria and all sorts of fallen angel manipulations of God’s Wisdom in order to be ‘shown’ the Messiah, and the sacred geometry of the enochian witchcraft.  All they need to do is ASK JESUS CHRIST of the Bible themselves for the gift of faith and grace, and Jesus will sup with them! ! Woe to you for calling evil good and good evil!

    They do NOT need the zohar to help them know who the Messiah is, since the Holy Spirit IS the Comforter which is the actual Spirit of Jesus Christ who is God and thus, The Holy Spirit will reveal who the Messiah is unto ALL who seek Him in HIS WORD (NOT the zohar) to be saved by HIS blood since He paid it ALL, and if we abide in the the Word of God, and truly comprehend we are saved by grace through faith in Him and NOT of works lest any man should boast (Ephesians 2:8-9), then the Lord Jesus Christ lives in us, shining thru us as His instruments.  It was Jesus who was the WORD made FLESH, NOT the WORD made ZOHAR.  His Word is HIS LOVE LETTER to MANKIND, and I will not recognize the zohar as anything but what it is, FALLEN ANGEL MAGICAL WISDOM that was not meant to be shared with man, which was given to the angels by God which they have abused by opposing God and giving it to man, with one prime example being the zohar.  

    Talumd, Kabbalah, Zohar, Nag Hammadi Scrolls, Dead Sea Scrolls, Apocrapha, Syriac Peshitta, Quran, Rig Veda, Upanishads etc: There is 1 written form of God. that’s the Word of God, Textus Receptus based on the original Jerusalem non-corrupted manuscripts; the rest are fallen angel creations. You won’t change my mind on that.

    I’m not stupid anymore because of Jesus Christ.

    No matter how beautiful the wisdom of words from the minds of men seem to be praising the God of the Old Testament, that you use to elucidate from your perspective the ‘holiness’ of your zohar, so far, like a car, it’s a medium of travel to rabbinistic ideas and thoughts fully influenced and intertwined & intermingled with Babylonian mindsets which were opposed to Jesus Christ who is God in the flesh.

    You won’t find the word Torah in an english reliable non-corrupted bible like an AKJV.  Even in Hebrew Old Testament, you won’t find the first 5 books of the Old Testament being called TORAH.

    The Zohar has insight of a Talmudic nature, and thus it quickly leads one into false synchronicities with Biblical Scripture. Plainly, it’s Babylonian influenced Jewish (Edomite) Mysticism and that’s clearly witchcraft. 

    The zohar is not some holy book, please do not make me vomit.  There are those who grew up in a family of high level intergenerational witchcraft from the middle east and you have no idea what you are talking about.  Stop being a goyim.

    Read Jesus in His Word, that’s all you need.

  3. ExposingTheEnemy

    Douglas, what’s next? you are going to offer Kabala classes next to the witchcraft zohar to support a philosophy from Nimrod origins to support the trinity?

    The Trinity is a philosophy, what did Jesus say about Philo-sophia (the love of lucifer’s wisdom coined by pythagorus)? Remember Colossians 2:8?

    God is a Spirit not a ‘person’, rather God who came into the flesh, walked among us while being omnipresent simultaneously.  Hellenistic Edomites and others are the reasons why the trinity doctrine is believed to be ‘biblical’, yet the Apostles didn’t believe in it.



    Shalom ovrecha…if i had a hebrew key board i will have written you in Hebrew … thank you for you website… excellent to say the least


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