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UFOs Sightings Making the News!

Happy New Year. There is much to look forward to – the best of all is that our great King is still and forever will be enthroned on his mighty throne. None of the schemes of Satan change God’s outlook one bit. Nevertheless, the UFO appearances are on the rise and that gives us reason to pause and consider that Satan’s plans may be hastening in preparation for the beginning of the tribulation. If that is the case, then rejoice that the time of Lord’s return is also near!


Could Crop Circles Prepare the World for the Cosmic Christ Deception?

Could the formation of crop circles around the world be much more than some clever hoaxsters trying to have some fun? While it is true that some crop circles have been made by people we would not be justified in concluding that all or even most have been done in a similar fashion. There are crop circles being discovered recently that are highly sophisticated and complex designs – they are by no means amateur. Notice in the videos the detail of the circles and also that the commentators don’t deny Jesus but relegate Him to be a cosmic Christ of sorts. In other words, whoever is making the crop circles wants us to believe in a Christ who will come and save us. If we read the Bible we know that one is coming who will be in the place of the true messiah – Antichrist!

Why are there so many crosses? I suggest it is to confuse the world as to the true meaning of the cross. The demonic deception aims at reinterpreting the meaning of the cross thereby making it into a universal symbol of peace.


Crop Circles End Times Deception

End Times Demonic Deception

End Times Deception