Could Implantable Drug-Releasing Microchips Be Used in Conjunction with the Mark of the Beast?

CNN recently published an article discussing how in about four years time microchips will be implanted in people which will time-

Moving towards the mark of the beast?

release various medications. This is very much in concert with what I described in my book Corrupting the Image in which the mark of the Beast will be something -whether virus, chip, or the like, which is inserted in the body and releases a gene containing a chimeric/hybrid strain of Satan and the Antichrist (who is posing as the leader of some Galactic Federation). We see this spelled out in Daniel 2:43 where we read that they (demons) will mingle/hybridize themselves with the seed of men (genetic material). The article is also very much in tune with Transhumanism and its goals. Keep in mind that many technologies have a “good” side to them but the enemy has evil plans for such things. You can read the article below.

 — It sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie: A patient visits a doctor’s office and, after a brief surgical procedure, walks away with a microchip under her skin that delivers medication in precisely timed and measured doses. That scenario doesn’t seem so futuristic anymore. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) announced today that they have successfully completed the first trial of a drug-releasing microchip in humans. The results were published on the website of the journal Science Translational Medicine. The pacemaker-sized microchip devices, which were implanted near the waistline of seven 60-something women in Denmark, worked as intended, releasing up to 19 daily doses of an osteoporosis drug that ordinarily requires injections. The implants proved safe, and tests revealed that they delivered the medication as effectively as once-a-day shots. click here to read more