The Certain Coming of Yeshua (Excerpt from The Millennium Chronicles)

“He is right,” one of the Knesset members agreed. “His coming is certain. He will make the weak among us like David and the mighty among us will be like the Angel of Adonai.[i] This is now the time when we will see Yeshua as a man of war who will destroy our enemies. We have not believed our King in the past. Today we will trust. We must, for there is no other way if we desire to live. The King has struck our enemies in the past and he fought against the Nephilim of old whose height was like the cedars and whose strength was like the oaks.[ii] He will fight for us today just like he fought for us in Egypt. He will make a way where there seems to be no way. Not one of us will die if we go now. We must hurry to the valley so that we may see the victory.”

“Then it is agreed, we will all meet in the valley and there await Yeshua who will rescue us,” Caleb said, opening the door expectant of what Yeshua would do but still slightly apprehensive as he thought of the horrors that awaited them in the darkness.

[i] Zech 12:8

[ii] Amos 2:9