Reader Comments on ‘Why God Did Not Elect Calvinists’

I received this email and wanted to share it and encourage you to read or listen or watch Why God Did Not Elect Calvinists. I believe the identity of Israel is foundational for the study of the end times.

This morning I listened to “Why God Did Not Elect Cavlinists” while I was getting ready for work. Having grown up in a Bible church, spending a decade in a Christian Reformed church and being back in a Bible church for the past year the issue of Calvinism/Election/Free Will has been tough to reconcile. That is, until today! Thank you for your sound teaching. This morning it “clicked” and there is really nothing to reconcile. I had never really thought about John Calvin’s (and other reformers) propensity to interpret scripture through their anti-Semitic lens. It’s no wonder he had to apply election to salvation since he believed the Jews were irrelevant (or worse). Again, thanks! I do find it humorous that Calvin wrote that the Jews should suffer unmercifully and without pity because of their continued hard-heartedness (my paraphrase). But, if I apply Calvin’s own logic, they have no choice in the matter because it is God who draws to His irresistible grace. It makes no sense at all. I am new to your teaching and will continue to listen. Blessings to you, my friend. K. W. Grand Junction, Colorado