Linguistic Study GAG 

Appendix 5: Linguistic Study GAG 

The Akkadian words Šukudu, šiltāhu, and sikkatu, listed by Amar Annus (epithets of Ninurta and when seen in Sumerian) reveal a mystery and are certainly part of the cipher of Gog’s name. The first word for arrow is Šukudu meaning “Sirius,” in Sumerian is GAG.SI.SÁ. The suffix SI.SA means “righteous, straight, proper, make vertical,”340 which is fitting since arrows are to go “straight” and “vertical.”  

The next Akkadian epithet is šiltāhu [GIŠ.GAG.U4.TAG.GA] means “an arrow; qaqqad šiltāḫu: an arrowhead; 2) (epithet for divine name); 3) astronomy: [MUL.GAG.SI.SÁ]: Sirius.”341 GIŠ (wood) and MUL (star) are both determinatives, which was a device in Sumerian to let the reader know what kind of word they are looking at,342 but not pronounced. Hence, the reader knew GIŠ had something to do with wood and MUL with stars. In MUL.GAG.SI.SÁ, MUL=star, GAG=arrow, SI.SÁ=straight / vertical; hence the literal meaning is “straight-vertical arrow star” or “Sirius” with “GAG,” being the key word. Sikkatu. wooden peg or a copper nail,343 is GIŠ.GAG, in Sumerian.344 GIŠ is a determinative for wood, which leaves just the word GAG.  

Akkadian Epithet of Ninurta Sumerian meaning 
ūṣu  GIŠ.GAG.(TI) ti [ARROW] wr. ti “arrow” arrow, arrowhead 
sikkatu; ūşu ĝešgag; gag; urudgag  “arrowhead; peg, nail” 
šiltāḫu qaqqad šiltāi  GIŠ.GAG.U4.TAG.GA MUL.GAG.SI.SÁ  Arrow, arrowhead / Sirius 
šukudu GAG.SI.SÁ / astr. MUL.GAG.SI.SÁ  an arrow /Sirius 
Mulmullu (Zappu) mul.mul arrow 

Table 15. Epithets of Ninurta. 

Thus, “GAG” is present in three of Ninurta’s arrow-epithets. When we consider the Sumerian word “GAG,” irrespective of the determinatives and suffixes, we find the primary meaning is “arrowhead.”345  

In other words, Ninurta’s epithet “arrow” (Akkadian šukudu, etc.) is GAG in Sumerian. Arrow in Akkadian and Sumerian was also a circumlocution for the star Sirius. Šukudu appears in Amos 5:26 as the “star of your gods” specifically speaking of Nimrod / Ninurta and the hidden Sumerian name is GAG.  

We therefore conclude that Ninurta is Gag. GAG is to be pronounced like the “a” as in father.346 Hence, The Sumerian word representing all those ideas is GAG which we discovered is also related to GUG enmity. Our discovery helps us understand why the LXX called Gog the king of a swarm of locusts: “a swarm of locusts coming from the east; and behold, one caterpillar, king Gog (γωγ ο βασιλευς).” (Amos 7:1 LXX Brenton) The correlations are astounding and are hard to take them all in.