The Millennium Chronicles Pre-Launch: Prelude (part 1)


The stars sparkled more clearly than ever before and the sun shone seven times brighter. Even the moon’s reflection was equal to the sun in the former age of darkness.[i] Still, their light paled in comparison to the light beaming from the City of Adonai.[ii]

The City rested on top of the world, beautifully situated on the northern pole of the earth[iii] ever since the time of the Hebrews’ Trouble when the planet had tottered like a drunk. The City rose up more than thirty times higher than MountThe Millennium Chronicles Thumbnail Everest, the highest mountain in the previous age. Far below on the surface of the earth, the City was laid out as a square surrounded by walls of precious stones.[iv] Mile-wide platforms surrounded one level of the City with another above it. As it rose, the sides tapered up like a mountain or a step-pyramid encased with transparent gold, like diamond from the top to the bottom. Behind the transparent gold, on each platform, gemstone-covered spires and towers climbed upward, majestically adorning the City. On the uppermost platform in the midst of the Twenty-four Elders exactly at the center of the pyramid-shaped City, the light of Adonai, brighter than the sun, refracted off the precious stones in millions of different shades of colors like rainbows all around.

The River of Life flowed in multiple streams down the side of the mountain, bringing joy to the inhabitants of the City and beyond. Lush rivers were flowing in previously barren heights and fountains were gurgling in the midst of valleys; pools of water abounded. The contiguous ocean of the former age was gone and the earth was now covered with vast patches of green dotted with massive lakes. On every lofty mountain and every high hill there were brooks and canals running with water.[v] The hills were covered with deep green grass and vibrant green foliage of grand cedar trees, acacia, myrtle, olive trees, and fruit trees of every kind. There were cypresses, box trees, and pine trees in what were formerly deserts.[vi] The fresh aroma of vibrant flowers and fruit saturated the air. The very depths of the earth and the mountains and the former waste places had all broken forth into singing resonating a deep and gentle harmony with the song of the King which he sang over the New Jerusalem, his beloved City for the past thousand years. [vii]

The song was abruptly interrupted by the sudden shouts of battle and the thunderous movement of billions of shadowy figures of darkness rushing in to sack the City of Light, exactly 360 days since being liberated from their prison.


Stay tuned for part two!

What people are saying about the Millennium Chronicles!

Thank you so much for the Millennium Chronicles! All I can say is that it is AMAZING!! WOW! How brilliant! I have to say – I’m not one to read books, especially “fiction.” I research in books, but probably only actually read a book maybe one every five years at best! I cannot stop reading the Millennium Chronicles, you so masterfully weave the facts of the Millennium into a riveting story, everyone MUST read this! I haven’t been able to stop reading 🙂 I’ve been thrilled reading it, I’ve also been in tears the whole time; I am very rarely moved to tears, in fact, this is the first time I ever remember being brought to tears by any book. I am drawn into the book so powerfully, it really is a masterpiece and DEFINITELY makes an impact. I can’t stop thinking about it! – Jeanne, Dallas, TX

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