Quest 4 Truth with Rob Skiba and Douglas Hamp 02

This week, Doug Hamp and Rob Skiba go back to the beginning and discuss the rise and fall of the Nephilim. They then debate about whether or not there was a second incursion of angels mating with women. Finally, they conclude with a brief description of the Genesis 14 War, revealing what may perhaps be the greatest archaeological find of all time… that hasn’t been found yet. (Sorry, Rob’s Internet connection was not that good for this one).

Quest 4 Truth with Rob Skiba and Douglas Hamp 01 The Nephilim

Doug Hamp and Rob Skiba kick off their new show Quest 4 Truth! Their goal is to explore various topics in the Bible and discuss them. Sometimes they will agree. Sometimes they will not. In the latter case, the hope is that open and honest dialogue will lead to “iron sharpening iron” and greater revelation from Scripture will be the result.

In this first episode, they discuss a subject they are both passionate about: the Nephilim and the truth concerning giants in both the Scriptures as well as in history.