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So, Why Did Jesus Have to Die? A Chiasm of the History of Redemption

The question invariably comes up – just why did Jesus have to die?” While we can be quick to give a pat answer of “He died for our sins”, there

Why did Jesus have to die on the cross?

The focal point of history

is actually more to the story. Look at the chiasm below to get an idea of the big events of the cross – talk about killing lots of birds with one stone! When Colossians 1:20 says that all things were reconciled by his blood that is not an overstatement. The death of Jesus is literally the focal point of history and without his sacrifice creation itself would forever be lost, mankind would have no hope either physically or spiritually, Israel’s relationship could never be restored with her husband (God married and then divorced Israel [northern kingdom see Jer 3:8] and promised to betroth her to himself again, [see Hosea 2]. Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice which saved us in so many ways!

  • God in perfect harmony with his creation (Gen 2:3)
    • Adam disobeys (Gen 3)
      • Creation falls into bondage (Gen 3:17)
        • Adam dies physically/genetically (Gen 3:18)
          • Adam loses the spirit that God breathed in (Gen 2:7, 17)
            • God chooses / marries united Israel (Deut 7:6)
              • God divorces northern kingdom/chastises Judah because of adultery (Hos 2:2/Jer 3:8)          
                • Redeemer’s blood Harmonizes all things (Col 1:20)
              • Relationship restored with his bride/wife/Israel (Hos 2:19, 20)
            • United Israel restored (Ezek 37:16-20)”
          • Spirit restored to Adam (mankind) (John 20:22)
        • Adam (mankind) restored (physically/genetically) (ICor 15:44)
      • Creation liberated from bondage of corruption (Rom 8:20-23)
    • Adam in harmony with God (Rev 7:17)
  • God in perfect harmony with his creation (all things in heaven and earth) (Isa 65:17, Rev 21:1, Mat 19:28)

Chiasm of History of Redemption Click here to download this resource