The Millennium Chronicles Study Guide Now Shipping!

The Millennium Chronicles Study Guide is now shipping! You can get the book here!
The Millennium Chronicles is future-history based the startling prediction, in Revelation 20, how after the Millennium Satan will go out from his The Millennium Chronicles Study Guide Front Cover Thumbnailprison, deceive the nations, and attempt to make war against the beloved city, the New Jerusalem. It is told as a flowing story incorporating the immense amount of color and detail provided in the many scriptures which describe the events surrounding the Millennium and yet is much more than that! At its core, it is a theological treatise with proof texts all the way through which will keep the seasoned Bible student digging. This guide provides all of the Scriptures used in the crafting of the story in the order in which they appear in the story. The study guide is ideal for: Small group Bible studies Theology students desiring to go deeper The careful reader wanting to double check the ideas presented in the book.