Hive Mind and the Image of the Beast  

Chapter 12 of Corrupting the Image 3 : Hive Mind and the Image of the Beast  

The mark of the Beast “become-a-god upgrade” is only part of the solution Satan will employ to prepare the world for the great battle against Jesus. Having individual powers is great, but only a one-minded togetherness will defeat the Two Witnesses’ overlord and his armies coming to shake the Earth. Due to the “great fear” (Rev 11:11) that fell on the world when the Two Witnesses resurrected, it will be clear to all that the world must unite like never before. To combat this most serious existential threat to humanity’s very survival, radical steps must be taken.  

Scripture describes with amazing specificity this collective surrendering of mankind to the goals set by the Beast and how they act as one: “These are of one mind, and they will give their power and authority to the beast” (Rev 17:13). 

Human Computer Interaction Alien AI 

Dr. Louis Rosenberg, a Stanford graduate who has been awarded more than 350 patents for his technological efforts in AR VR collaborative systems, artificial intelligence, and human computer interaction, describes the coming non-human life: 

“An alien intelligence is heading towards us at breakneck speeds. It will not show up in a rocket ship but will be born right here on Earth, in a research lab. The first sentient AI will be as different from us as any alien we can imagine and we have no reason believe its interests will be even remotely aligned with our own. This intelligence will be flexible and cunning, able to infiltrate our computer networks and permeate our critical infrastructure. It will quickly become smarter than we are and when that happens, humans will struggle to understand how it thinks, feels or acts. But it will understand us completely. After all, we will have told it everything we know and it will have spent decades studying human actions and reactions. And if that sounds incredibly dangerous, that is because it is.”166 

Keep in mind we are reviewing the research of people who are not necessarily reading the Book of Revelation, but who are nevertheless telling us things that sound eerily familiar and reminiscent of what we read in Bible prophecy. Dr Rosenberg continues: 

“It is equally likely that it will pursue its own interests. How can we protect ourselves from being intellectually outmatched by our own creation? A good place to look is Mother Nature, where many species have evolved ingenious methods of jointly amplifying their intellects to levels well beyond the capacity of any single individual. Evolution has enabled these species to ‘think as one,’ combining the knowledge, wisdom, intuition and instincts of large groups into closed loop systems that are smarter together than any of the individuals could ever be alone. Biologists call this process ‘swarm intelligence.’” 167 

Dr. Rosenberg suggests that the existential reason to become part of the hive mind is to protect ourselves from AI. In 2002, the National Science Foundation within the US Department of Commerce started talking about the mind meld and a collective consciousness coming for humanity. They suggest: 

“With knowledge no longer encapsulated by individuals, the distinction between individuals and the entirety of humanity would blur. Think Vulcan mind meld. Remember Mr. Spock, from Star Trek and he would put his hand on you, transfer his mind or something like that. We would perhaps become more of a hive mind, an enormous, single, intelligent entity.”168 

We concluded the Image of the Beast would be a single entity, which will have its own desires and goals. Also in 2002, the Fathers For Life website spoke of a hive mind being brought to life!  

“Not only will the hive mind have been brought to life by the end of this century, but it will also offer the lure of immortality, enhanced body functions and vastly improved brain power for all those who join it, giving them virtually instantaneous communication with one another and making them potentially unimaginably powerful. That’s what makes us human and what comprises mankind, e. g.: individual personalities will then no longer exist.”169 

By contrast, Disruption Hub has their own version of how becoming a swarm will help humanity mitigate the effects of AI: 

“These systems are a combination of AI algorithms and real human participants, they will always be inherently aligned with human morals, interests, values and sensibilities. The resulting super-intelligence will not be an alien entity with conflicting values and interests but instead will be the natural evolution of the human intellect.”170 

While that sounds good on the surface, what if the morals, interests, values, and sensibilities programmed into this AI are distinctively in conflict against God’s principles and commandments, and against those “who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ” (Rev 12:17)? What if those new values would “cause as many as would not worship the image of the beast to be killed” (Rev 13:15)?  

Such a scenario is what end-times Bible prophecy has predicted for the last two millennia.  

Image of the Beast 

“And he deceives those who dwell on the earth by those signs which he was granted to do in the sight of the beast, telling those who dwell on the earth to make an image to the beast who was wounded by the sword and lived” (Rev 13:14).  

The image [εἰκών eikon / icon] is “an object shaped to resemble the form or appearance of something, likeness, portrait … of the emperor’s head on a coin.” 171 This language is reminiscent of when God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness” (Gen 1:26). In other words, the False Prophet may get the world to make a replica of the Beast or maybe a sophisticated cyborg that looks just like the Beast. However, there may be another way to interpret the text.  

