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Breaking: Immortality Rising: Has Man Found Fountain of Youth?

Purging the body of ‘retired’ cells could reverse ageing, study shows. Purging retired cells from the body has been shown to undo the ravages of old age in a study that raises the prospect of new life-extending treatments. Source:

Mark of the Beast Genetic Alteration Conference Jan 2-3, Monrovia CA

I will be speaking at the Mark of the Beast Genetic Alteration Conference Jan 2-3 in Monrovia CA. You can register at I would love to see you there!

Conference Location Double Tree Hotel Monrovia

924 W Huntington Dr, Monrovia, CA 91016

Friday Jan 2 2015 7:00-9:30 PM

Saturday January 3rd, 2015 9:00 AM-9:30 PM





The Image of the Beast Rising?

The day is coming quickly when humans will be able to completely replace the human body and live forever. As predicted in Corrupting the Image, it is just a matter of time until the limitations of the human are no longer an Human immortality or image of the beast?issue and technology will overcome them. While it sounds good, it is in fact a counterfeit to the real body that God intends to give us, freely – made in his own image, no less!


Some of the smartest people in the world are gathering in New York to try to figure out how to build lifelike copies of humans … to be eventually uploaded with the contents of a real human brain.

It’s the brainchild of a Russian multimillionaire, Dmitry Itskov. … And he says he’s perfectly serious, and that it could be accomplished by 2035.

Crazy? The New York Times gave Itskov a front-page profile on its Sunday Business page a week and a half ago.

Imagine this … a digital copy of your brain in a different life form that could live for hundreds of years and be replaced.

There are several stages to his proposal, including an early stage (Avatar A) where lifelike avatars (androids) are created, but without an actual brain in them. Instead you would be able to mentally “occupy” the avatar and would have the same sensations.

If you have ever seen the movie “Surrogates” with Bruce Willis, a 2009 film, this is the first stage. In that movie, Willis remotely moves around an android that is an optimized version of himself. He is in a darkened room and has a live telepresence of that avatar, including all senses.

Dmitry says that we could have the first phase—that will enable people to operate a nonbiological body—in the next seven years. And he believes that the concept can be proved to be viable in the next three years. He is talking about an artificial body with sensations—the sensation that you would be walking in the body.

The next phase (Avatar B) is brain transplantation. Instead of your dying, neurosurgeons isolate the brain and some of the spinal chord, put it in a life support system, and that is inserted into the android developed in Avatar A. The timetable:

In the next phase (Avatar C), you make the brain non-biological by uploading it into a computer. The timetable: 2030-35.

Sounds crazy? One of the speakers, Theodore Berger, will show how he has already replaced the hippocampus of a rat with a computer chip. Read more here

The Prophecy Summit 2012 DVD Now Available

The Prophecy Summit at Branson 2012 DVDs are out!

This three DVD set was filmed at the Prophecy Summit 2012 in Branson, MO. The set includes my three Power-Point enhanced

Doug Hamp Live at Prophecy Summit 2012


which I presented at the conference:

  1. Genetics of the Incarnation: Our New Heavenly Bodies
  2. Rise of the Nephilim
  3. Genetics of the Mark of the Beast

You can get the DVD set alone for 29.99

OR get the DVD-set and Corrupting the Image together for an additional $5. I have a very limited supply and the offer is removed when the last set is gone.Douglas Hamp Ministries DVD Covers

Programming of Life Video: An Exploration of Microbiology, Information Science, and the Origin of Life

This is a well done video showing the complexities involved with the creation of life. I highly recommend this video especially for people who are confused by the claims of evolution. The video demonstrates very nicely that the probability of just one single celled organism coming about by chance is 1×10 to the power of 360,000,000! That is impossible! What I find strange is how people can easily see how computers were created by an intelligence and yet when it comes to a more sophisticated operating system (DNA) they believe that it could come about by chance.

Is Original Sin a Corrupting of Genetic Information?

