Law or Grace? Can you guess who is the N.T. author who explained the solution?

There has been so much discussion on whether we must keep the Torah (Law) or not. I find that much of the argument is due to a poor understanding of the Torah in general. However, to help sort things out, I have written up a very brief sketch that has transformed my understanding of both Torah (Law) and grace (I hope it helps you too).

YHWH married Israel at Sinai. She became Mrs. YHWH. YHWH said please don’t have any other gods (husbands) besides me please! I am your
“man” – I am your “dude”. Be faithful to me because I am zealous (jealous) for you!! Don’t carry another guy’s photo in your wallet “no graven images.” Since you are Mrs. YHWH please don’t make me look bad in the community – my name is amazing and I don’t want it sullied! Lastly, I have marked my calendar to spend time with you each week. I call it “Shabbath” – I want to spend time with you and I want you to rest. Don’t worry sweetheart, I will take care of everything you need!

So what happened? On their honeymoon Israel was off sleeping with another god and that was how she continued for about seven hundred years. She went whoring after other “husbands” (Ba’alim literally means “lords, masters, husbands”). In 930 B.C. the nation divided and the wife became like two half-sisters. For the next two hundred years YHWH was pleading with Israel (northern kingdom) to come back. Eventually He declared it was over and she was no longer his wife (Hos 2). He gave her a bill divorce (Jer 3:8). However, he said he would remarry her one day! Yay! What a great God.

However, there is a problem. According to the Torah (Deut 24:1-4) if a man has a wife who commits adultery and he sends her away and she goes and becomes another man’s wife and the same things happens, she can’t go back to the first guy; that would be an abomination and would pollute the land. YHWH apparently had an unsolvable dilemma. He wants to be gracious and take her back but his own law prohibited it.

There is one N.T. who quotes the passage and gives the solution. Can you figure out who it is and where he discusses it? Though this person discovered the solution, it was of course YHWH who thought up the amazing solution to such a conundrum. Leave your solution in the comments section.