The text says, “He was granted ‘power to give’ [εδοθη αυτω δουναι] breath [πνευμα] to the image of the beast” (Rev 13:15). The Greek word πνευμα “pneuma” can be understood as “air: the movement, blowing, breathing, that which animates or gives life to the body, breathe life, spirit. It is a part of human personality; your spirit, not necessarily your wind.”172 Then, is it just breath in the lungs? BDAG Lexicon also explains breath as, “An independent noncorporal being, in contrast to a being that can be perceived by the physical senses, that is a spirit.” The last definition is, “an independent, transcendent personality.” The Spanish Reina Valera may bring out the sense better “le fué dado que diese espíritu á la imagen de la bestia” (Rev 13:15) … that is, “to him was given that he might give spirit to the image of the beast.” 

In other words, the false prophet gives a transcendent personality to the image—a non-corporeal being that is a spirit. This latter definition seems to fit with the rest of the verse:  

“that the image of the beast should both speak and cause as many as would not worship the image of the beast to be killed” (Rev 13:15). 

The image of the Beast is not merely an animatronic or dumb robot. It is not just a sophisticated AI. Either it breathes with breath in its lungs, or the other option is that it has “an independent, transcendent personality.” It is not just a parlor trick; it will have “the ability to speak” (Rev13:15). If it can speak, that means it has thoughts. He is like an engineered TWIN of the Beast. It seems to be that the Beast and the False Prophet are trying to replicate, copy, counterfeit the process of God’s creation of man in some form or fashion. Many secular thinkers have already concluded that such a “twin” will be transcendent, immune to human weaknesses and look indestructible; and, is coming in the near future. 

Hybridized Thoughts  

Ray Kurzweil suggests in the future, “our thinking then will be a hybrid of biological and non-biological thinking.” 173 The implications of what he is saying are huge. Having a non-biological body part is one thing. But to have our thoughts, the most intimate part of what makes us, us —to have our thoughts hybridized potentially by the late 2030s is an incredible consideration indeed. Kurzweil’s predictions are not just pie in the sky ideas, but are quickly becoming a startling reality. 

Elon Musk has a company called Neuralink, which is developing a “neural lace” technology to augment the cognitive abilities of the human brain—to upload and download thoughts.174 Basically, they drill through the skull and put a tiny mesh apparatus on the brain, which a person can then use to upload and download thoughts to a computer or to a destination of choice. Musk claims the company already has a monkey with “a wireless implant in [his] skull with tiny wires, who can play video games with his mind.” It is not hard to see how such technology could have the ability to help millions of people live more active lives. It may help quadriplegics and untold others who suffer from neurological damage or other motor-skill deficiencies. Such advances are laudable—but history reminds us of how humans can use good technology for evil, and the Bible warns us of what is coming.  

Musk explained that the goal with the brain-linking technology is addressing brain and spinal injuries and making up people’s lost capacity with an implanted chip. “There are primitive versions of this device with wires sticking out of your head, but it’s like a Fitbit in your skull with tiny wires that go into your brain.”175  

No one can question such good uses of the nascent technology. Nevertheless, like all technology, it remains to be seen if it will be used for good or to enslave people. Could the therapeutic effects of these procedures be used as a cover for the real purpose that is intended, namely, to engineer a way of remote manipulation of the human mind into a hive-mind entity? 

 Based on what we read in the book of Revelation, it would not be surprising if we were witnessing the building blocks of the Image of the Beast.  

“Cognitive scientists have said that the mind is the software of the brain. Increasingly, physical software has the capacity to meld with, and augment, the human mind. If AI-enabled [Brain Computer Interface] BCI achievements already seem unbelievable, it stands to reason that BCI breakthroughs in the not-too-distant future could be truly momentous. Will the technology be harnessed for positive use cases to cure diseases or for mind control?”176 

A form of brain hacking already exists; it occurs when Satan gains access to a mind and starts inserting his ideas. However, we are able to stop him and bring all thoughts captive (2 Cor 10:5). On the other hand, if there is a mesh on our brains, how could we stop the hacker? Losing freewill and the ability, and the right, to make our own decisions might not be far behind.  

It is with incredible irony that Elon Musk has stated that one of the reasons for creating Neuralink was to keep pace with artificial intelligence, which he believes is our biggest existential threat: 

“I think we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. If I had to guess at what our biggest existential threat is, it is probably that. We need to be very careful,” said Musk. “I’m increasingly inclined to think that there should be some regulatory oversight, maybe at the national and international level, just to make sure that we don’t do something very foolish.” 