Question:  OK, I read Corrupting The Image and listened to this segment.  I still don’t get it.  If Jesus was a product of the Holy Spirit providing DNA + Mary providing her DNA, that would make Jesus a hybrid, that is, half God and half human.  HUH?  Satan mixes his seed with a human creating a hybrid: demonic and human = Nephilim.  That I understand.   How does the perfect Jesus virgin birth reconcile with Luke 1.35?  “The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee (that’s 2 persons of the trinity there), therefore also that holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God.”  You said it yourself – errors in genetic code from the Fall are passed to ALL decendents (blessed as she was, that would still include Mary); therefore, if Jesus was perfect and without sin, Mary could not have donated half His genetic code.  Unless you’re trying to tell me that Mary/females have perfect DNA.   Jesus was not a God/man hybrid.  So – where am I missing it?  I will look for your response.  Thanks. – Sally

Hi Sally, That is a very fair question indeed. We know from Scripture that genetically speaking that Jesus was of his mother Mary and

Genetics of the Antichrist

Genetics of the Antichrist

hence genetically connected to (from the seed of) Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Judah, David and ultimately Adam and Eve. However, Jesus was and is still 100% God because He is pre-existent and his “spirit” / “info” came into flesh. I discuss that in my chapter on the genetics of the incarnation. I don’t pretend to fully understand that, but we can at least get a good idea of what happened. Part of the key to understanding the seed issue is that DNA is a storage system for information. What we cannot see when looking at a strand of DNA is the information that it contains. We can decode it just like we can with computers, but information itself is a non-material entity, according to Dr Werner Gitt (again, see my chapter on the genetics of the incarnation). Once we understand the information is non-material, then we begin to see the connection between the spiritual world and our physical world.

In that chapter on the genetics of the incarnation, I also talk about the Y chromosome that was passed from Adam to all of his male descendants. I and every guy on the planet has a copy (virtually identical) to Adam’s. What did Jesus not have? Adam’s Y chromosome! Because sin came through man (not woman) then we need to look for what was passed through men and not women – the Y chromosome. Women do not get off scot-free, however, because Eve was taken out of Adam. That is to say that her genetics came out of his. When he became corrupt so did she. She dies just like Adam. So, concerning Jesus: we know that he was subject to fatigue, hunger, death and yet also was able to walk on water and transfigure. It appears that his pre-resurrection body was the template of the new body but still subject to dangers (like the cross) and his post-resurrection body was no longer subject to such things. Therefore, I would conclude that by sharing the autosomes of Adam and Eve he was subject to our weaknesses but he did not inherit the Y chromosome which was so deleterious that a new 2nd-Adam-Y-chromosome is needed.
Here is an excerpt from that chapter:

This means that whatever information was encoded in Adam’s Y chromosome was passed on unchanged (virtually) to all of his descendants including all of us men alive today! However, if the information in the Y chromosome were faulty, then it would mean that all of his descendants (including us) would also have a faulty code. Discovering the exact make-up of the Y chromosome when Adam was first created is impossible for us to do, however, its current state may tell us something about the fall. The Y chromosome may in fact be a record of an event in the life of our original father. Bradman and Thomas suggest that the Y chromosome contains “a record of an event” [xvi] in the life the man who passed on the current Y chromosome. However, because Bradman and Thomas are committed to the evolutionary paradigm they believe the event “had no effect on the life of the man in whom the change occurred nor, indeed, on the life of his descendants,” (emphasis mine). [xvii] Is it possible that the recorded event is not something that had “little or no effect,” but is in some way the record of the genetic fall of our first father? Thus Adam not only died spiritually by virtue of losing the Holy Spirit, but his genetic information (as recorded specifically in the Y chromosome) was corrupted. God stated that in the day that Adam ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil he would die (Genesis 2:17).

Death, it appears, entered into Adam’s Y chromosome (in some way unique and different than the X) that very moment causing him to go from being genetically perfect to having serious errors in his code that would eventually cause a “crash”. Occasionally people who use computers will experience a scenario where the operating system experiences a “fatal crash”. The crash occurs because there is some conflict in the code of the program. Though the program may be able to sustain data loss for a short period, if uncorrected, the program will eventually crash. In Adam’s case, that crash took 930 years, but he did eventually experience a complete shutdown.

If that is correct, then the Y chromosome (and all of his chromosomes) must have been complete and whole before Adam fell into sin. We know that he was free from all imperfections because God created him and declared him to be good and because death entered into the world via Adam’s sin. Yet, the Y chromosome seems to contain something so deleterious that our savior could not have shared it. After all, every copy of the Y chromosome (that is, every male descendant of Adam) would necessarily have the same genetic flaw that would also lead to the ultimate crash. In order to save mankind on a genetic level, a new Y chromosome would need to be provided. Furthermore, through the disobedience of Adam all of creation was made subject to corruption as Paul states in Romans 8.

For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of God. For the creation was subjected to futility, not willingly, but because of Him who subjected it in hope; because the creation itself also will bedelivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God. For we know that the whole creation groans and labors with birth pangs together until now. Not only that, but we also who have the firstfruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, eagerly waiting for the adoption, the redemption of our body, (Romans 8:19-23).

