The Millennium Chronicles, a Book Three Years in the Making Now Available!!

The seed for The Millennium Chronicles began three years ago as I was doing the research for Corrupting the Image. I am happy to announce that it is now available on Amazon! Please write a review of the book today if possible (if you have already read the book).

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What people are saying about the Millennium Chronicles

“Thank you so much for the Millennium Chronicles! All I can say is that it is AMAZING!! WOW! How brilliant! I have to say – I’m not one to read books, especially “fiction.” I research in books, but probably only actually read a book maybe one every five years at best! I cannot stop reading the Millennium Chronicles, you so masterfully weave the facts of the Millennium into a riveting story, everyone MUST read this! I haven’t been able to stop reading 🙂 I’ve been thrilled reading it, I’ve also been in tears the whole time; I am very rarely moved to tears, in fact, this is the first time I ever remember being brought to tears by any book. I am drawn into the book so powerfully, it really is a masterpiece and DEFINITELY makes an impact. I can’t stop thinking about it!” – Jeanne, Dallas, TX

“Great Christmas gift – something for everyone!!! The Millennium Chronicles will captivate your thoughts and transcend you into a place of discovery and wonderment. For the Bible scholar, you will want to delve into the footnotes and extrapolate passages for deep Biblical truths that may challenge your core theology. For the Believer, allow the Holy Spirit to rejuvenate your soul and remind you of what the Blessed Hope is all about. Want to ignite a fire in your teenager for God’s Word, this is the book that will bridge the gap as it takes Biblical truth and events, bringing them to life through a captivating fictional work. For those wanting to introduce the Gospel through a non-threatening venue, this would be a great gateway book.” – Sandy J.

“Such an exciting and powerful book. Perhaps the best I’ve ever read definitely got my attention.” – Nathan L.


REVIEW by Josh Peck:


Doug Hamp has done the impossible with his book “The Millennium Chronicles”. He was woven an exciting tale of future-history together from Biblical principles; and the most exciting part of all, it’s completely based on the Bible!

Follow our hero Ben and his companion Kristiana as they take on a perilous journey of personal discovery and worldwide revelation. Set in the time of the millennial reign of Christ, Ben and Kristiana have known a life quite different from our present age. All that is about to change and their world is about to be turned upside-down, however, when Lucifer and his minions are set free from their chains of darkness and escape the bottomless pit to deceive the nations once more. Ben and Kristiana must discover the truth, trek along the King’s Highway, and find the Key to enter the City of Adonai before it is too late.

In reading this book, it is obvious Doug spent a vast amount of time in meticulous study of the Bible to put this story together. “The Millennium Chronicles” will give you a look into the often-debated world of Biblical end-times prophecy, focusing on areas that are not commonly taught within the Church today. Doug goes to great lengths to show how he came to his conclusions, interpretation, and translations in this story of the coming reign of Jesus Christ. The Bible truly comes alive in a way never before thought possible within this controversial topic.

 In this book, you will discover the Biblical reason for Lucifer’s fall and how sin truly entered the world. With an ongoing theme of the stronger serving the weaker, you will learn more about Jesus and His sacrifice, as well as gain a deeper understand of God Himself. Ultimately, this entire process will result in a closer walk with God, a very real sense of excitement for what our future as Christians will be as promised by the Bible, and a more accurate and intimate knowledge of Biblical end-time prophecy. If you only read one book this year, make sure it is “The Millennium Chronicles” by Doug Hamp. You will not be disappointed or left wanting! – Josh Peck, founder of Ministudy Ministry and author of Disclosure: Unveiling Our Role in the Secret War of the Ancients

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Book Description:

Lucifer and his minions have regained their freedom after Yeshua’s thousand-year reign and are enticing the Adamites to rebel. Earth dwellers Ben and Kristiana are forced to decide—will they remain loyal to Yeshua and His kingdom or will they believe Lucifer and side with him? Too young to remember the horrific battles of the former age, their quest for information becomes a virtual journey through the Chronicles of the Court,  where they learn the truth about the apex of Lucifer’s former reign, known as the “time of trouble.”  In a race against time before their protective shield is removed and their fate is sealed by default, they urgently seek in the Chronicles the Key they need to enter the New Jerusalem and gain immortality.

Want to read more of the book? Click here for the prelude and here for chapter one.