“With artificial intelligence we are summoning the demon. In all those stories where there is the guy with the pentagram and the holy water, it is like—yeah, he is sure he can control the demon. Doesn’t work out.”177 

This kind of technology may represent fundamental steppingstones to the image of the Beast, to the number, and the mark of the Beast. The neural lace in and of itself is not evil, but it could be used for evil. If you had a very pleasing image of a person in your head telling you what to do, would you say no? Could you say no? Elon Musk probably has good intentions, but we can easily see how such technology could be used for incredible evil. After all, if someone hacks our computer, it is only a machine that we can disable. But if someone hacks our minds, then what? 

Researchers from Queen Mary University in London are working on using a neural network to read our thoughts and thereby determine a person’s emotional state.  

In this research, participants in the study watched a video while radio signals were sent towards them and measured when they bounced back. Analysis of body movements revealed “hidden” information about an individual’s heart and breathing rates. From these findings, the algorithm can determine one of four basic emotion types: anger, sadness, joy, and pleasure. The researchers proposed this work could help with the management of health and wellbeing and be used to perform tasks like detecting depressive states. 

Ahsan Noor Khan, a PhD student and first author of the study, said: “We’re now looking to investigate how we could use low-cost existing systems, such as Wi-Fi routers, to detect emotions of a large number of people gathered, for instance in an office or work environment.” Among other things, this could be useful for HR departments to assess how new policies introduced in a meeting are being received, regardless of what the recipients might say. Outside of an office, police could use this technology to look for emotional changes in a crowd that might lead to violence. 

The researchers admit that this sounds like 1984—and for good reason. Nevertheless, researchers around the world continue to push the envelope.  

Researchers at Kyoto University in Japan developed a method to “see” inside people’s minds using an fMRI scanner, which detects changes in blood flow in the brain … Though far from polished, this was essentially a reconstruction of what they were thinking about. One prediction estimates this technology could be in use by the 2040s. 

MIT researchers have developed a computer interface that can transcribe words that the user verbalizes internally but does not actually speak aloud. A wearable device with electrodes pick-up neuromuscular signals in the jaw and face that are triggered by internal verbalizations, also referred to as subvocalizations. The signals are fed to a neural network that has been trained to correlate these signals with particular words. The idea behind this development is to meld humans and machines “such that computing, the internet and AI would weave into human personality as a ‘second self.’”178 

We must acknowledge that quadriplegics, comatose patients, and others could greatly benefit from such technology. As Biblicists, we are pro technology. Nevertheless, we must also acknowledge how such technology could be used for incredible destruction. The building and assembling of the image of the Beast seems to fit the bill.  

Brain to Brain Communication 

With an effective Brain Computer Interface (BCI), brain-to-brain communication becomes the next logical step. Pascual-Leone explains:  

“By using advanced precision neuro-technologies including wireless EEG and robotized TMS, we were able to directly and noninvasively transmit a thought from one person to another, without them having to speak or write. This in itself is a remarkable step in human communication, but being able to do so across a distance of thousands of miles is a critically important proof-of-principle for the development of brain-to-brain communications.”179 

Figure 24. How Brain to brain communication will work. 

The things researchers are able to do today were the science fiction of yesterday. In the popular series Star Trek, Spock was able to use his Vulcan mind meld to impart knowledge directly into someone else’s brain. 

Now it is reality, still in its infancy, but it is happening by creating a device that allows two people to share information through thought. The researchers tested the technology by separating … the users by more than 8000 kilometers, with one user in France and the other in India.180 

With brain-to-brain communication, it would then be possible to have something called the hive mind, an idea first proposed in 2007 and dubbed the Technium. Kevin Kelley explains the characteristics of the hive mind.  

“The emergent system of the technium—what we often mean by ‘Technology’ with a capital T—has its own inherent agenda and urges, as does any large complex system, indeed, as does life itself. That is, an individual technological organism has one kind of response, but in an ecology comprised of co-evolving species of technology we find an elevated entity—the technium—that behaves very differently from an individual species. The technium is a superorganism of technology. It has its own force that it exerts. That force is part cultural (influenced by and influencing of humans), but it is also partly non-human, partly indigenous to the physics of technology itself. That is the part that is scary and interesting.”181 

Scary indeed. We must remember that the authors we are consulting are not speaking of the biblical end times, but of the devasting effects humanity’s own brilliance could have on itself. Once again, it is not any of these technologies that are in and of themselves evil. However, in the hands of a madman—with humanity between a rock and hard place—such technologies could be used for great evil.  

What is a Hive?  

The next question we should consider is what exactly is a hive mind?  

