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Southwest border States – Hezbollah breeding ground !!!

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Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation; and uphold me with thy free spirit.
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Southwest border States – Hezbollah breeding ground !!!

House Hearing: Hizballah Threat Looms in U.S. Backyard
Hizballah has established a vast network of operatives throughout Latin America, and even in North America, which could be
used to wage terrorist attacks against American interests if the group or its Iranian patrons see fit, witnesses told a House Homeland
Security subcommittee on Thursday. The threat is not imminent, panelists said, as the Lebanese-based Shiite group focuses on
money-making criminal enterprises like narco-trafficking. […] 

Rep Warns Hezbollah Aiding Border Gangs 
Iran-tied terror group Hezbollah may be colluding with drug cartels along the U.S.-Mexico border, a Republican congresswoman
warned, calling on Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to establish a special task force to figure out how to “clamp down”
on this “national security” threat. The Lebanon-based group has long-standing and documented ties to South America and its drug
gangs, but reports have recently surfaced that it may be expanding its influence to Mexico and the U.S. border. In her letter to Napolitano,
Rep. Sue Myrick, R-N.C., called on Homeland Security to find out and report more on the extent of the problem. She cited several
troubling developments that would point to Hezbollah creeping closer to and inside the United States, with the help of Mexican drug gangs.
“It is vital we know what is happening on our border, especially as crime and violence continue to rise there and as terrorist plots
and threats are increasing inside the U.S.,” she wrote. […]

Mexico thwarts Hezbollah bid to set up South American network 

Militant group employed Mexican nationals with ties to Lebanon to target Israel and the West, Kuwaiti newspaper reports.
Mexico foiled an attempt by Hezbollah to establish a network in South America, a Kuwaiti newspaper reported on Tuesday.
Hezbollah operatives employed Mexicans nationals with family ties to Lebanon to set up the network, designed to target Israel and
the West, the Al-Seyassah daily said. According to the report, Mexican police mounted a surveillance operation on the group’s leader,
Jameel Nasr, who traveled frequently to Lebanon to receive information and instructions  from Hezbollah commanders there.
Police say Nasr also made frequent trips to other countries in Latin America, including a two-month stay in  Venezuela in the
summer of 2008. Nasr was living in Tijuana, Mexico at the time of his arrest, the report said. 

Report: Hizbullah, Mexican drug cartels working together 
American officials say ties between Shiite organization, Mexican drug lords for trafficking of drugs, money, people into US strengthening
over recent year. One official voice concern that al-Qaeda may use same routes. Ties between Lebanon’s Shiite Hizbullah organization
and Mexican drug cartels have been strengthening over the past few years, the Washington Times reported Friday. Hizbullah relies on
“the same criminal weapons smugglers, document traffickers and transportation experts as the drug cartels,” said Michael Braun,
former administrator and chief of operations at the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). “They work together,” added Braun,
“They rely on the same shadow facilitators. One way or another, they are all connected. They’ll leverage those relationships to their
benefit, to smuggle contraband and humans into the US; in fact, they already are (smuggling).”  […],7340,L-3693129,00.html 

The following clip, “Radical Islamic Recruitment Inside U.S. Prisons” 
is from The Clarion Project film, The Third Jihad:

Radical Islamic Recruitment Inside US Prisons (2:44) 

Learn more about the threat of radical Islam: 

Growing Hezbollah Presence in Southwest U.S.- password protected file 

Book Review: ‘Hezbollah,’ by Matthew Levitt
Law enforcers in the U.S. Southwest report a rise in gang members with Persian tattoos, including some with Hezbollah imagery. 

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Norway-based Muslim one of Kenya mall jihad mass murderers: “He was very committed to his religion, but not extreme”
He was “not extreme.” He was a “moderate,” apparently. Norwegian authorities, however, will not explore the implications of that,
or call upon Muslims in Norway to teach and work actively against the elements of Islam that give rise to jihad terror.
That would be “Islamophobic.”

“Norwegian-Somali ‘radicalized’ before mall attack,” by Tom Odula and Jason Straziuso AP
NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — Almost one month after gunmen attacked an upscale mall in Kenya, one of them has been identified as a
Norwegian-Somali, officials said Friday, as charred body parts taken from a collapsed portion of the shopping center awaited
forensics analysis to determine if they were the remains of the assailants. The suspect was identified as Hassan Abdi Dhuhulow, […]

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w mall vid Jihad: Frightening Surveillance Video from Kenya Mall Attack Released 
I recently engaged some friends in the Liberty movement who call themselves Christians. I won’t debate whether they are or not,
since I do not actually know them. I’ll take them at their word. We had a good discussion on freedom that didn’t result in name
calling and such, which is always a good thing. However, one of the things I found very interesting was a comment by one person
that said, “There are no jihadists.” No jihadists, eh? One wonders what he would think of the following surveillance video that was
released from the Westgate Mall in Kenya clearly showing jihadists murdering innocent people in broad daylight, stopping for Islamic
prayers and continuing their murderous rampage in the footsteps of their non-prophet Muhammad. […]

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Video: Obama Behind Muslim Brotherhood Caliphate Conspiracy 
by Kris Zane

The Arab Spring was perceived to be a spontaneous movement whereby one by one, secular leaders were replaced by Islamic dictators.
But it was in fact a tightly orchestrated operation conducted by the Muslim Brotherhood, George Soros front groups, our own
State Department, and especially the community-organizer-in-chief, Barack Hussein Obama. In this exclusive video, Western Center
for Journalism reveals how Barack Hussein Obama is behind a movement to establish a world-wide Islamic caliphate
—that may even include the United States! […]

Report: Hizbullah storing Chinese-made ballistic missiles from Iran in Bekaa Valley 
Special to

ABU DHABI — The Iranian-sponsored Hizbullah is said to have received intermediate-range ballistic missiles from Iran. The Kuwaiti daily Al Jarida, quoting an Israeli source, asserted that Iran has transferred missiles with a range of 1,500 kilometers from Syria to Lebanon. The newspaper, in a report on Oct. 18, said the IRBMs were being stored in Hizbullah facilities in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley. “[Israeli] security leaders have examined the possibility of destroying this arsenal, which endangers Israel and is still in the Bekaa,” the Israeli source, said to be close to Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, was quoted as saying. The Kuwaiti media frequently contains intelligence information on Iran, Lebanon and Syria, sometimes attributed to Israeli sources. Western diplomats said the Israeli intelligence community uses the Kuwaiti media to publish such reports. In 2013, Israel was said to have struck Syrian targets, including weapons convoys to Hizbullah, at least four times. Israel has never confirmed the attacks. […]

History of Muslim women’s rights in a power point presentation

The Canvas Prison (7:07) 

Burka: The Canvas Prison 

The Canvas Prison 
Published by Haindava Keralam 


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The Veil Between Heaven and Earth on Canary Cry Radio (Audio)

Doug shares on Canary Cry Radio

We often think of heaven as some ethereal place far far away. But while modern science is beginning to discover the possibilities of multiples dimensions at places like CERN, Bible scholars like Douglas Hamp are rediscovering what the Bible teaches about heaven to be a place just beyond the veil of our three dimensional world. Douglas Hamp is a graduate of Hebrew University of Jerusalem with an M.A. in the Hebrew Bible with specialization in ancient languages including Biblical Hebrew and Koine Greek. He is currently working on a fictional book looking at the Millennium reign of Jesus on earth. In our conversation, Doug brings to light the many descriptive matters in the Bible like fire and the veil that have become “theologized” by modern day Christian institutions.