Corrupting the Image

Angels, Aliens, and the Antichrist Revealed

A Book by Douglas Hamp

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Corrupting the Image Book
and DVD Combo w/ Free e-book

“Her Seed Brought Forth the Savior; Satan’s Seed Will Bring the Destroyer”

According to the prophecy of Genesis 3:15, the serpent will one day mix his seed as a counterfeit of the Incarnation. Jesus told us that the last days will be like the days of Noah during which, according to Genesis, fallen angels mixed their seed with humanity. According to the Book of Daniel, we know that “they” will attempt to mingle with the seed of Men. The day of fulfillment for those prophecies is now!

Something ominous is coming upon the world: it is Satan’s final effort in the battle to destroy the image that man was created in, which has been raging since the beginning of time. If Satan can destroy the image, then he can avert his own destruction. more (part one)

Corrupting the Image: Angels, Aliens, and the Antichrist Revealed All work is copyright of the author. Permission granted to repost with a link back to

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What people are saying about the book…

A fresh look at prophecy! Douglas Hamp demonstrates that end times Bible prophecy is first given in the Garden of Eden where God declares to the serpent the coming of the Messiah from the seed of the woman and the coming of the Antichrist from Satan’s seed. He then traces Satan’s attempts to bring about his seed throughout human history and in these last days. The facts will shock you!

Pastor Chuck Smith, Senior Pastor Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, CA

A thrilling read! Douglas brings together, perhaps for the first time ever, a comprehensive explanation of how the Antichrist will be a genetic counterfeit of the virgin birth.  This book is at the cutting edge of research and is written so that the average person can grasp the sinister plan that is unfolding before our very eyes.

– Dr. Kenton Beshore, President of World Bible Society

I finished “Corrupting the Image” and was spell bound, as it talks about & uses the Bible as proof for the thoughts that are developed. I learned so very much, like the Nephilim and who they were in Genesis 6, that I tell everyone about it!!!!
Steve Mathein, Pastor Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa

Absolutely astonishing! Corrupting the Image provides a biblical, scientific and enlightening way of looking at the “big picture” of the end times that is so logical it will blow your mind.

– Dr Scott A. Collie D.C., CSN BodyPro Wellness

Startling! This book takes what the Bible says and magnifies it so you can see clearly how genetics is vital to opening the door for the return of the Nephilim.  No matter where you stand on biblical eschatology this book will affect you.  Read it.

– Dr. J. David Lehman, B.M.E., P.E., M.Div., D. Phil., Ph.D., Bible Researcher and Lecturer

A thrilling read for the detective-at-heart! Corrupting the Image challenges the curious-minded to think beyond traditional opinion, as it delves deep into the core of original biblical text, with the fundamental purpose of proving – as it soundly does – that what we may know of Satanic influence pales in comparison to its true intent.

– William C. Harvey, M.S., Author Barrons Educational Series, Inc.

The book will help you understand Satan’s goal to alter the DNA of Mankind so that a false government leader plus a false religious leader can be produced to join Satan as an unholy Trinity. The Bible is the word of God and Doug’s book is based on the Bible. We need to understand these major truths that are already beginning to impact life on earth.

– Don Secrist, Founder

Douglas Hamp’s latest lesson, applying his well honed skills with biblical Hebrew and Greek as well as Aramaic, addresses mysteries and controversies that span the times from antediluvian Genesis, to post-flood, the present day and on toward eschatological expectations of end times.  While there is growing interest and discussion by others of possible connections between the giants or Nephalim hybrids from man and fallen angels to the Great Flood, God’s command for total slaughter of certain cities in Canaan, and modern day UFO’s, alien abductions, and the Antichrist, Douglas’ analyses present new support for such theories. This entire study elucidates a thread of continuity that bears consideration as it chronicles Satan’s continuing and unrelenting attack on God’s image, which includes us, as we have been created in His image, and ultimately portends to the ancestry and modus operandi of the Antichrist, which some will someday be able to witness and verify.

– Dr. Stan Sholar, Retired Aerospace Scientist



I listened to you on Mathew Miller’s show the other day on my smartphone while working out at the gym on a treadmill. Suffice it to say, you gave what I consider the most lucid, transparent and fluid account of Genesis 6:4 and forward, that I have EVER heard.

I have listened to hundreds of hours of audio/video that discuss this phenomenon, putting bits and pieces together in order to form an overall pictorial canvas. Please “doubletime” it and get “Corrupting the Image” out and in print. It may be the most relevant, modern and up to date work, PERIOD! It’s importance to believers cannot be understated!!!

Dave Nolen