A colony of honeybees is far more than an aggregation of individuals, that is a composite being that functions as an integrated whole. Indeed, one can actually or accurately think of a honeybee colony as a single living entity, weighing as much as five kilograms and performing all of the basic physiological processes … The hive is doing all this. Each one has its own little member part but there is a bigger thing happening.182 

Figure 25. Colony of Honeybees Unknown Author licensed under CC BY-SA-NC. 

The notion that a hive (as with the technium) can be considered its own organism, a “single living entity” is very telling. Recall that we discovered that the image of the Beast will have breath, which could be interpreted to mean, “a transcendent being.” With that in mind, we will now turn to some forecasters who are speculating that humanity just may become something like the hive.  

Washington University biologist Joan Strassmann, who has published papers on the topic of the hive mind, including “Beyond society: the evolution of organismality” along with colleague David Queller,183 explains in Gizmodo how humans could potentially become a superorganism as clones.  

“So what, exactly, is an organism? There are no hard and fast rules, but Strassmann and Queller call it a ‘social phenomenon.’ What they mean by that is all individuals have evolved from simpler organisms that work cooperatively. Your body is a society of cells that function together to make you walk, clean your blood, and digest your food.  

Now for the real question: What would inspire a group of multicellular organisms like ants or humans to form a superorganism? In their book The Superorganism, biologists Bert Hölldobler and E.O. Wilson argue that it is a complex process involving genetic evolution and environmental pressures. Generally a group of insects like bees will move from behaving as individuals to forming colonies when they are storing food (like honey or pollen) that comes from multiple sources. At that point, a colony has a better chance of surviving than an individual.”184 

Thus for humans to even consider merging into a hive mind scenario, there would have to be an existential reason for doing so—that is, something that would cause people to believe they would have better odds of survival as a hive than separately. The 3.5 years of terrors by the Two Witnesses, their resurrection, and forthcoming army of hostile aliens (Jesus and company) could be such a reason to prompt the creation of the hive. Lest we think that once again this is all just fanciful thinking, we ought to note that the technology to create a human hive already exists. 

“The interfaces and algorithms to connect people into real time swarms also exist already and are referred to as ‘artificial swarm intelligence.’ Governed by AI algorithms, these combine the knowledge, wisdom, insights and intuitions of real people and in real time, enabling large groups of networked humans to quickly converge upon optimized decisions, predictions, solutions and evaluations.”185 

Becoming a Superorganism  

Joan Strassman continues in her explanation of humans becoming a superorganism. To be fair, she considers the evolution of humans into a colony organism as “rank speculation” at this point. Nevertheless, she points out that: 

“The things that would drive a human group to organismality would be suppression of conflict and an increase in cooperation … That could happen with higher relatedness. But right now there is far too much conflict.”186 

If the world, as Ronald Reagan put it, were facing “an alien threat from outside this world,” we would quickly come together. The real terror caused by the Two Witnesses, their subsequent resurrection and threat to return could be just the thing necessary to drive humanity to organismality. Strassman continues mapping out how such a transition to a hive mind might happen stating we would: 

“need a society of human clones to make the complete transition from individuals to colony clones. In order to form a hive mind, humans may have to act more like an integrated neural network.”187 

The mark of the Beast could be just the switch necessary to conform individuals into clones. After all, they would all receive hybridized DNA from Satan himself. Strassman points out that one way to bring the human minds together could be to use “wireless brain-to-brain communication, which is not that far off in terms of available technology.” She then asks the million-dollar question:  

“What happens to our individuality if we give rise to a hive mind? Are our individual minds obliterated? Or is it just business as usual while a collective intelligence supervenes on our brains, unbeknownst to us? Giulio Tononi (of the information integration theory) actually thinks that the individual consciousness winks out when the group forms a truly integrated whole … individuals would cease to be conscious.”188 

Satan Controls Minds 

So what would Satan do with a hive mind? As we have seen, people who take the mark are superhuman, and the hive would unite them to act as a superorganism. Such a weapon might prove highly effective in the coming battle against man’s Creator. Satan may want to assimilate us into a single living organism to fight Yeshua in a way like the Borg from Star Trek—“resistance is futile; you will be assimilated.”  

