Corrupting the Image 2 Hybrids, Hades, and the Mt Hermon Connection (e-book instant download!)

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The Bible and ancient near Eastern texts reveal in stunning detail how, under the guise of his ancient aliases, Satan directed angels to descend on Mt. Harmon to create a race of hybrids. These ancient texts show how he raised up Nimrod, who is known as "Lord of the earth" in the ancient world, as the first and foremost post-flood hybrid. Through Nimrod, Satan attempted to open the abyss at the Gates of Hades and release his army to ensure his unending reign upon the earth at the Tower of Babel.

What people are saying about it:

Corrupting the Image 2 is not just valuable for its immense quantity of linguistic, biblical, and archeological nuggets, but Dr. Hamp synthesizes his research into a thrilling cosmic plotline that leaves the reader exclaiming, "The gig is up on Satan!" The more you learn about Satan's machinations, the more you will love Jesus for defeating him. I will be returning to this book repeatedly in the course of my studies. – Dr. Alan E. Kurschner, Founder of Eschatos Ministries

Dr. Douglas Hamp has done his homework…and then some! – Dr. L. A. Marzulli

Dr. Hamp’s ability to combine his keen understanding of the original biblical languages, new archeological discoveries, and pertinent end-time prophecy is a gift to the body of Christ. Corrupting the Image 2 has the potential of capturing the attention of an entire generation that has dismissed biblical prophecy and awaken them to the hour in which we live! – Dr. Michael K. Lake Author, The Shinar Directive

Dr. Douglas Hamp author of numerous books, completed his MA at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel and PH.D. in Old Testament from LBU. He serves as senior pastor of the Way Congregation in Denver, CO.

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