Nephilim: Common Objections Answered

A listener sent in these questions and I address them on the latest edition of According to the Scriptures Radio (Sept 13, 2012)

Who are the Nephilim? What does it mean when the Bible says “they came into the daughters of men”
and “they bore children to them”, if it is not talking about sex?There are all kinds of problems with thinking that either:

1) demons can create human bodies for them to indwell (only God can create ex nihilo), or
2) demons possessing humans can somehow infuse their demonic nature into the person’s sperm
so that the offspring is half-demon (demons are spirits with no physical body or DNA to pass on).

2 Pet 2:4 and Jude 1:6 are quite graphic about the angels that didn’t keep the proper domain and abandoned their own habitation – this is the same word that Paul uses in 2 Cor 5:2 to talk about our new bodies. So, angels did in fact put off their “spiritual” body and took on some form of flesh. How they did that we don’t know – but they are a lot smarter than us.
Basically, there’s no way for fallen angels (demons) to mate with women and procreate “demon offspring.” First, they are unable to materialize a human body out of nothing in order to have physical relations (only God can create ex nihilo). Even if a demon could inhabit a man’s body by “possessing” him, mating would only pass along the man’s DNA; it couldn’t pass along any “demon DNA” since (as a spiritual being) it doesn’t have any!
Another major assumption. How does this person know that they don’t have DNA? What is DNA? At its core, it is information.
Carl Kerby’s newsletter mentioned different views on this, including “the view that fallen angels mated with the daughters of men to produce extremely wicked and powerful offspring, which led to the extreme wickedness of Noah’s day.” His summary point is that God judged them in that day, just as He judges wickedness in our day. But, if God judged the extremely wicked people (creatures?) of that day by destroying them all in the Flood . . . then who are the giants we see later? That view also sort of elevates man, in suggesting that the population was “extremely wicked” only because it was half-demon–rather than acknowledging that man needs no help to be unbelievably wicked all on his own.Anyway, demons are bodiless spirits. So since it just isn’t possible for demons to create human/demon offspring, then obviously we need to look for another explanation, one that’s consistent with Scripture. Humans reproduce only after their own kind, and demons simply cannot create human bodies or procreate. No “Rosemary’s baby”! There are not human/demonic creatures walking among us, because Jesus said “a spirit does not have flesh and bones,” and also our battle is not “against flesh and blood, but against …spiritual hosts of wickedness.”
I address these questions in more detail on the show.