However, unlike a hive of honeybees where there is no top-down leadership, Satan would be at the top. He would control it. He wants to take away people’s autonomy and their freewill, their individuality. Satan wants to bind us, and it starts in our minds, as demonstrated by many verses: 

  • “These are of one mind [γνώμη, gnōmē], and they will give their power and authority to the beast (Rev 17:13). 
  • For to be carnally minded [φρονημα, phronēma] is death (Rom 8:6).  
  • do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind [νοῦς, nous]… (Rom 12:2). 
  • whose minds [νόημα, noēma] the god of this age has blinded… (2 Cor 4:4).  
  • as the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, so your minds [νόημα] may be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ (2 Cor 11:3). 
  • whose end is destruction, whose god is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame–who set their mind [φρονέω, phroneō] on earthly things (Phil 3:19). 
  • And you, who once were alienated and enemies in your mind [διανοια, dianoia] by wicked works (Col 1:21). 

What is the common word? It is the mind.189 Satan is going for our minds because the mind is where we make decisions that lead us to freedom or bondage, to life or to death. The man who was possessed with a legion of demons was in bondage and not in his right mind; his will was suppressed and overpowered. After Jesus freed him, the man was “sitting and clothed and in his right mind [σωφρονέω, sōphroneō]” (Mark 5:15). According to BDAG, “σωφρονέω to be able to think in a sound or sane manner, be of sound mind, of mental health.” 

Think of it like J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings in which the evil ancient god, Sauron, created a ring in which his essence dwells. From that day, his fate and the ring are intertwined. Others who also received a ring of power were excited about it. But it was a ruse. Their rings simply served to enslave them through his more powerful ring. “One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.” Satan’s scheme is control, in order to enslave us like Sauron—just the opposite of what Jesus wants to do.  

However, in light of all that we have seen thus far, we can paint a composite image of the initial rush the Marked-ones will experience when they receive their upgrade. They will possess superpowers unlike anything humans have ever experienced. They may feel the dark, overwhelming power rushing through their bodies. Each cell in their bodies will undergo a transformation; their DNA is rewritten with Satan’s DNA. Their speed, strength, and abilities increase a thousandfold; they possess nearly the same powers as the Beast. Their minds flood with knowledge about humanity, the earth, and Satan’s (Enlil’s) ancient struggle against Israel’s God. They may revel in the ecstasy of their power, ability, and knowledge and, along with it, a sense of pride and arrogance may rise to untold heights; each person feels he is the greatest that there ever was. They know they are gods. Everyone plans how he will rule the world, and do what is right in his own eyes; how he or she will ascend above the heights of the clouds and plant his or her throne above God himself. This ethereal moment is interrupted by an impulse to submit to Enlil.  

Jesus Prays 

Just the opposite of Satan’s scheme, Jesus wants to free us rather than enslave us. In his famous prayer recorded in John 17, Jesus expressed his desire for unity for not only his then-current disciples but also for future disciples, “that they all may be one, as You, Father, are in Me, and I in You; that they also may be one in Us …” (John 17:21). He wants us to have the same kind of unity that He and the Father have.  

The idea is that when we go to be with the Lord, in His kingdom and under his rule, we as individuals are not annihilated or swallowed up. You do not cease being you; you are not lost into Nirvana. Rather, our historic and genetic traits stay the same, and we will each carry our “luggage” of talents, emotions and past experiences. We will keep our own personalities and preserve our free will as well. But there will no longer be division or philosophies contrary to God and our fellow man. We will enjoy complete harmony with one another, on the same frequency, just like what Jesus and the Father have been experiencing forever. There has never been a conflict of interest; they have always been united, in interest and in purpose.  

That is what He wants for us, without taking away your individuality, without taking away your free will. “You are the body of Christ and members individually” (1 Cor 12:27).  

“For as the body is one and has many members, but all the members of that one body, being many, are one body, so also is Christ” (1 Cor 12:12). Jesus wants us to come into this unit called the body. He does not want to diminish us but to augment and increase us in such a way that we have the same purpose and no conflict; fear that drives people to defensive actions will not be a factor anymore. He wants us to enjoy his glory and the unity He shares with the Father.  

“And the glory which You gave Me I have given them, that they may be one just as We are one: I in them, and You in Me; that they may be made perfect in one, and that the world may know that You have sent Me, and have loved them as You have loved Me” (John 17: 22–23). 

When the Holy Spirit comes in us, it is not to make us robots where we have no more choice, and we just do whatever the Father says. He wants to dwell with us, inhabit us, empower us, but not overpower us.  

God has a bigger purpose; He is not trying to make us uniform or automatons. In God’s kingdom, not everyone has to fit the same mold. He wants us all to have our own personalities, expressions, and character. When we come together in unity, He blends it together in such an incredibly masterful way that He creates this harmonic symphony composed of divergent sounds. They say that the human body is composed of about 50 trillion cells all working together; that is you. Teach singular cell does its part. And that is the same idea of how Jesus wants us to be.